st bartholomew hospital

Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day Three

For day three, canon-compliant prompt season two.

Danger Night

Umbrella in hand, Mycroft Holmes followed his brother into the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Morgue. 

“Had her brought here, your ‘home from home,’” he said as they turned the corner into the examination area.

Miss Hooper (she was a physician, but dropping her title annoyed Sherlock so it was habit for Mycroft) was already there. Although she had answered her phone immediately and his summons without protest, she’d obviously been to a party tonight, despite the hideous holiday jumper underneath her lab coat. Her eye makeup was dramatic, her nails painted (immensely impractical for everyday in her line of work), and her hair was down and had been curled, though brushed out now. So, a party that hadn’t gone well … Sherlock’s party? 

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Okay, I went ahead and did something SUPER geeky …

I was running around London in ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’, when I saw a landmark marked as, “St. Bartholomew’s Hospital”, which I recognized as being the famous hospital that Sherlock jumped to his “death” from, in BBC Sherlock Season 2.

I decided to investigate the building, and try and find the exact spot that Sherlock jumped from.

AND LO AND BEHOLD, not only did I find the exact spot, YOU CAN PERFORM A LEAP OF FAITH FROM THE SAME SPOT. O___O I dunno if the game’s creators did this intentionally as a nod to the Sherlock TV series, or if it’s just a happy coincidence.

Either way, it’s confirmed – Sherlock is one of the Brotherhood! He probably has a hidden blade inside his violin or something


So today I was in London and stopped by St Barts because the girlfriend hadn’t visited it yet

It was nice to see the phonebox is still full of messages, notes, artwork and all kinds of things from sherlockians worldwide-in fact it filled me with pride to see it’s still going after I was among the very first people to leave something there (it was a sticky label with ‘we believe in sherlock holmes’ on it, no longer there sadly.

However it upset me to see people have started actually writing on the wall of St Barts again, so this is a polite message to remind people to not do this. This is the reason the phonebox notes started because they can easily be removed without damaging the building or surrounding area, we wanted to leave a message too but do it respectfully. Actually writing on the building is vandalism and is ruining an iconic building and more importantly it’ll give fans a bad reputation. The messages in the phonebox are sweet, but if you’re going to make the effort to bring a pen, bring paper and some blue tack-don’t write on the box itself or the building. It’s more of a pain for people to clean off. Honestly it’s really upset me that members of this fandom think writing on a building as old as St Barts is an okay thing to do. Guys, I’m really disappointed.


So… I went to Bart´s and it was HEARTBREAKING. I just stood there looking around like “God. Here is where everything happened. Where everything finished.”

I took a lot of pics (these are only a few) and I left a note. JUST LIKE JOHN.

The next day it rained, so probably nobody saw it… But I regret nothing, dudes. It was fantastic.