charlestuckeriii  asked:

Can I just pop by and say how I love your art style? So gorgeous <3 also if you're still up for doing those cuddle prompts - Maltrip in 29? :D

*__* So many things are making my eyes sparkle! One, *whispers* Thank you! That means the world to me. Two, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? (Of course you do!) I love your fics. <3

Ahem. Composure!

So! Cuddle #29 is “last cuddle” (zomg, so angsty!)

So I imagined what it would look like if the guys had given in to desire in Shuttlepod One. Clinging to one another, post first-time (and what they think will be only) lovemaking, slowly losing consciousness as they embrace death…

AND THEN THEY ARE SAVED! Because. I. Say. So. <3

(I’m also going to do this same piece in watercolor – but I liked the digital sketchy-sketch version and wanted to post it.)