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#Type4day reminder!

Y’all #type4day is coming up July 1st so please don’t forget! If you’re curious about what it is, it’s basically a natural hair appreciation day with those who have type 4 hair! Type 4 people (mainly 4c) face to much texture discrimination so here is a day to uplift all of us.

So July 1st—mark your calendars! Anyone with type 4 hair can post selfies/submit to this blog or tag my blog in selfies featuring them and their type 4 hair. Also when I get my Instagram up and running I will feature you on my Instagram. When you post your selfies make sure to use the tat #type4day because I will be tracking that tag.

Anyway, please spread the word and mark your calendars! Let’s no let a single type 4 person miss out on this!

So Enzo died.

Seriously, is anyone actually surprised? Of course he died. I knew he would since S8 started. He was just some random-ass, irrelevant character that only got any significance paired up with Bonnie … and in a fucking flashblack episode at that. You think Bonenzo was going to get a happily ever after, written that way? Lol no.

If Enzo comes back in the finale?  It just means Enzo died so Bonnie could be put through completely unnecessary grief for plot. It symbolizes hatred of her character. Bonenzo symbolizes hatred of her character. Everything on this show symbolizes hatred for her character and you are naïve to think otherwise.

You think Bamon’s going to happen now? Lol no. Because Damon belongs to the sacred Elena and Bonnie’s just meant to serve Elena. God forbid you pair her with a male lead or pair her with ANYONE. Canon ships (Bonenzo, Beremy) or potential ships (Bonkai, Bamon), JP fucks them all up because to her Bonnie ain’t good enough for ANYONE.

Bonnie never gets to be happy. JP is a racist, obsessed fangirl that goes out of her way to make sure she has the worst of everything. She was depowered for nearly all of S8 for no goddamn reason and gets it now conveniently when the plot demands it. Because Bonnie has never been a character for Plec. Bonnie is a plot device. A sacrificial lamb. If she dies for DE and reunites with Enzo in the afterlife or gets some fucked unrequited love for Damon and then dies for DE, I wouldn’t be surprised by any of this. I don’t care what bullshit we heard about Bonnie getting a “unpredictable happy ending”, knowing Plec, it’s going to be unsatisfactory.

Bonnie Bennett deserves everything. She deserves the world. She deserves it all and will get nothing because this is Plec’s world. Expect nothing else.


some more redesigns! this time some  archie Sonic comics old characters ,

i redesigned them (except  for Megan, she has very little changes) as if they were on the new reboot XD just for fun.

here are more redesigns: ^_^

*Humans and such/ *Sonic Underground / *Sonic’s pre-reboot family/ * Salma and Juanita / *some echidnas/ * Freedom Fighters and other ones / *Sleet and Dingo / *

the last episode is gonna be so bittersweet because i hate the show and what they did with it but they are also my precious babies and i`ve invested 8 years in that shitstorm and i just well idk im gonna miss watching the show and being pissed at it

Okay so I just watched the episode and I think I wrongly judged Bonnie. Yes I hate her for wasting the cure and giving it to Stefan, because now the future of Steroline and Delena is pretty much doomed, but I understand why she did it. He was going to kill Elena, and she couldn’t let him do that. And if Stefan saw some humanity-less vampire kill Caroline, he wouldn’t stop for a second to reconsider killing him. I just hope no one blames Stefan next week, he had his humanity off. He didn’t care what he did. If no one blamed Damon for Tyler’s death, no one should blame Stefan for Enzo’s. But of course they will because the TVD writers hate Stefan and love Damon and his fucking dick.

The Signs as Holidays

Aries: Day of the Dead

Taurus: Thanksgiving

Gemini: St. Patrick’s Day 

Cancer: Christmas

Leo: 4th of July

Virgo: Easter

Libra: New Years

Scorpio: Halloween

Sagittarius: April Fools

Capricorn: Earth Day

Aquarius: Hanukkah

Pisces: Valentines Day


The almost impregnable cliffs of Boreray (nr St Kilda) by Peter Smith
Via Flickr:
Round the back of the island there is one spot where the local St Kildans used to be able to make landfall, and find a way to the steeply sloping grassy summit areas for their guga hunting expeditions St Kilda July 2016-76 Trip from Harris on the Sea Harris fast boat (MV Enchanted Isle)

Ok but am I the only one that think they’re gonna use the Hell plot line to bring all these people back?? It’s like season five when the briefly killed off like the entire cast and then brought them all back. I think they’ll bring back Tyler, Enzo, Katherine, Lexi, Jo, Freddie, John Gilbert (bc he was on set), Kai (maybe Jenna pls I still miss her) and whoever else (or Isobel!!). And then Stefan and Caroline will live together until Stefan dies and Caroline will eventually end up with Klaus(endgame always). Then Bonnie will turn into a vamp (once Stefan is hella old) with Enzo and Elena will wake up (bc I think Bonnie vamping up will count as her death) and then Damon can take the cure from Stefan and live out a human life with Elena. THIS IS ALL I WANT. IT WRAPS UP SO NEATLY. PLS JULIE PLEC