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Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin & Big Brother and The Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and the Charlatans at 710 Ashbury St in San Francisco. 1967.


Centralia, Pennsylvania
Population: 10

“Analysts disagree about the specific cause of the Centralia fire. Writer David Dekok concluded that it started incident to cleanup of the town landfill. In May 1962, the Centralia Borough Council hired five members of the volunteer fire company to clean up the town landfill, located in an abandoned strip-mine pit next to the Odd Fellows Cemetery just outside the borough limits. This had been done prior to Memorial Day in previous years when the landfill was in a different location.

On May 27, 1962, the firefighters, as they had in the past, set the dump on fire and let it burn for some time. Unlike in previous years, however, the fire was not fully extinguished. An unsealed opening in the pit allowed the fire to enter the labyrinth of abandoned coal mines beneath Centralia.  According to a legend, the Bast Colliery coal fire of 1932 was never fully extinguished. In 1962, it reached the landfill area.

Few homes remain standing in Centralia. Most of the abandoned buildings have been demolished by the Columbia County Redevelopment Authority or reclaimed by nature. At a casual glance, the area now appears to be a field with many paved streets running through it. Some areas are being filled with new-growth forest. The remaining church in the borough, St. Mary’s, holds weekly services on Sunday. It has not yet been directly affected by the fire. The town’s four cemeteries—including one on the hilltop that has smoke rising around and out of it—are maintained in good condition.”

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Hi Kaz, top ten times coaching Viktor was too hard, by Yakov

10) When Viktor was younger he once said to Yakov, ‘wow, more of your hair is falling out every day, I hope I don’t look like you when I’m older’ (he was not the most tactful child). When he got older and freaked that his own hair was thinning Yakov was secretly thinking revenge.

9) Yakov expressly banned Viktor from doing quads until he was a senior so as not to damage his still developing body. Viktor proceeded to learn quads in secret and then break the junior world record with a program involving quads. Yakov yelled at him for it but the whole world loved it and Viktor refused to change it for the rest of the season, even as Yakov despaired.

8) Viktor didn’t give anyone a heads up before he cut his hair, he just decided one day he needed an image change and wanted to surprise people and since his hair was his defining feature he just got it all cut off with no warning. Viktor was very happy with his decision, Yakov not so much. Especially because he had to placate all of Viktor’s sponsors and contracts to model since he had just drastically changed the way he looked with no warning and Yakov was left to deal with the fallout

7) When he decided Viktor was responsible enough and mature enough to choose his own costume for a change and then later found out that Viktor had commissioned the Eros costume and was like ‘goddamnit’

6) Every time Yakov gives Viktor a piece of advice on how to improve and Viktor says yes and then continues to ignore him. This is a running theme

5) The multiple times Viktor has drastically changed a program at quiet literally the last minute and Yakov is left yelling something along the lines of ‘Viktor you can’t changed your entire step sequence the night before a competition because you were ‘struck by inspiration’, Viktor Nikiforov doN’T YOU DARE’

4) Viktor is very honest, usually brutally honest and this can sometimes cause tension if he is giving critique (think ‘you’re both actually far more average than you think’ kind of thing). This means that sometimes other skaters at the St Petersburg rink will hold grudges against Viktor if they ask for his critique and he says some very harsh things, even if they are fair. Yakov does not have the patience for skater drama and just really wishes people would either stop asking for Viktor’s opinion/help or Viktor could learn to be a little less blunt in his honesty

3) Yakov was the one to buy Viktor Makkachin because he was worried Viktor was getting lonely. What he didn’t count on was Viktor and Makkachin becoming absolutely inseparable. On one hand this was a good thing but on the other ‘no Viktor you can’t bring a dog into the ice rink!!!’

2) The day Viktor met Chris and every day from that point onwards. Yakov was very happy Viktor made a friend and is glad Viktor has Chris’ support but he’s not sure if Chris is a bad influence on Viktor, Viktor is a bad influence on Chris or they’re both just terrible influences on each other. Their escapades are the reason for 90% of his hair loss.

1) Literally everything to do with Yuuri in the very beginning. Yakov grew to love Yuuri like a son and became a great supporter of he and Viktor’s relationship but he definitely lost a lot of his hair over the whole situation and Viktor’s rash choices at the start

Obsidian (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung (V)

Rating: R (violent imagery, abuse)

Word Count: 5,812

Summary: The world of magic is divided into dark and light, witches and warlocks, choice and fate. You’re a prodigy of light, a witch who works within the police force. You’ve heard of Taehyung in passing, spoken in whispers as the warlock of dark who has the world holding it’s breath.  All this changes on the night you’re assigned as security for a mysterious singer named V and you come face to face with Taehyung himself. What happens after that might be fate.

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I’ve started writing any notes I may need to go back to in my moleskine. I usually don’t see the point in writing notes for mathematics but now I don’t have a teacher to turn to I guess it may be useful.

It’s one month today until results day and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. I hate the fact we have to wait two months for a few letters on a page indicating where I am in fact even going for the next three years of my life. Hopefully I will get enough work done before then incase I lose the motivation to do it after results.


There was a time, not very long ago, when we lived in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and grand parties. The year was ninteen hundred and sixteen and my son Nicholas was the Czar of Imperial Russia. We were celebrating the 300th anniversary of our family’s rule. And, that night, no star burned brighter than that of our sweet Anastasia, my youngest granddaughter. She begged me not to return to Paris, so I had a very special gift made for her, to make the separation easier - for both of us.

-Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna

I don't.

Chris pine x reader

Rated: m?

Summary: Many years ago you and Chris were in a relationship prior to him becoming the great Chris Pine, the household name that everyone knew. Sadly, as most couples fall victim; it fell apart but recently in an interview, Chris is asked of surprising information that brings his past back to the future. 

                       Chapter 1: Gossip Vs. Reality. 


You and  Chris Pine have been at the “Lakeside Bar” for a little over an hour originally there to celebrate your new job however it quickly turned into drinking more than either planned on. You watched Chris’ eyes turn a shade darker with every ounce of alcohol he poured down his throat, loved the way his voice grew raspy as he spoke to you. He extended his arm on the small table you two sat at and played with you shirt. 

 He was inebriated, shit faced in other terms. This beautiful man was slowly loosing his gentleman like appearance and falling victim to the alcohol. He was spewing nonsense, making sexual advances; rubbing your thigh, making excuses to kiss you. He was a twenty-two year old man who was acting like a sixteen year old getting drunk for the first time. 

“I love you.” Chris says before swigging another shot, feeling the burning liquid slide down his throat. “Oh god.”

“You’re drunk, Christopher.” You say, matching his slur.

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Conspiracy Theory: All Dave Malloy musicals take place in the same universe

Therefore, every time someone in Great Comet says “God” they mean this chick from Clown Bible

And any character played by Dave is a different incarnation of the Astronomer from Ghost Quartet (likewise for Gelsey, Brent, Brittain, and presumably Or with their GQ alter ego people).

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