Our Own Witching Hour

Just a little something something I’m working on in my free time. >:3

It’s going to be a super simple loop, but I plan to make it pretty.

Also, I just winged the perspective on the car. DON’T DO THAT KIDS! Don’t be like this lazy loser. Use those grids. I’d feel less guilty if I drew cars more often, but alas, this is supposed to be a quick little project, so a fair bit of carelessness preceded my normal standards.

And for the less auto inclined, it’s an El Camino. I think ’86. I asked a fellow STer what Shikamaru would drive in a modern AU, and I agreed to his assessment of car choice for our lazy modern deer herder. Temari’s okay with his classic taste too. :D

If we’re Facebook friends, you already know about our newest addition to the family. @510frisk wanted a reasonable daily, so he got a ‘15 Focus ST! He’s already talking Cobb packages and @fifteen52 wheels… #ford #focus #st #newnew #joyofmachine #ccfoto @ford

George “Beau” Brummell, little did he know that his vanity and obsession to his clothes would dictate the world of Men’s fashion for centuries to come. His style is still the rule of thumb for male elegance. Elegance is when one spent hours putting on his clothes then appears to have completely forgotten about it. #London #Savilerow #St.james #Suits #Menswear #Menstyle #London #Gentlemenclass #Gentlemenlifestyle