• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why did nancy go back with steve? why didnt the wheelers invite the beyers over for dinner? why is will still puking up slugs, what is this, the spell that backfired on ron weasley? what the ever living hell did hopper do, and WHY DEAR GOD IS HE FEEDING ELEVEN IN A BOX IN THE WOODS SHE IS PROBABLY COLD AND LONELY AND SHE NEEDS MIKE, MIKE IS BROKEN BECAUSE SHE'S GONE.
things i wanna see in stranger things s2


  • Eleven happy and content, maybe learning about other foods. french toast? crepes??
  • If not Barb then fucking justice for Barb okay she deserved better i think this is an established fact
  • Will Byers turning out okay and/or using his newfound dual citizenship for epic (read: positive) results
  • MORE exposition on the Upside Down!!! can you survive there? are there other demogorgons? have other towns/cities/even countries been “in contact” with it?
  • On that note, more on Hawkins!! what’s up with this town? is the strangeness only due to the lab? Any new characters we should be looking into more deeply (the librarian?)
  • Justice for Terry Ives!!! also reunion with El???
  • MORE Mr. Clarke being a great science teacher and also applying his sci(fi) knowledge to the upside down amiright
  • Is Hopper’s daughter’s death connected to the disappearances at the lab?
  • Is there a Ten? or Nine? (the multiple abducted children seems to imply this but i’m guessing they either died/failed but like maybe there’s like a renegade child living in the Upside Down that Eleven will befriend or something)
  • More great 80s music picks

Posting Sunset by Russell Cram
Via Flickr:
Nikon D750, Nikon 16-35mm f/4, Lee ND Grads & Little Stopper Another one from a great sunset a few weeks ago. I’ve tried this shot before but struggled to get the exposure right, no matter what combination of grads I put on I couldn’t get the sky to balance well enough with the foreground which was getting very dark, this time I’ve had a bit more luck and managed to get something I could work with, of course how much detail I can pull out of D750 raw file has helped a bit too!