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Krakow, Poland


Civil War II: X-Men #3 (Variant Cover)

Art by: Mike Mayhew

When Photographer Toni Frissell visited the Tuskegee Airmen, in March of 1945, she took nearly 300 pictures of the men and their surroundings.

This view depicts pilots attending a briefing for an upcoming mission. The Library of Congress provides a description of the photo, including the names of the Airmen, as follows:

Members of the 332nd Fighter Group (Tuskegee Airmen) attending a briefing at Ramitelli Air Field, Italy.

Shows members of the 332nd, from left to right:
Lt. Robert W. Williams, Ottumwa, IA (leather cap)
Lt. William H. Holloman, III, St. Louis, MO.
Lt. Ronald W. Reeves, Washington, D.C.
Lt. Christopher W. Newman, St. Louis, MO (flight cap);
Capt. Walter M. Downs, New Orleans, LA

This is my first ever collaborative artwork! (That’s a lie, but the only other time was in 1994 in the fourth grade so it doesn’t really count…)

Brief history of an artwork: Masquerade AU concept came from the *brilliant* minds of @qquark and @charlestuckeriii and then @charlestuckeriii sent me their Malcolm Reed illo and I was like, “Hey? Can I ink this? IMMA INK THIS!” So I inked and grisaille’d it. And luckily they didn’t unfriend me for being an impulsive turd. And then Tee was like, “Drawing Trip is hard…” and I was all like, “I’LL DRAW TRIP!” So I drew Trip and grisaille’d him and meantime, @charlestuckeriii is writing Masquerade fic and I’m thinking about throwing some Garashir fic in this AU too and it’s the greatest braintrust that ever happened. Thank you @charlestuckeriii and @qquark for having minds like WHOA.

Oh, and we call it all MasQuerade because this is Q’s doing. It’s ALWAYS Q’s doing. And because I’m a slut for pun titles.