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     Adam finally sat down on one of the pews. Laying his cheek against the smooth back of it, he looked at Ronan. Strangely enough, Ronan belonged here, too, just as he had at the Barns. This noisy, lush religion had created him just as much as his father’s world of dreams; it seemed impossible for all of Ronan to exist in one person. Adam was beginning to realize that he hadn’t known Ronan at all. Or rather, he had known part of him and assumed it was all of him.

say what u want about how romantic shakespeare is but i don’t think any thing he wrote will ever top
“adam parrish lived in an apartment above the office of st. agnes catholic church, a fortuitous combination that focused most of the objects of ronan’s worship into one downtown block.”

how to be a human being by the glass animals

aries: take a slice

taurus: poplar st.

gemini: youth

cancer: cane shuga

leo: life itself

virgo: season 2 episode 3

libra: the other side of paradise

scorpio: mama’s gun

sagittarius: pork soda

capricorn: mama’s gun

aquarius: life itself

pisces: agnes

  • trc aesthetic: adam and ronan in st. agnes

Even though he intellectually believed Ronan that the church would stay empty, in his heart, he felt crowded by…possibilities. But Ronan’s face held a challenge and Adam wasn’t going to back down.

Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies

It starts out as a way to release stress. The rules are simple: No Kissing, No Talking, No Feelings.

It ends with worship.

(I thought, what if Adam and Ronan became fuck buddies way before that TRK kiss. This is what happened)

The first time it happens, Ronan is sleeping over in Adam’s shitty apartment over St Agnes. Adam can’t sleep and Ronan sits up after a while, clearly getting tired of Adam’s constant tossing and turning.

“Man,” he says, “you need to fucking relax.”

Adam sighs, turning on his side so he’s facing Ronan.

“Yeah? What do you suggest I do?”

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wendigobaby  asked:

concept: Ronan storming into St. Agnes, dropping a big ass heart shaped box of dream chocolates onto Adam's lap/chest if he's laying down and saying "Happy Valentines day, fucko." Adam just smiles to himself, answers "I love you too" and Ronan combusts internally before flopping down and kissing his asshole boyfriend

!!!! “happy valentines day, fucko”

Never Sleeping Again, Part 12


Ronan was waiting on the steps leading up to the St. Agnes apartment when Adam woke up. Actually, Ronan was dozing. After leaving Litchfield House and returning to Monmouth Ronan had spent the rest of the night worrying, moving from bed to window to kitchen until finally he went outside and laid down in the backseat of the BMW. He had managed to sleep for about an hour and woke up to the first chirps of the songbirds announcing the dawn. Too nervous to eat, Ronan had driven to St. Agnes and had installed himself on Adam’s steps and waited. And waited. He had tried to keep his mind free of anxiety, concentrating instead on the few pictures that Adam had sent to him. He waited. And then he slept.

“Have you been out here all night?”

Ronan jerked awake and looked up to find Adam Parrish standing on the step above him, his lanky legs bare and…so much skin! Ronan blushed a bright red and turned away. Adam chuckled and moved down the steps to sit beside him. Ronan snuck another glance. Apparently Adam slept in short, green plaid boxers and a stretched out shirt composed mostly of holes. Ronan started mentally conjugating in Latin because the universe was testing him and he was losing.

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  • no offense but adam and ronan are the smushiest, cheesiest, sweetest goddamn boyfriends on the planet and they’re always doing this sappy romantic gestures and it’s almost like a competition, to see who can out do the other
  • and at the beginning it’s mostly ronan, because he’s been making these subtle grand romantic gestures from the beginning
    • like the lotion and the rent
    • and he’s like already ahead of adam on the romantic scoreboard
  • and adam can’t have that, being the ambitious motherfucker he is, so he starts seeing it as a “well Fine i’ll just have to catch up” situation
  • and the game begins
  • ronan starts appearing at st. agnes more often, and he’s bringing pizza and water bottles and a laptop loaded with illegally downloaded movies and they spend the night curled up together
  • ronan collects wildflowers and flowers from the garden at the barns and when adam visits ronan just kind sends him home with little bouquets
  • ronan keeps leaving handy little gifts in adam’s car
    • more lotion, dream-toothpaste, mixtapes, dream-headphones, friendship bracelets woven by opal, pretty little rocks he and opal found in the stream by the barns
  • and every time something small like this happens adam is happy and endeared and also freaking out because “i have to do something!” 
  • and it’s not that he feels obligated, it’s that he wants to make ronan happy and give him little gifts and gestures and remind ronan that it’s a two way street they’re on
    • it’s just
    • ronan is hard to shop for
  • so the next time ronan quietly gives adam a worn out paperback novel scrounged up from a shelf in the barns, adam unearths some of the magic cabeswater left him, some of the small etherealness left behind, and he lets a little flower bloom around the leather bracelets on ronan’s wrist
  • the next time adam visits the barns and ronan plays some records he found in niall’s room and he dances adam around the kitchen, both of them laughing and tripping on each other, adam pulls out a sharpie and draws on ronan’s arms until they both drift off to sleep on the couch
  • on one of the days that adam doesn’t have to work after school, which are rare and usually dedicated to sleep, he drives to the barns and allows ronan to coerce him into making a pillow fort
    • the interior of which adam graces with magical vines that twist around ronan’s fingers like happy lil snakes
  • when ronan is having a bad day and won’t tell adam because he still kind of isolates and martyrs himself, adam gently pushes him into the BMW passenger seat and drives them out into the middle of fucking nowhere 
    • and then they switch seats and adam tells him “drive as fast as you need to” 
    • ronan guns it down a straight stretch of road at 110 mph 
    • and when he stops sooner than adam thought, adam reaches over the center console and cups the back of ronan’s neck and recites stories about ley lines and glendower until ronan tells him to shut up and his smile comes back, prickly and thorny and perfect
  • eventually ronan catches on to adam’s unique reciprocation techniques and every adam does something remotely sweet or romantic ronan smacks a kiss onto his cheek/neck/shoulder/nearest available body part and dramatically tells him to fuck off
  • adam never falls for it and always kisses him back
  • basically their romantic gestures are constant and impeccable 
Never Sleeping Again: Part 4


Ronan was awake even earlier than he had been the week before. To be honest, he had never gone to bed. He had made a pyramid of cards with Noah (until Noah accidentally knocked it over), translated some Latin texts for Gansey, listened to 5 dubstep playlists while doing crunches, pushups, pullups, handstands, and any other indoor physical exercise that he could think of. He had ignored fifteen texts and three calls from Joseph Kavinsky, each message more lurid and descriptive than the one before. In the predawn hours he had gone for a walk to St. Agnes and had climbed up to the balcony and nursed a thermos of Sweet Dreams tea. He thought about Adam and tried not to think about Adam because all he had to go on was a few words, a few smiles, and that mystifying statement when he told Adam he’d see him around: Yes, yes you will. Good to meet you, Ronan Lynch. People didn’t say shit like that to him. Cute guys definitely didn’t say that shit to him.

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