You felt it. You felt like you were being watched. At first you thought you were being paranoid but when you finally decided to take a look around you were surprised to see a boy with a camera looking your way.

He seemed to be taking pictures of you from afar. Once he realized you were looking at him however he disappeared from sight. Strange.

You had to admit part of you was a bit uncomfortable with this but you also couldn’t help but blush. Why would someone want to take your photo? You didn’t think you were anything special but this boy seemed to think differently.

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“I have a lot of clothes that would fit you” you said to the girl smiling softly. Eleven didn’t respond but she looked curious. You went and dug in your closet and pulled out a blue dress.

“How about this?” You said showing Eleven. She nodded quickly. Obviously she approved and you handed it to her.

“And that’s only the beginning” you grinned returning to your closet.