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🍀St. Patrick’s Day Sale!🍀
Pre-made necklaces are $2 off regular price! Vibrant, eye-catching green will turn heads this St. Patty’s Day! $3 + $4 shipping in sturdy, protective packaging to ensure your product arrives safely! As always, proceeds are donated to the #ACLU! DM or email me at for more information or to place an order!

Every year in December I make a sizable donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, its just become this thing I do every year for the holidays.

If you’re able to, consider giving a lil something to a charity of your choice for the holidays. its become a tradition for myself so much so that it doesn’t quite feel like the holidays unless I do it. Its about the holiday spirit. Its about giving back, all that fuckin good shit… yeee… skrrrt.. yuhh


  • Me: *after ringing up $10 DS game* Would you also like to donate $1 to St. Jude's to benefit Cancer research?
  • Customer: Oh, no one in my family has cancer.
  • Me: ...I'm sorry, St. Jude's helps kids and their families during treatments to get food and medicine, but it's great no one in your family has it!
  • Customer: Oh! Well I don't have money. *hands me a $20*

14 slaves found in an unmarked grave will be getting a proper burial

Eleven years after construction workers discovered the remains of 14 slaves in an unmarked grave in Albany, New York, the dead are getting a proper burial. According to the Times Union, Albany’s St. Agnes Cemetery has donated a plot on a hillside where the remains will be buried in June in handcrafted boxes. The gravesite will be marked with a granite tombstone and meaningful epitaph.