st francis chapel


The Christ the King College Chapel

My friend Jude and I weren’t able to think of something productive last Thursday after following up some of our requirements for our internship this coming school year. We weren’t even motivated to have fun and we were totally broke because of the fees we’ve spent for the papers, so we ended up visiting this place. 

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Portincula Plenary Indulgence - August 2

St. Francis repaired three chapels. The third was popularly called the Portiuncula or the Little Portion, dedicated to St. Mary of the Angels.  It is now enclosed in a sanctuary at Assisi. Because of the favors from God obtained at the Portiuncula, St. Francis requested the Pope to grant remission of sins to all who came there.  The privilege extends beyond the Portiuncula to others churches, especially held by Franciscans, throughout the world.

To obtain the Portiuncula plenary indulgence, a person must visit the Chapel of  Our Lady of the Angels at Assisi, or a Franciscan sanctuary, or one’s  parish church, with the intention of honoring Our Lady of the Angels.  Then perform the work of reciting the Creed and Our Father and pray for the Pope’s designated intentions.  You should be free, at least intentionally, of attachment to venial and mortal sin, and truly  repentant. Make your sacramental confession 8 days before or after.  Participate at assist at Mass and receive Holy Communion 8 days before or after.