st bartholomew hospital

Okay, I went ahead and did something SUPER geeky …

I was running around London in ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’, when I saw a landmark marked as, “St. Bartholomew’s Hospital”, which I recognized as being the famous hospital that Sherlock jumped to his “death” from, in BBC Sherlock Season 2.

I decided to investigate the building, and try and find the exact spot that Sherlock jumped from.

AND LO AND BEHOLD, not only did I find the exact spot, YOU CAN PERFORM A LEAP OF FAITH FROM THE SAME SPOT. O___O I dunno if the game’s creators did this intentionally as a nod to the Sherlock TV series, or if it’s just a happy coincidence.

Either way, it’s confirmed – Sherlock is one of the Brotherhood! He probably has a hidden blade inside his violin or something

First Line Tag

So I wasn’t tagged but I saw this and decided to give it a go :)

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!

Only have 13 stories published, some are parts of a series but I will resume nonetheless!

1. The street leading to St. Bartholomew’s hospital was busy as always, people passing each other without sparing a glance on their way to work.
2. Andrea stood outside the house where she knew Sherlock was living.
3. The night was dark and silent.
4. Tuesday evenings were always his favourites.
5.  I drove the blue car down a deserted street in the outskirts of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and towards a car garage.
6. A tall woman stood at the doorstep of the breaking down house, a small package in her hands.
7. When I was sixteen, I went on my first hunt.
8. Hermione didn’t know where she was.
9. The kids in the secluded end of the park were kicking the young boy, around three or four years younger than them.
10. This is going to be a good day, Spencer Reid thought to himself as he walked into the bullpen area, ready to start on his paperwork.
11. “Finally!” Evangeline Miller called, looking at the clock. “2pm! I’m out of here!”
12. “So,” John started as they stood by the bar looking around curiously, “What is this place?”
13. Most of the time, the Doctor loved that his Time Lord biology meant he rarely needed sleep.

Bonus: Unpublished Works.
14. Natasha Romanoff, better known as the infamous “Black Widow” was lying on the hospital bed in a small hospital not far from Siberia, trying to ignore the crying girl at the room next to her. (”The Past”, HPxMCU. To be uploaded after Hermione Singer Legend.)
15. Once upon a time, there was a Wizard and there was a Healer. (”Fairytales”, HPxDW. Co-writing with my boyfriend.)
16.  Hermione fidgeted nervously as she approached the front desk. (”Familial Relations”, HPxMCU.)
17.  A young woman was packing her little belongings into a purse too small for the amount it managed to carry. (”When the Bough Breaks”, HPxOUaT.)
18. A young woman stood and looked at the freshly dug grave in front of her. (”Minds”, HPxSherlock.)
19. "Good, you’re here.“ (”12th Precinct”, HPxCastle.)
20.  The fifteen year old girl was nearly jumping down the stairs at her godfather’s house at the first day of the semester. (”Blackened”, HP. One of the first stories I ever wrote, currently going through reconstruction and completion.)

Patterns: Mostly descriptions, I apparently rarely start a story with something a character says. Lots of HP, especially in the Unpublished section. Usually either a character name or physical description.

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Business Relations

@watsonofagun // plotted starter

   “Ah, Doctor Watson. It’s… A pleasure to see you here tonight.”

   Pleasure was far from the expression upon the well dressed man’s face. Brow raised, he stood easily with one hand in his pocket and the other wrapped delicately around a champagne glass. As senior vice president of ChariBee Pharmaceutical, Sherlock Holmes was unable to get out of attending a ball held by St. Bartholomew’s hospital, a fundraiser event put together with the intent to gather some of the biggest medical companies in London. The turnout was spectacular; the women were competing silently with one another in their dresses, hairstyles, and jewelry, while the men focused on flaunting their wealth and recent technological advances. It wasn’t exactly the type of place that Sherlock cared to be.

   Mycroft Holmes, his older brother, had started their pharmaceutical company. While Sherlock didn’t care much for the paperwork and boring cubicle work it required, he had to admit that it was quite fun to have more money than he could blow, as well as having access to the labs whenever he should feel the need to put his chemist education to good use. Not only that, but Mycroft had also allowed him to name the company. A good thing, that– turned out that ChariBee was much more public friendly than the elder’s idea of Musgrave Corp. It was a huge success; though they were just under ten years old, business was booming and some of the richest investors in the medical field had started paying attention.

   And Doctor Watson owned the only company that stood a chance to get in the way of that.

   He was smart. Talented. A remarkable puzzle that Sherlock wasn’t quite sure yet how to solve. He’d met the man before; had nearly had a row with him in the man’s own main building while on a sort of reconnaissance mission for Mycroft. Sherlock didn’t mind. It was much more entertaining than sitting around signing papers all day. And besides, Doctor Watson proved to be quite the challenge, volleying back the subtle insults and threats without so much as a blink. Of course, there were reasons for that that Sherlock could deduce off him if he so chose, but… There was no need to get nasty. Not yet.

   Glancing about the gala, he gestured with the glass, encompassing the ballroom easily in the sweeping motion. “Enjoying yourself?” he asked, sweetly. “I dare say that there’s been a bigger turnout this year than in the past four years. Seems Bart’s has become quite the spectacular impression as of late for London. Pity that they still cling to old ties for the sake of sentiment.”


So today I was in London and stopped by St Barts because the girlfriend hadn’t visited it yet

It was nice to see the phonebox is still full of messages, notes, artwork and all kinds of things from sherlockians worldwide-in fact it filled me with pride to see it’s still going after I was among the very first people to leave something there (it was a sticky label with ‘we believe in sherlock holmes’ on it, no longer there sadly.

However it upset me to see people have started actually writing on the wall of St Barts again, so this is a polite message to remind people to not do this. This is the reason the phonebox notes started because they can easily be removed without damaging the building or surrounding area, we wanted to leave a message too but do it respectfully. Actually writing on the building is vandalism and is ruining an iconic building and more importantly it’ll give fans a bad reputation. The messages in the phonebox are sweet, but if you’re going to make the effort to bring a pen, bring paper and some blue tack-don’t write on the box itself or the building. It’s more of a pain for people to clean off. Honestly it’s really upset me that members of this fandom think writing on a building as old as St Barts is an okay thing to do. Guys, I’m really disappointed.