st james's mount

  • Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Sebasitan Smythe, and Jesse St. James
  • Mount Sinai West, New York City
  • Following Blaine’s emergency appendix removal, Kurt and Sebastian wait for him to wake up. Jesse arrives to emotionally support Kurt.

Kurt had been slumped back in the uncomfortable hospital chair when he woke up, his neck sore from the unnatural position. It had been several hours since then, but he still found himself running his fingers absentmindedly over the muscles in his neck. He had been waiting all night and all morning for Blaine to wake up from the anesthesia he was under from his surgery- too afraid to leave the hospital for fear of Blaine waking up with him absent.

With a heavy sigh, Kurt checked his phone, waiting for a reply from Blaine’s brother, Cooper. He kept waiting for calls from Blaine’s family, but they never came. Sebastian was still present, he had refused all night to leave Blaine’s side. Kurt and Sebastian had waited for hours in the sturdy chairs of the waiting room for Blaine to get out of surgery and out of recovery. Now that they were finally allowed to be in Blaine’s room with him and wait for him to wake up, neither of them could bear to look away from him for longer than a few moments.

They waited, watching Blaine’s long lashes against his cheeks with bated breath. Finally, after hours of worry and talking to Blaine as he slept, he stirred.