st irene

  • *at bart's with molly*
  • sherlock: i want to go for a drink on every street where we solved a murder.
  • sherlock: *opens file*
  • molly: is that john's head glued on to the vitruvian man?
  • sherlock: yes...
  • molly:
  • sherlock:
  • molly:
  • sherlock: anyway...

thenewsexy  asked:

restrained + 15

Restrained Meme (ACCEPTING)

15. Strapped to a table

Sherlock looked up at Irene, a sigh passing his lips. He didn’t bother to pull at the restraints that strapped him to the kitchen table in Baker St. Irene was a professional after all, and he knew that she wouldn’t allow even an inch of wiggle room if she didn’t want him to move. “If you think this is going to get me to beg, you’re only going to end up being disappointed.”