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FO4 Companions Pick-Up Lines

Deacon: “Do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to walk by again? With a different outfit? Or a different face? Or a different accent? I can do this all day really.” <B)

Danse: “Hey soldier, you’re looking mighty Rad Victorium today.” ;D

Preston: “A settlement in my heart needs your help. Here let me mark it for you” *draws X over heart with black marker.* \|;-)

MacCready: “I am MacNeedy for your company” ;{D

Piper: *takes picture* “Oh sorry, I only like to put the best looking things on the front of my magazine.” X)

Cait: “Yer the only drug I don’t want to quit” ;w

Nick Valentine: “I heard you lost something. Don’t worry, I’m a detective and I can help. Let’s start by giving me your phone number.” [|;)


X6-88: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I thought Father was perfect, until I met you.” B-|

Dogmeat: woof! (Don’t even lie, I know y’all gonna fall for this)

Curie: “Oh your copper and tellurium mixture iz magnifique! No wonder you are ze CuTe-st thing around” >///<

Codsworth: “Now you’re someone worth waiting 210 years for.” XO

Hancock: “Alright, vault suit has to go. But you? You can stay.” { |;]