“Are you sure you don’t want some company?” Ellery perched anxiously on the armchair in his daughter’s room, watching her pull dresses from her wardrobe and toss them into a pile on the floor. “I could book another ticket; take a week or two off work.”

“I’m sure Papa; I’m twenty-one - I need to do this on my own. You don’t even like libraries very much; you’d find it awfully boring.”

He chuckled. “I suppose you’re right. I can’t quite think of anything more dull than spending my first overseas adventure staring at old books.”

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Little Gilbert - Kai Parker Imagine

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Requested- no
Word Count- 1388
Pairing- Kai Parker x (AU) Elena’s little sister

Her cheeks were kissed pink from the winter air. Her jacket fluttered with the wind, her hands hastily wrapping it around her frame. Hands tucked away and hair bouncing around; Y/N Gilbert was on her way home from the Mystic Grill. The streets were lonely, few people adventuring to their destinations. It became eerier as she walked to the Salvatore’s house

As she neared the boarding house, she felt watched. Y/N felt eyes piercing her skin as she walked to the house. A scream was lodged in her throat as she was abruptly pulled into the dark forest. Hands clamped over her mouth, a voice soothingly recognisable made her slump. “Why so scared, Y/N? It’s only me” Kai Parker smiled, his pearly white teeth visible midst the darkness.

She rolled her eyes; a sigh passing her lips as she did so. She stood on the tops of her feet, her nose touching his. His hot breath warmed her up, he was a fire that consumed her. This fire could not be tamed. Eyelids flutter close as lips connect. Noses bump and harsh giggles are met. This was their normal routine. She couldn’t be seen with him. This was forbidden. Her older sister Elena will never allow it; she’d probably kill the both of them.

They pulled away, as the lack of oxygen burned their lungs. Her fingers found their way to his hair and she threaded them through it. “I should probably go before Elena thinks I’m dead,” a quiet chuckle left her mouth. He smiled at her and gave her one last kiss, this one more passionate than the last.

“I walk you to the door, don’t want anyone to pull you into the darkness” he winked. Hands clasped together, they made the small walk to the Salvatore house. She reached the door and her lips lingered on his cheek. She heard a mutter, then Kai disappeared. As he did so, the door busted open, revealing a worried Damon and Elena. Elena’s hands clasped around Y/N’s shoulders and pushed her inside.

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Florida made history with the state’s first ever transgender pride parade! Originally this was a separate mini parade, but after we did our parade, the parade organizers decided to not only put us in the big parade, but also LEAD it. So the largest gay pride parade in Florida was lead by proud trans folk and our allies! I’m so glad I got to walk in this parade alongside such amazing people ❤💛💚💙💜