st lupulin


Odell “St. Lupulin”

89 B+

St. Lupulin is a Pale Ale is a summer seasonal released May through September. Aromas provide a nice display of hops, coming across rather soapy with primary suggestions of grapefruit and grass. Malts give bready notes of pale grains over a white sugar sweetness.

The palate opens sweet and creamy as biscuit malts quickly bolster a grainy backbone. Hops keep to a light, floral spectrum as citrus flavors approach from the distance like grapefruit. The climax hits in a dull, bitter edge of grass, followed by a couple drops of pine oil. The sour, citric element continues to accelerate, rising as the focal point. A fruity note lingers on the finish like apricot, developing a salty taste that quickly closes in a crisp, dry mouthfeel.

Now this is my kind of summer seasonal! It keeps to a lighter range, but gives excellent balance of bitter, sweet, and sour elements. A low IBU of 46 is high enough to level off the initial sweetness, but low enough to allow for an almost sessionable experience. When I first started drinking craft beer, I thought this was the best Pale Ale! While I still think it’s a tasty brew, in no way does this compare to Three Floyds. My palate has certainly developed since then. I still appreciate what St. Lupulin has to say, and still think it’s better than your average Pale Ale, so I recommend it.


46 IBU

Fort Collins, Colorado

St Lupulin Extra Pale Ale Summer seasonal Odell Brewing Co.

6.5% ABV. 46 IBU’s

Odell Brewing in Fort Collins was one of my first favorite breweries because of their IPA, and I still love that beer! They are, like 99% of all Micro’s, an uneven brewery; they have in their lineup some indifferent brews. Don’t get me wrong: NONE of them are bad! Just… well… a bit bland… but if you want to compete for the Bud Light brigade who have “seen the light” you need a couple of well-made but light on flavor beers in your lineup.. Hey, no skin off my nose; I can drink what I want, and the Coors drinkers (excuse me while I go throw up..) can drink the Pale 5. This is Odell’s summer seasonal, and I must admit, the first time I tried it, I wasn’t all that used to US hops; found it too bitter for the body, i e unbalanced. Let’s see what happens now, when I’m a more seasoned IPA drinker.. It pours a light yellow, although not as pale as one might expect. The nose is all floral hops. The taste is…. wow, it’s really nice! light and crisp, bright and floral, all things you want when it reaches the 90’s.. Not a lot of depth, the hops are floral and if not upfront, then at least in the middle of the mouth and the finish reveals a light background of some pine, but ever so slight. This a very pleasing beer; a real thirst-quencher. I’d love to let it go head to head with the Firestone Pale 31, actually.. Today, one may call it an APA, not an IPA, but that is completely irrelevant; it does what it should; it is light and crisp, and stays balanced through the nose, mouth and to the end of the bottle. A good beer? Heck yes! Worth what we pay here in Colorado? Hmmm…. there are many good APA’s out there… Grade: Medium 4.