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Ruth St. Denis in 1929, performing her dance Tagore Poem, photo by Soichi Sunami.

“Miss Ruth” was a modern dance pioneer who, with her partner Ted Shawn, founded the Denishawn School in Los Angeles in 1915. The school taught all types of dance, as well as classes in gesture and Dalcroze eurythmics for silent film actors. Louise Brooks was their most famous Hollywood pupil.


Some detailed shots of the BEAUTIFUL handmade costumes of Outlander season 2. I can’t believe how much work went into these costumes that weren’t seen this up close on screen. If you can make it to the Paley Center in Beverly Hills before August, please go visit this exhibit! There are also several pieces of set design to view as well!

Clara Oswald

I loved Clara from the very beginning when she first appeared in Asylum of the daleks. She was feisty and loyal. She was my absolute favourite other than Rose Tyler. Not only was she the Doctor’s companion but she was mine. I laughed with her and I definitely cried with her. I felt her pain and her heartache. I felt her love and devotion. Her death all though I new it was coming broke my heart and my feels. And it wasn’t a pleasant death. She screamed and was in pain, she was in pain. I loved that much like Amy’s goodbye she told the Doctor being alone was not good for him. Essentially giving him the ok to grieve and mourn then move on. Thankyou Clara for all the wonderful adventures and making me feel apart of them. I wish we could have forever. The only thing getting me through her death is I like to think that now she is with Danny Pink. I guess what I am trying to say is “Thank you my impossible girl. And goodbye.” You will be dearly missed.

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While vacationing in St. Tropez, Princess Madeleine organized a small birthday party for husband Christopher O'Neill, who turned 42 on June 27th, at a cafe called Cabane Bambou. Several of the couple’s close friends attended the party, including Louise Gottlieb (Madeleine’s best friend & Princess Leonore’s godmother), Cedric Notz (Chris’ bestman from their wedding), and Natalie and Dag Werner.