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“A non-canon moment where Jamie and Claire are doing the same thing at the same time, he in the past and she in the future. They each can feel the other’s presence and are able to talk to each other, just for a moment.”

Here we go, folks. FIRST EVER PROMPT. Thanks for the nudge @romancoin

This takes place in two chapels at midnight: Claire in the chapel she finds solace in (St Finbar? Yes, no? Or is that just the dude’s school in Prince Caspian? Cuz I thunk I just made that up.) in Boston, Jamie in the tiny village chapel in Broch Mordha. Claire begins her first day of doctoral training in the morning, Jamie will hand himself over to the Redcoats come first light. Both come to find peace in their decision.

For some reason the chanting chorus of “Our Love is God” keeps going thru my head as I write this. ( @bonnie-wee-swordsman I’m looking at you) Mostly just the phrase “our love is god”, the rest of the song only tangentially applies.

“You’re not alone… when the morning comes… we’ll plant our garden here… our love is god.”

My hand slid along the wooden banister as I made my way towards the rows of candles. Their soft glow drew me in, setting my battered soul at ease.

It always did and I could never explain it. Something about the place seem to transcend the barrier of time. Having crossed that divide myself, it was comforting to be in a place that would have looked much the same two hundred years earlier.

Frank had scoffed at my need to come here, but that only firmed my resolve to do so. “You have your first lecture at eight a.m., are you really going to leave the house in the middle of the night?”

I couldn’t sleep. I might as well be here.

I lit a candle, whispering the centuries-old words into the silence of the empty chapel.

Kneeling, I closed my eyes and pictured him standing in front of me.

Blood of my blood, bone of my bone.

“Can you see her?” I asked the man who lived in my dreams, who would always live in my heart. “She’s beautiful and so like you. Its unnerving sometimes, how much her expressions mimic yours. Especially when she smiles. She has your smile, Jamie, and those blue Fraser eyes.”

Wiping the tears from my cheeks, I asked again, “Do you see us from where you are?”

I had to come. Not because I feared what lay ahead, nor out of the need to be absolved of my sin. I couldn’t put a name as to why, but I knew I had to be here.

The large wooden doors were unlocked. The small stone chapel had been here for generations and the priest who currently oversaw the parish felt that none should be barred entry to the House of God. I slid into the dark, cool interior of the chapel and stood listening to make certain I was alone.

I walked down the center aisle in the darkness towards a small flickering candle, the reverberating silence urging me forward. Taking the long taper, I lit a second, smaller candle from the flame of the first. I watched the tiny flame flicker and grow as I recited the words in Latin from memory. This rote recitation finished, my eyes slid shut, my knees resting on the cold stone floor.

I give ye my spirit, ‘til our life shall be done.

She stood in front of me, holding our child. My son or daughter would be seven, of an age with Jenny’s twins. My heart yearned to know if Claire had birthed a son or a daughter, and yet I knew it didn’t matter. They were safe, spared from the destruction and famine that overwrought the Highlands following Culloden.

“I see the two of ye everywhere, Sassenach,“ I spoke aloud. “I see our bairn in wee Michael and Janet. I see yer smile in the stars of a night.”

Something was different, yet nothing had changed from one moment to the next. I was still alone in the darkness. I could hear nothing but the clatter of my heart as it leapt into action, responding to a sudden surge of emotion.

I came to my feet, looking round. He was here. I knew he was.

“Jamie?” my voice trembled as I said his name for the first time in years.

Aye, mo nighean donn, I’m here wi’ ye. I made tha’ vow wi’ my blood an’ I intend to keep it. I will always be wi’ ye, ‘til yer life be done and it isna done yet, Sassenach.

The tears surged down my cheeks in earnest now and I did nothing to keep them in check. There was no one to see them, save the man who had dried them many times before.

“Oh, Jamie.” I sighed, words failing me.

Soon, Claire. I promise ye that ‘twill be soon.

“Where are you?” My arms opened wide, my soul torn into two. “Jamie, I need you!”

I need ye too, Sassenach.

My body shook with every word as I shouted them into the blank darkness.“Then me when, you bloody Scot! When will I see you again?”

I canna say, for I dinna ken. But ken this, mo nighean donn, no’ even death can keep me from loving you.

“Nor I you,” I whispered back, every ounce of anger gone.

an deireadh / the end

The orphan (Pt.2) - Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)

 Pairing: June Anastasia Archer (OC) x Edmund Pevensie

Warning(s): Violence.

Other parts: PART 1 / currently on PART 2

A/N: Both Edmund and the reader are 15-16. Btw, this is really shitty. I just decided to post it because why not?

[TIME SKIP: Railway station]

I choose a magazine and stood next to Susan, minding my own business. I couldn’t focus on the words so i just stared at it bluntly, pretending to read something interesting. I found the Kings and Queens of Narnia pretty quick. It took me less than two months. It turned out that we all lived in Finchley. What a coincidence. I heard a car horn not too far from me but it wasn’t anything new so i just ignored it.

A geeky boy walked up to us and i rolled my eyes secretly.

“You go to St. Finbar’s?” he asked and not wanting to be too rude, i faked a smile.

“That’s right” i responded and looked back at the magazine in my hands.

“I go to Hendon House across the road. I’ve seen both of you… sitting by yourself” he continued the conversation and i cursed under my breath.

“Yes, well, we prefer to be left alone” Susan retorted, annoyed by the boy just as much as i was. He didn’t catch up and responded with a “Me too!” .

“What’s your name?” he asked and i was growing angry. How can someone be that clingy? I didn’t want to give him my real name so i gave a fake one instead.

“Phyllis” was the first thing i could’ve think of. And, well, Susan had the same idea. It was really awkward and when i thought it couldn’t get any worse, Lucy proved me wrong.

“Susan, June!” she shouted running to us. “You’d better come quickly!” we runned across the street, avoiding getting hit by a car. I glanced at the stone lion outside the station. It always reminded me of Aslan. Will i ever see him again? I still believed in Narnia, obviously, but i feared that i’ll start losing hope and i won’t be able to come back.

When we were inside, i saw a couple of boys, bullies i assume, fighting Peter. Before i could do something, someone pushed me slightly to the side. I looked up and saw Edmund joining the fight.

“Edmund!” Lucy yelled trying to hold him back.

“Go on! Kick him in the face!“

‘Great. One fight, two Kings’ i thought and i stepped out of the crowd joining as well. I am not the Knight of Narnia for nothing, am i? When Edmund jumped on a boy who kicked Peter, whose head was dangerously close to the rails, i pushed him off and punched the guy on the ground. I was about to hit him one more time when the soldiers came and pulled me up abruptly.

“Act your age!” one said to Peter while another shouted to me that i was too savage. “Ladies shouldn’t be fighting like that!”. I growled in response and pushed past them, joining Lucy and Susan when i set down my luggage with Ed.

“You’re welcome” i hissed when Edmund sat on my right, and Peter on my left.

“I had it sorted” they said at the same time and Ed just gave Pete a look that said you-did-not. The oldest Pevensie stood up.

“What was it this time?” Susan interrupted, disappointment in her eyes.

“He bumped me” Pete said and i was about to snap at him for starting a fight because someone bumped him but Lucy started talking.

“So you hit him?” she asked and i hoped he’ll give us a valid excuse.

“No. After he bumped me, they tried to make me apologize. That’s when i hit him” okay, his excuse is accepted. I sighed loudly, shaking my head.

“Really? Is it that hard to just walk away?” Susan was definitely not too happy about Peter’s fight. Another one, in fact.

“I shouldn’t have to! I mean, don’t you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?” Peter was frustrated, he hated the fact that he’s not an adult anymore. He wanted to be treated like a man, not a kid.

“Um, we are kids” Edmund said and i blushed. Congratulations, June! You’re blushing for no reason.

“Well, i wasn’t always” the oldest said and we all looked at each other. We all missed Narnia, but he’s always bringing it up when he don’t like the way they treat him. “It’s been a year. How long does he expect us to wait?” he added, sitting down.

“I trust Aslan. We’ll go back when we have to” i mumbled and stared at the ground. Edmund’s hand grabbed mine and we made eye contact. He smiled reassuringly and intertwined our fingers. I turned a deep shade of red and looked down, covering myself with my hair.

‘June, you’re so bold. Wow…’ i thought sarcastically.

“I think it’s time to accept that we live here. It’s no use pretending any different” Susan spoke up and i was angry again. She was fine when we were in Narnia, we came back accidentally. I let out a sigh giving up creating another fight. I looked at the crowd and spotted the geeky guy we saw earlier.

“Oh no…” i said which caught Susan’s attention. She looked in the same direction and her eyes widened.

“Pretend you’re talking to us”

“We are talking to you” the oldest girl raised her eyebrows. Lucy abruptly stood up saying that something pinched her. Then Peter stood up, tellling me to stop pulling. I replied with a “I’m not touching you!” and we were all standing up.

“It feels like magic” Lucy said happily. Susan told us to hold hands and that’s what we did. The train was passing by really fast. Too fast. Everything was shacking but we were the only ones to feel it. My breath hitched in my throat when i saw that bricks are pulled away. The luggage, the seat, the platform, and the station completely vanished. We were standing on a beach. We stepped out into the sunlight, and i smiled at the girls. We started running, the boys quickly followed. 

“Shame you’re not as quick as me, Ed!”

“Last one in’s a rotten egg”

“Watch out!”

“Here it comes!”

Barefooted, i jumped into the water and we started playing. We were laughing, happy to be back in Narnia. Edmund came behind me and soon i was completely soaked, due to the fact he pushed me into the water.

“Edmund Pevensie you’re a dead man!” i tried to sound serious but started giggling when i saw his face. He was truly scared. I opened my arms and approached him grinning uncontrollably. 

“Don’t even try!” he said running away but i jumped on him and we both fell. At least we’re both soaked now. When we stopped laughing, he helped me stand up and looked up at something.

“Where do you suppose we are?“ he asked.

“Where do you think, silly?” i laughed at him but when i looked up, i fell silent. “I don’t remember any ruins in Narnia” that’s when it hit me. The same waves i listened to before going to bed, the same beach i used to sit on every morning with Ed before eating our breakfast, the same view i had from my window before i came back to England.

Cair Paravel.

anonymous asked:

Claire's talk with LJG and when Jamie tells Claire about Willie. TBH, an awful lot of what I love about Voyager is how their years apart show how terribly lost they are without each other. Claire praying for his soul in St. Finbar's, her final fight with Frank when we see how unhappy their marriage has been & how unforgettable JAMMF is, every time Jamie dreams of Claire, when he escapes Ardsmuir to search for her because he can't not. All of it, the sweet ache of their longing for each other.

Oh anon, you’re making me tear up. But you’re so right. All those scenes that show how hollow their lives are without each other and the longing for each other. I was just thinking of the scene when Claire goes to Joe Abernathy to get his opinion on her still being attractive. She wants to be everything for Jamie and have their reunion be perfect.