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1974 Dodge Dart Sport by Greg Gjerdingen
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some more redesigns! this time some  archie Sonic comics old characters ,

i redesigned them (except  for Megan, she has very little changes) as if they were on the new reboot XD just for fun.

here are more redesigns: ^_^

*Humans and such/ *Sonic Underground / *Sonic’s pre-reboot family/ * Salma and Juanita / *some echidnas/ * Freedom Fighters and other ones / *Sleet and Dingo / *

Imagine Harry having no idea what a birthday is or why every other kid seems to be so excited about this one day, but wondering why he doesn’t have one. Then getting the courage to ask Petunia about it one day, and after asking and begging she finally tells him when it is, “July 31st, but don’t expect anything. It’s nothing to celebrate like Dudley’s.” and he’s okay with it.

            In Chamber of Secrets, pg. 5, “It was his twelfth birthday, they’ve never given him a real present, let alone a cake.” Pg. 7. “Happy birthday to me…”  “No cards, no presents, and he would be spending the evening pretending not to exist.” He was content with out everything he had seen been given to Dudley, and other kids because he knew that day was his.

            In P.O.A, Pg. 5, says, Harry had never received a birthday card in his list. And in seven he was less fussy without food when they were on the run, pg. 287, “because he had suffered periods of near starvation at the Dursleys.” Like those flipping people….. Like a birthday is one thing, but let’s starve this kid who is our family….. I will hate those fictional characters forever, they were heinous. And that whole thing about the Dursleys’ being affected by Harry being a horcrux is ridiculous. Umbridge wore that necklace for however long after she bought it from Mundungus, but she was no more horrible that she always had been.

            But thankfully it gets better. Finally, in G.O.F pg 28, “And then on Harry’s birthday which the Dursleys had completely ignored he had received four superb birthday cakes, one each from Ron, Harry, Hagrid, and Sirius. (Can you imagine Sirius making Harry a cake, covered in flour, and oh so proud….. Like, yes… proud Godfather Sirius is one of my favorite Sirius’)

Ok but am I the only one that think they’re gonna use the Hell plot line to bring all these people back?? It’s like season five when the briefly killed off like the entire cast and then brought them all back. I think they’ll bring back Tyler, Enzo, Katherine, Lexi, Jo, Freddie, John Gilbert (bc he was on set), Kai (maybe Jenna pls I still miss her) and whoever else (or Isobel!!). And then Stefan and Caroline will live together until Stefan dies and Caroline will eventually end up with Klaus(endgame always). Then Bonnie will turn into a vamp (once Stefan is hella old) with Enzo and Elena will wake up (bc I think Bonnie vamping up will count as her death) and then Damon can take the cure from Stefan and live out a human life with Elena. THIS IS ALL I WANT. IT WRAPS UP SO NEATLY. PLS JULIE PLEC

Thank you TVD for making me dehydration, for seven years, 8 seasons, 171 episodes, around 129 hours, 7695 minutes ..

Next stop, the originals season 4.

Days until... January 30th 2017

Valentine’s day 💕 15
St. Patrick’s day 🍀 46
Spring 🌼49
Easter 🐰76
Mother’s day 🌷104
Memorial day 119🇺🇸
Father’s day 👔139
Summer 👙142
Halfway 🎄145
Independence day 🎆155
Christmas in July🎄175
Labor day 217
October 🎃243
Halloween 🎃274
November 🎄275
Thanksgiving 🦃297
Black Friday 💵298
December ❄304
Christmas Eve 🎅328
Christmas 🎄329


It may not have quite the same cuteness factor as the last fan meeting story profiled here in the Parallel Julieverse, but two other Hawaiian admirers who got up close and personal with Julie during her location shoot in the islands in 1965 were the Very Rev. Robert R. Mackey and an unidentified nun from Chaminade College in Honolulu. The two religious visitors were on hand to present Julie with the College’s inaugural St. Genesius Award for her starring role in The Sound of Music, “an outstanding performance…of high moral and artistic caliber”. St. Genesius is apparently the patron saint of actors and, in a similar spirit, the College also made Julie an honorary member of its Drama Club…really can’t understand why more isn’t made of this singular accolade in profiles of Julie’s career! :P


“Chaminade Honors Julie for Acting.” The Honolulu Advertiser. 16 October 1965: A6.

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