“I have a lot of clothes that would fit you” you said to the girl smiling softly. Eleven didn’t respond but she looked curious. You went and dug in your closet and pulled out a blue dress.

“How about this?” You said showing Eleven. She nodded quickly. Obviously she approved and you handed it to her.

“And that’s only the beginning” you grinned returning to your closet.


Dear entire fandom,

The People’s Choice Awards are coming up, and Stranger Things has been fortunate enough to have been nominated! Naturally, you should (and probably will) vote for it. For those who are not in the fandom, however, here is a list of reasons you should get in the fandom and vote for this piece of TV gold.
* Throwbacks: The Duffer brothers created an amazing TV show that is a homage to everything 80s. No one, and I mean no one, has ever done this so well and flawlessly.
* Acceptance: The show shows that being different is totally okay. Here is a girl, who has never known anything but cold sterile walls, being accepted. Here is a boy, who has likely been abused in his youth hood, being accepted. Here is a man, with multiple alcohol and drug problems and in a pit of depression, being ACCEPTED.
* Friendship: Time and time again, we are shown how friendship is such a life saving thing. A boy jumps off a cliff, ready to fall to his certain death, to stop his friend from being injured. A childhood deprived girl gives up her life to save people she has known for less than a week. Because they are her friends. And a friend is someone you would do anything for.
* Love: A young boy stumbles across a girl in need of help, and takes her in, providing her with shelter, food, and (as much as he can give) safety. But not only that. He gives her love. Something she has been deprived of. And she gives him love, too. She may not know what love is, but she gives him enough so that when she’s gone, apart of him is gone too.
* Supernatural: Seriously, this show isn’t all lovey dovey realism. There’s a shit ton of supernatural in there too! A young girl with telekinetic abilities, who opens a portal to another dimension and unleashes a monster into our world, which kidnaps lone rangers? Flying vans? Over worldly slugs inhabiting a boy? Abducted children communicating from another dimension through Christmas lights and electricity? Some creepy, ass hole, government science dudes for good measure? All included in this gem of a TV show!
So, off you pop, you know what to do! Go vote for Stranger Things•!
•Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder have also been nominated for Supernatural actress. The link to that category is below too.

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