frnkiero andthe cellabration recap: On Sunday, I went to Frank’s show in STL. It was the last one of the six day tour with The Homeless Gospel Choir ((it was their 56th show together!)). I’d never heard any of his songs, but it was definitely fantastic! I laughed a lot! When the cellabration got on stage, Frank told us that they had to get back home as soon as possible because they had to get the bus back. He said they wouldn’t be able to do signings/meetings that night, but they were going to play everything they knew ((in return to the crowd cheering, he reminded us “We don’t know that much, guys”)). It was one of those things that I was like, oh my god I’m in the same room as Frank Iero. He’s so into what he does, and that makes me so happy and encourages me to do what I love and not give a fuck about what others have to say about it. One of the best nights ever. The last pic is me in front of said bus they had to get back.

Extra story: so before the show, I was hoping to find whoispetewentz because I didn’t have anyone there with me ((besides my dad who so graciously came to the show with me, love you dad xoxo)). Well, I never found her, so I just stood next to some girls at the show. We chit chatted and whatnot through the sets, but at the end I asked one of the girls if she was going to post any of her pics on tumblr or what ever. Turns out, I stood next to Lizzi all night and didn’t even know it ((second to last pic is Lizzi and me))!!


On August 17, Thaddeus McCarroll protested near Ferguson. Last Friday, he was killed by police. 

On August 17, St. Louis Post-Dispatch photojournalist David Carson recorded 23-year-old Thaddeus McCarroll (sitting on the left) chanting with a group of young men and women during a protest near Ferguson, Missouri. It was eight days after Officer Darren Wilson had killed Michael Brown. The group is holding signs and chanting the phrase, “I got my hands on my head … please don’t shoot me dead.”

The video has taken on chilling new significance in light of what happened over the weekend.


In June 2013, to coincide with the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defence of Marriage Act, a large number of “Pro-Fabulous, Anti-Capitalist” posters were pasted up in St Louis on Manchester Avenue in The Grove. They bore slogans such as:

‘Queers Against… Monsanto, the HRC, the STLPD, the Military, Marriage and Pride INC’