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You Found Me Part Three- Auston Matthews (by anon)

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Ok so we have a part three! And there’s a part four that anon is working on!!! I personally can’t wait! They apologized for taking so long with this part, but I think we’re all just too excited to care so! Without further ado…. Part Three! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of shooting, blood, death

Part One Part Two


Twelve minutes.

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Beautiful things I saw whilst visiting in a hospital yesterday - someone clever and/or kind thought this through ❤️ (at St. Joseph Medical Hospital Burbank Ca)

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📢📢📢my son 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼Justin Drew Bieber born 🔛 Tuesday March 1st 1994 at 🕚🕚12:56 am in 🇨🇦🇨🇦London , Ontario , Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦at St Joseph's hospital🏥 ....turns 2️⃣2️⃣🎉 on 📢Tuesday📢🍾🍾🍾🎂🎂🎂

So it’s not a ruptured appendix. They discovered a bacteria build up, very close to my aorta artery. They originally wanted to drain it with a needle but it is too close to a vital organ to risk it. So I’ll be staying in the hospital for a few days hooked up to an IV filling me with antibiotics. After a few days, they will send me for another scan to see where I stand.
To make matters worse, while sleeping in my hospital bed, some asshole stole my backpack! Said backpack contained my laptop, 3 dvd’s, my birth certificate and my passport. Who the fuck steals from a hospital?!?! Furious.

(Purvi Patel) was convicted of using abortion drugs that she bought online to terminate her pregnancy, and then also of child neglect once the child was born.

According to local CBS affiliate WSBT, Patel has said that the baby was already dead when it was born, that she tried to revive it, and that she didn’t call 911 because she was in shock.

Court documents show that Patel then went to the St Joseph hospital in Mishawaka, Indiana, bleeding from her vagina. She at first denied having given birth, but told medical staff later that she had delivered a still-born child at home, and had placed the body in a dumpster.

Kathrine Jack, an attorney who has followed the case closely, said that the verdict “sends a message to pregnant women in Indiana that if they have still-birth, or miscarriage, or in some cases seek an abortion they could be criminally investigating and charged for fetucide.”

“I’m afraid pregnant women in Indiana are going to fear going to the doctor”, she added.

The crux of the case lay in whether Patel’s baby was breathing or still-born at the moment of birth. A medical witness for the defence reportedly testified that, at an estimated 24 weeks, the fetus was not viable, and could not have survived outside the womb. A forensic pathologist ruled that the infant was alive at birth.

The verdict is mutually contradictory. Child neglect would require the baby to have been alive and viable, while the feticide charge would require the fetus to have died in utero. Despite this, Patel was convicted on both charges.

Neither charge carries mandatory prison time, but the maximum sentence for child neglect is 50 years – with an additional maximum of 20 years for feticide.

—  Nicky Wolf (the Guardian)
  • Me: I love jus-
  • Friend : I know
  • Me: tin Drew bieber born March 1st 1994 on a Tuesday at 12:56am in London , Ontario , Canada in St. Joseph's hospital