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tagged by: @alabasterswriting thanks so much darling! ✨

a - age: 20 - mannnnn, I’m oldddd

b - birthplace: the North West of good old England 🇬🇧🇬🇧

c - current time: 3:17am lol

d - drink you last had: Water- I’m a basic bitchhhh

e - easiest person to talk to: Either my friend, Charlotte, or @come-float-down-here-with-me (I can literally talk to this girl about anything and she’s so understanding, and she really gets me, so I feel like I can talk to her about anything 💕), or @youlookpretty-good (she’s my binchhh lmaooo ❤️), orrrr @sincerely-millie (because again, I feel like we can talk to each other about anything! 💞)

f - favourite song: Atm, probably Brianstorm by the Arctic Monkeys, damnnn that’s a bangerrrrrr

g - grossest memory: Ugh omgggg, probably, (again another drinking related incident bahaha, I’m really not setting a good example am I? 🤣), when I got plastered at my mates house when I was like 17 whoops, and vomited into her bin, and all over her bed omfg ahah ahaha, and she literally tipped the bin outside onto the street and vomit just went everywhere…ugh, I’m so sorry I just gave yall that mental image! It was truly disgusting…(I have so many drunk stories it’s embarrassing 😳😂)

h - horror yes or horror no: Yes, I have gotten a lot better with them, although I can’t watch gory stuff like, Saw or anything…

i - in love?: Nope

j - jealous of people?: Not as much, as when I was younger. I don’t get jealous a lot anymore now, it was something I worked on lol

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again?: Idk, why are you asking me? Im a disaster in this area bhhahaha

m - middle name: I don’t have one! Is that like really uncommon? 🤣

n - number of siblings: One. My 16yr old brother, Matthew. We get on well…when it suits him hahhaha

o - one wish: To be successful in life. Agree. OR TO MEET NOAH SCHNAPP AGH

p - person you called last: My mum! Haha

q - question you are always asked: “What are you doing with your life?” Me (externally): I’m studying to be a scientist! Me (interally): *sobbing* I have no idea! I just want to cry over fictional characters not the working mechanisms of CRISPR!) OMFG I SAVED THIS ANSWER BC THIS IS SOOOO ME TOO!! I ALWAYS GET ASKED WHAT IM DOING WITH MY LIFE AND IM JUST SOBBING TO MYSELF HONESTLY! 😭


s - song you last sang: Toto Africa lol, I’m a massive 80s bitch

t - time you woke up: Like 1pm lololol

u - underwear colour: Green

v - vacation destination: America, Rome, Peru, Spain! TAKE ME ANYWHERE

w - worst habit: Promising myself that I’m going to do something and not sticking to it. Or being late.

x - x-rays: ? I’m not entirely sure what this one is about lol, so if it’s asking have I had any x rays, I have had a few on my teeth and my back!

y - your favourite food: Egg Fried Rice!!!

z - zodiac sign: Pisces! I oddly love swimming and I don’t eat fish at all! Maybe I’m a true fish at heart! 🤣🤣

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