Stonathan Headcanon

This is completely dedicated to the shook eggos™ gotta love my fam. hope you enjoy it and please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes. 

His pale knuckles rap sharply on the door, then fall back to his side in a fast motion. Jonathan Byers takes a stiff step back as he waits for a response, pretending to admire the large pool and opulent expanse of flowers decorating the backyard of Steve Harrington’s home.

The area is bathed in silver moonlight, a lustrous gleam reflecting off the placid water, giving it a ubiquitous magical atmosphere. It reminds him of a night not too long ago; although now, all is quiet, save for the familiar sound of insects and nocturnal animals.

He isn’t sure why exactly he is here. After all, Steve isn’t expecting him. It was a spur of the moment decision, something very unlike the sixteen-year-old boy. But somehow, not talking to Steve is much worse than beating the crap out of him. He hasn’t spoken to him since the night the jock saved his life.

Jonathan is so lost in his thoughts that he is quite startled when the door flies open, banging against the wall.

Expecting the worst – perhaps a parent – Jonathan’s tense shoulders sag with relief to see Steve Harrington’s huge grin plastered on his face.

“Well, well, well, Jonny boy!” Steve spreads his arms extravagantly.

A faint blush tinges Jonathan’s cheeks with color. He wants to say something – anything – but he just can’t muster out the words. This is due not only to his social anxiety, but also to the fact that Jonathan is just now processing the nickname that Steve had given him.

“Cat got your tongue?” Steve muses, his smirk tilting to the left side of his face.

“I-I, um, just wanted to, uh, thank you… for the camera,” Jonathan blurts hurriedly, wincing at the crack in his voice. He had been through a lot in the past few months, yet that didn’t change the fact that he was a still a teenage boy.

Steve raises his eyebrows. “That’s it?”

Jonathan can only stare at him in response. Steve’s hair is immaculately gelled back as usual. This is a feat only feasible when it comes to Steve Harrington – even more so when it’s almost midnight. Jonathan can’t help but think that it looks like fluffy cotton candy. What would it feel like to run his hands through it?

“Man, are you okay? You sure you aren’t here to beat the shit out of me again? That would kind of suck since I saved your life and saved a month’s worth of allowance to get you that camera.” Steve points at the camera around his acquaintance’s neck. Jonathan is clutching it tightly, his knuckles unhealthily yellow.

Jonathan looks down, ashamed and flustered, scuffing his feet against the pavement.

“Why don’t you come in? My parents are out of town,” Steve taps his fingers against the door.

At this, Jonathan glances up, licking his lips anxiously. There is an underlying tone to Steve’s voice, something that almost makes him sound… nervous?

As much as Steve Harrington is egotistical, he also cannot mask his feelings. Jonathan deciphers the look in his accomplice’s eyes easily, for reading people’s emotions is a task that he is always able to ace.

Steve Harrington seemed to be shy… and insecure.

‘But why?’ Jonathan wonders. Steve spoke to him the way that one would to – No. He would not venture there.

‘Steve Harrington is not like you,’ Jonathan mentally rebukes himself.

“An answer this year would be good, y’know,” Steve retorted, the odd edge still evident in his voice.

“Yeah. Sure, I’ll come in,” Jonathan speaks before he can stop himself, taking an involuntary step up to the door.

Steve steps back, an ear splitting grin lighting up his face.

Jonathan cautiously steps into the colossal home. It is not new to him that the owners of the Harrington household are wealthy, but somehow, however grand it is, there is still a type of cozy feel to the house. In some sense, it reminds him of his own home, of his mother and Will.

Jonathan turns around to face Steve, only to drop his jaw in shock.

Steve had dropped the white robe that he was wearing only moments ago to reveal a graphic crop top and shorts.

“Like what you see, Jonny boy?” Steve snorts, running a hand through his styled hair.

“I’m not really sure how to answer that,” Jonathan mutters.

“I know you hate me, Jonny, but, I mean…” Steve gestures up and down with his hands, displaying his toned abs to the shorter boy.

“I don’t hate you,” Jonathan replies in a rush, the moment turning completely serious. “I don’t hate you,” he repeats more calmly this time, his heart racing at a million beats per second.

“No?” Steve shuts the door and takes a few steps closer to Jonathan.

Jonathan gulps and shakes his head, still maintaining eye contact with Steve.

Steve continues to make his way to Jonathan, who is now completely intimidated, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

‘Is he going to hit me?’ Jonathan doubtfully thinks.

Stopping just a few inches before him, Steve takes the time to examine Jonathan’s face. He isn’t good at reading people, but the corner of his mouth tilts once he notices that Jonathan is absolutely petrified.  

Steve stands close enough so that Jonathan could point out all the tiny details on his face – like the mole next to his mouth, and the glint of admiration in his eyes.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Jonathan Byers. I would never hurt you.” Steve’s eyebrows furrow as he speaks.

And then he does the unthinkable.

Without waiting for any response, Steve cups Jonathan’s face in his hands and tilts his head to kiss him.

At first, Jonathan’s eyes fly wide open, clearly not expecting this. But then he collapses into Steve’s indomitable frame, letting the stronger of the two hold him up.

Jonathan’s lips are as soft as velvet, and they lock onto Steve’s plush ones like two pieces of a puzzle.

Steve pushes Jonathan against a wall for support, letting him run his hands through his hair, disheveling it. For once, Steve doesn’t care about his appearance, for he’s too busy leaving the heavy sting of passion and ardor in the air.

Just as the jock moves the camera aside from around Jonathan’s neck so that he can press his body harder against the more fragile of the boys, Jonathan regretfully pushes him back in order to gasp for air.

“I thought you like girls,” Jonathan pants in confusion.

“I do.”

“But you… do you like boys?”

“The question is, how do I not like boys, Jonny? Especially when you’re one yourself.”

Jonathan allows himself to smile, glancing down in modesty. He cannot believe this is happening, that one of the only people he likes is admitting their feelings to him right at this moment.

“You know your whole face changes when you smile. Why don’t you take a picture of us with that camera?” Steve daintily clasps the camera hanging between the boys.

“No, I, um…” Jonathan struggles to find the words – he’s so overwhelmed by many emotions.

“Oh, c’mon. Do it for me.” Steve gently lifts the strap from around his friend’s neck, turning it on and around so that the lens faces them.

Just as Steve is about to click the button, Jonathan grasps Steve’s face and boldly kisses him.

The flash goes off, and Steve stares at Jonathan in awe.

“Spend the night,” he decides confidently. “Go up to my room – up the stairs and second one to the left. I’ll be right back with beer and popcorn.”

Jonathan nods without hesitation, taking the camera from Steve and beginning his ascend. He can’t stop smiling like an idiot, in a haze due to the deluge of happiness.

Needless to say, the rest of the night was spent with the tinkling sound of laughter, whispering hushed secrets in the dark, and candid photos of Steve taken by Jonathan.

Out of all the times Jonathan had felt out of place in his life – being around Steve couldn’t be anything more right.

It was such an interesting dynamic that we knew Sulu’s family was on Yorktown when it was under attack. Like thinking about everything that must be going through Sulu’s mind and the desperation to save them that he literally drove the Enterprise off a cliff but keeping his cool and continuing to perform his duty so well like wow Sulu is the best thinking about these characters’ emotional journeys will be the death of me

“ Có những đêm hít bụi đường chạy về nhà. Mở cửa ra chẳng có gì chờ đón ngoài căn phòng trống rỗng. Trái tim đột nhiên cảm thấy mỏi mệt đến cùng cực, chỉ muốn lao vào chỗ nào đó nức nở cho đến khi mọi tủi hờn cạn kiệt, cho đến khi lòng này không còn thấy cô đơn nữa. Vì sao ngay cả khi đứng giữa đất trời mùa hạ này mà lòng mình lại thấy lạnh lẽo đến thế.. ”

cool things about star trek beyond
  • jim kirk not being an annoying dudebro, no weird/sexist interpersonal relationships with “foxy” alien ladies
  • the horrified look on bones’ face when spock starts laughing out of delirium
  • the sequence where the enterprise is basically decapitated and dismembered and then set on fire is pretty spectacular (also when kirk and chekov are running around being badasses in the wreckage)
  • chekov being a motherfucking pimp, literally flirting with anyone and telling outrageous lies about russia
  • also chekov being an absolute sweetheart and getting everyone else into their escape pods before getting in himself
  • the sequence with the beastie boys playing in the background was actually super-cool and not cringe like guardians of the galaxy
  • sulu is a bad bitch. this is just a fact. super cool. super gay. very pilot.
  • uhura kicking ass, sacrificing her own safety, saving spock lmaooo
  • jaylah being super rad, unsexualised, intelligent af
  • thank the lord for simon pegg he did a great job integrating women without making it sexualised and unnecessary, integrating sulu’s homosexuality without making it this huge deal, making the film funny without making it cringe niiceeee
  • the photo of the old cast was a lovely touch. very well done.
  • chekov and sulu lowkey dancing to the beastie boys while flying a motherfucking starship
  • i’m just really happy that chekov got so much more airtime, he was a central character with a lot to do and anton did a marvellous job
  • the dedications to leonard nimoy and anton at the end
  • “to absent friends” — did the camera linger on anton? idk?
  • it was just a really well balanced film with good action, lovely set design, comedy, tragedy etc and i think it was the best of all the three films so far
  • i miss you a lot anton, thank you for a lovely performance.