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This is my Heaven

Title: This is my Heaven

Author: @spn-imagines-nation ; Eirin

Pairing: CasXReader

Word Count: 1120

Warnings: None ! Or maybe fluffy Cas ?

A/N: Requested by Anon. Sory I’m late for this one, but I hope you’ll like it !

Summary: Reader has just had Castiels baby and Cas is freaking out but when he sees the baby, he is instantly in love.

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The last 9 months were the most difficult in her life. She knew her boyfriend was different, but not this much. When she met him, he seemed so lost, she couldn’t help but help him. That was one year ago.

“Can I help you mister ?
- I… Where am I ?
- St. Charles, Missouri. Are you sure you’re fine ?
- I don’t really know.”

She heard a huge gurgle and giggled seeing the man as lost as the children she teaches to in her drama class. She smiled softly and invited him for dinner. She was the generous kind of girl, the one who went to church to pray for her students or for the world. She was pure. And even without his grace, the man could tell it she was. She looked at him while he was eating.

“My name is Y/N. Yours ?
- Castiel.”

He felt guilty. He wasn’t supposed to say it so casually, especially to a unknown woman. She laughed again.

“Fine. Then nice to meet you Castiel.
- Nice to meet you too. And thanks for the food.
- You looked like a lost soul so I had to help.”

When he looked in her eyes, he couldn’t help but sadly smile. They stayed there, talking a little. She was so open and he was a little disappointed, but he wanted to thank her. After that, the fallen angel tried to find a place to sleep, but that was hard for a man who didn’t know anything of this world of  what it was like to be human. Hunger, tiredness, all that was new for him. 

“Castiel ?”

He looked behind him and saw the woman he met earlier during the day.

_ Don’t tell me, you haven’t a place for tonight, am I wrong ?
_ That’s…
_ … I just finished work, come with me, I have another bedroom. And tommorow I will help you to find a cheap motel to stay. Even if I have to pay.
_ It’s not necessary I will -…
_ You look exausted. Maybe it’s naive but I feel you’re a good man. So follow me, it’s alright.”

She held out her hand. Her fair blond hair and blue eyes gave her an angelic look. Such purity was rare, unique. She helped him for days, even weeks. He stayed at her place and she teached him ow to cook some basics and helped him to find a little job at a little store in the city. After few more weeks, he started to feel weird near her, like his heart would come out of his cheast. 

He understood what that was when she kissed him for the first time. He had follen in love with her. First he was really lost. Even without his grace, he was still an angel of the Lord, and he saw her praying so many times, he knew that was forbidden and that he was a danger for her. But she didn’t help him. After his first night with her, he wasn’t able to go anymore, he couldn’t let her alone after all that.

“I love you Cas.”

He had to tell her. But would she believe him ? He learned long ago that everything such as angels and demons, are all just legends for humanity. But he had to tell her the truth about why he was here and what he was. At the beginning, she was puzzled staring at his serious face when he told her that. She couldn’t believe a word of what he said, she just thought that he was really devoted to God, but she also know he was a honest man, so she just decided to ignore it. He was human after all now. 

One day, when he was at work, she just realized something she suspected a little. She was waiting for him, a little nervous. When he came home, she was preparing her next drama class.  

“Y/N ?
_ Welcome back Cas.
_ I brought some food, I knew you would be working.
_ It’s sweet, thank you.
_ You’re okay ? You look a little strange today.

She stared at him, a little anxious now. She wasn’t sure about her next words but she owned him that.

“I just found out this morning that… I’m expecting a child Castiel.”

A huge silence settled in the house. He was speechless first and a little panicked at the same time.

“You… You’re sure ?
_ Yes. I suspected it but now it’s official. 
_ It’s… Our ?
_ Of ocurse Castiel, who do you think I am ? I wouldn’t even say it to you if this baby wasn’t yours.”

That was a shock for him, but he took care of her, being nicer than ever, helping her as he could. The last 9 months were the most difficult in her life. She couldn’t stay up for too long. She felt herself weaker, and that wasn’t pleasant at all. The drama teacher didn’t imagine that her pregnancy would be so hard. And Castiel didn’t know what to do, neither for her or for a baby. 

The day came, and he had to bring her to the hospital, weaker than ever. Hours seemed endless, but finally someone came for him. She looked bad, tired, showing how hard it was for her to give birth but she had an incredible smile. When the fallen angel entered the room, he was freaking out but when he saw her with a little thing in her arms, he couldn’t help but smile. She smiled back.

“Castiel… May I present you your son, Gabriel..
_ You choose Gabriel ?
_ When we talked about it, even if you told me you would be happy no matter what name I choose, I saw your melancolic eyes when I proposed Gabriel. Plus, it’s an archangel’s name, he will be protected with it.
_ He will be safe, I promise you.
_ You can take him if you want.”

He wasn’t sure of it but he took his son in his arms. When he looked at him, his smile grew and some tears appeared at the edge of his eyes. He loved him. Not like he loved humans. This little boy was his. His family, like Sam and Dean, like her. He looked at the woman, now the mother of his son.

“You’re a miracle.”

He kissed her soflty before kissing Gabriel’s forehead. No matter what, he had now his own Heaven down there with them. And he will pray for them to be safe.

“This is my Heaven, thanks to you Y/N. I love you. Both of you.”

Last week, the Marvel Studios production had transformed a street in the small town of Cartersville, Georgia, into St. Charles, Missouri, which is the state where Peter Quill was born before becoming Star-Lord in the comics as well as in the MCU. It appears their inevitable cosmic battle will somehow spill over to our little blue planet.