I had this comic sitting around in my art folder forever and I decided to finish it. Yay for uploading things at 1 am!!!

For the last panel, I asked my friend what was funnier, “Nice?” or the “What the fuck is “nice”? Needless to say we know which bit of dialogue was the winner.

If the screentone looks bad tell me and I’ll upload the comic at a different resolution size to see if that helps.

So, I watched a Nintendo video and I shit you not one of the things they said was basically this:

“We didn’t originally plan on having a blue and red joycon Switch from the beginning. But, while testing out which colors would work ie blue-blue, red-red, etc, some bitch ass tester picked up a random blue joycon and a random red joycon and herp-a-derped it onto the Switch and we all stared in awe as the inspirational lights of Nintendo heaven’s angels looked upon it and said ‘yes. this is good’.”

t-quill  asked:

If Nintendo came out with an Amiibo for Fi, how would Pocket Fi feel about this newcomer?

Pocket Fi would be happy! Fi (and by extension Pocket Fi) know how unpopular they are in the fandom. Any official merchandise of her would be welcomed because that means that there might be some people that love her enough to buy her merchandise!

On a side note, I’d pay good money for a Fi amiibo