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gemini: cat???!!!!! in this house??????/ NO. this is a CAT FREE HOUSEHOLD

gemini: my ENTIRE FAMILY was MURDERED by a CAT

julia: gem…


julia: dont you think you’re being a bit dramatic––


julia: we dont even have working cars in this game, darling :-)

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“Are you sure you don’t want some company?” Ellery perched anxiously on the armchair in his daughter’s room, watching her pull dresses from her wardrobe and toss them into a pile on the floor. “I could book another ticket; take a week or two off work.”

“I’m sure Papa; I’m twenty-one - I need to do this on my own. You don’t even like libraries very much; you’d find it awfully boring.”

He chuckled. “I suppose you’re right. I can’t quite think of anything more dull than spending my first overseas adventure staring at old books.”

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looking for star trek friends!!

hey!! i’m looking for more pals that like star trek!! i post a lot of star trek (mostly TOS, AOS, and next gen) here and on my actual star trek blog, @sunshinebones!! like/reblog or message me if you post about any of the following (and reblog this post to spread it around if you want!!):

original series/reboot

  • leonard mccoy (specifically!!)
  • spirk
  • spones
  • mckirk
  • chahura
  • mcspirk
  • sulu!! (i’m always happy to see more sulu appreciation)

next gen

  • data
  • beverly crusher
  • deanna troi
  • bevanna
  • daforge
  • wesley crusher

other series

  • julian bashir
  • tuvok
  • kathryn janeway
  • malcolm reed
star trek next gen starter pack

for people who are interested in getting into star trek, here’s a not-so-serious organized guide to the next generation!! (personal faves of mine are bolded)

starting five (almost universally acclaimed, best if you don’t like/know much about star trek and want a good place to begin): the best of both worlds part I & II, yesterday’s enterprise, the mind’s eye, Q who, the naked now (okay, this one might not be universally acclaimed but it’s a good intro to the characters)

actually kinda scary/creepy episodes: frame of mind, conspiracy, night terrors, schisms, remember me

best of the weird (episodes that people consider strange/odd that i happen to like): suddenly human, hero worship, the royale, imaginary friend, hollow pursuits

interesting social commentary: the measure of a man, the outcast, the offspring, justice (objectively not a great episode but the commentary it raises is interesting), data’s day

underrated gems: lower decks, the game, the nth degree, rascals, in theory

Gunmen Kill 28 Coptic Christians on Bus in Central Egypt

Gunmen Kill 28 Coptic Christians on Bus in Central Egypt

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Militants in military-style uniforms opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in central Egypt on Friday, killing at least 28 people in the latest bloodshed targeting the country’s Christian minority, officials said. (more…)

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She’s Got a Date Tonight

When I decided to post He’s Got a Date Tonight I would never have thought that it would be well-received. Thank you so much guys. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I put it on A03 as well if you prefer reading on that platform.

7.40 pm, Scully’s apartment

While Mulder was taking place next to the neatly folded comforter on Scully’s couch, his work partner, turned date for the occasion, had run away to her bedroom. She was rummaging in her wardrobe through her tidily ordered pants, skirts and dresses.

She had already been through the skirts and dresses section thrice and she would be damned if she could not find that bloody green dress. She had bought it on a whim during one of her shopping expeditions with her sister. The colour had immediately caught her eye. The green was unique, it was not a tone she would normally wear but she had not been able to resist the urge of buying it.

Melissa had teased her about having a crush on her cute-but-a-jerk-partner and unconsciously wanting to wear the elegant dress on their first date. Dana had denied everything and rolled her eyes so hard that they had almost cramped. She was still going out with Ethan at the time and would never have thought about cheating on him.

But now everything made sense and she needed to find the precious item of clothing in the next hour. Then she could go to the restaurant with the man she had learned to fall in love with over the previous months.

She was about to cry out of despair when the blasted green garment fell on the floor of her wardrobe. She allowed herself a victorious smile and shut the doors after having retrieved a pair of black high heels. Scully hurried up and slipped on the dress and barely applied any makeup. She was almost ready to put on the one-inch high heels when she noticed she had not zipped up her dress to the top.

She had almost dislocated a shoulder trying to zip herself inside the green dress when she finally admitted defeat and went to the living room, heels in hand.

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Annie- Max
Other foster children- rest of the campers( including Jasper)
( to be more specific for some of them, Nikki is Chloe(the girl who sings" Santa Clause we never see")
Neil is one of the kids who’s almost a teen and is worried he won’t get adopted just to name a few)
Sandy- Muack
Miss Agatha Hannigan- Gwen
Mr. Burbucks- David
Grace Farrell- Waitress
Daniel Francis Hannigan- Daniel
Lilly St. Regis- Gen(or Jen)
Bert Healy- Fred
Kids who bully sandy- Woodscouts and Flowerscouts

(ps I might be turning this into an animatic soon!!)