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What A Woman Means to Me- Ivan Chernenkov fic PG-13

So I started writing this with the intention of having it be pure smut but before I knew it, It’s turned into this fluffy, cuddly, cute piece of Ivan that I could write about for hours! Soooo, this will be Part ONE of a two part series. (kind of like what I did with my Ota smut, the first chapter is fluffy and the second will be smexy.)

That being said, I hope you don’t hate my interpretation of Ivan in this. Once his route comes out you will be seeing a lot more accurate writings of this stud. 

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Happy Feast day of St Charbel Makhlouf  – July 24  Born into humble circumstances in Lebanon during 1828, Yussef Antoun Makhlouf tudied became Charbel took his monastic vows in November of 1853. He subsequently studied for the priesthood and was ordained, returning to the Monastery of St. Maron. The priest-monk lived and served in the monastery for 19 years, showing great devotion to the life of prayer, manual work, and contemplative silence. Charbel’s superiors observed God’s “supernatural power” at work in his life, and he became known as a wonder-worker even among some Muslims. In 1875, he was granted permission to live as a solitary monk. Rigorous asceticism, and a profound union with God, continued to characterize the monk’s life for the next 24 years. Deeply devoted to God’s Eucharistic presence, he suffered a stroke while celebrating the Divine Liturgy of the Maronite Catholic Church on December 16, 1898. He died on Christmas Eve of that year.