st 10


Nowy Sącz
ul. Hubala 10
„Życie to rozwój”
Mariusz „Mgr Mors” Brodowski i przyjaciele
mural odsłonięty 7 lipca 2013
foto z dnia 17 września 2016


Nowy Sącz, Poland
10 Hubala St.
“Life is development”
by Mariusz “Mgr Mors” Brodowski & friends
unveiled on 7 July 2013
taken on 17 September 2016

Disclaimer: I am not the author of the art itself; I own only the photos.


Taylor Rooks appreciation post.

At 23, Taylor is making a name for herself as a talented journalist/host/correspondent on the rise.

And she’s our own Big Ten reppin’, STL and Chicago reppin’, Illinois alumna.

On a nice Summer day in Hawkins, the kids decided to go to the zoo. While Dustin and Max were feeding the ducks that wandered around the picnic area, and Lucas and Will were glancing over the map to plan their next route, Mike and El strolled over to the Otter exhibit. “Mike, look, they’re holding hands!” El exclaimed as she noticed the small furry animals floating around in the water. As she leaned over the railing trying to get a closer look, Mike read over one of the signs that displayed a bunch of fun facts about the animal. “Apparently they hold hands, um paws, so that they won’t float away from each other. They also hold paws while sleeping.” As Mike walked over by El’s side to see if he could notice any more otters, El gently reached for his hand, Mike took it without hesitation and El beamed at him. “So we don’t drift away from each other,” she said. They didn’t let go for the rest of the day, and even as they slept during the car ride home, their hands remained together. 

Without context, he just looks very uninterested. His eyes just scream “dead inside”.


my (not)brothers got me the soundtrack to stranger things, my life feels like a mystery movie set in the 80’s now i’m so hecking shook 🙌