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In loving memory - thank you, Leonard Nimoy, for everything that you have given me. May your journey on to the undiscovered country that we all must face one day be blessed.

She is the only one who sees the little gasp – the sudden tensing of his shoulders and the fleeting crease of eyebrows, knuckles whitening on the arm of the command chair, just barely. It would have set off sirens in Spock’s mind immediately, would have had McCoy narrowing his eyes within seconds.

But Spock is on gamma shift, Leonard down in sickbay.

And of all of them, it is Nyota who reads it first; Nyota who is asked to relay the transmission. Nyota who feels something small and (irrational, it’s irrational, it was inevitable) painful twist in her chest, her fingers skimming the edge of her station barrier, hesitation lasting a second too long before she forwards the message to Kirk’s queue.

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To the people who follow me for Michael Jackson related things, I apologise as this isn’t one of them. Instead i’ve taken time out of my busy schedule to take this time to say my goodbyes to the legendary actor Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard Nimoy holds a special place in my heart like most due to Spock. Even though i am 20 years of age Leonard Nimoy was and is and forever will be my childhood actor. I was introduced to Star Trek TOS at a very young age and i still remember the first episode i watched, I was four years old and 16 years later i’m still hooked. Ever since i have proceeded to hunt down anything Star Trek, From VHS to Laserdisc to DVD to Books and more. A very large majority of it being TOS related. 

I was very sad to hear that this amazing father and person passed away today in his home in LA, Leonard Nimoy was a person i never thought would die, i simply never thought about it, But officially he maybe gone from this world but he will forever live on in our hearts and minds. I send my wishes to his family and his children and i give you my love during this hard and terrible time. I also send the cast members of Star Trek TOS and to the rest of the series my best wishes, You all lost such an amazing and spiritual friend. 

You’ll forever live on in my heart Mr. Nimoy.

"Do not grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one." - Spock


Just gonna drop these here for now. I’ll end up reposting these later, with some more things added to the set.. But idk I like to share stuff sooner rather than later. 

So this is some concept work for my comic, Shitastical Tales. It’s basically an updated version of this thing from a year ago.  

It took soooo many rough drafts and color experiments over the last few days just to get to this point omg, but I can say I’m preeetty satisfied with where I’ve gotten it. Though this is of course, still a kind of rough draft of sorts. But it’s more.. Refined I guess, but still subject to change at any time at this point. 

But basically, without spoiling too much, this is concept work for illustrating Greg’s ability. It’s a sort of 6th sense he possesses, and he can see people’s uh.. Aura’s or energies, or something to that extent. I’ve been assigning colors and designs to the characters here based on what kind of emotion or feeling is most connected to their personality. 

Like for the first one, Bentley has a lot of pent up anger in him and he tends to be a generally snappy and impatient kind of guy. 

Thorn has depression, to put it simply. 

And Stephanie is a very happy and bubbly kind of person who is almost always cheerful. 

A Letter to Leonard Nimoy

Adolescence is hard for everyone, especially when you have Depression, Aspergers, and ADHD all shoved inside one girl. But even when I didn’t have any friends, and I spent my days by myself, I was never alone. I always had Star Trek. Not surprisingly, I found myself very attached to a certain green-eared hobgoblin that couldn’t express his emotions very well, let alone read others’. Spock was my favorite character of all time. He was the first poster on my wall, and he was my first cosplay. But more importantly, he was me. I could see myself reflected in him, and that was something I’d never experienced before with a fictional character. I would watch Star Trek for years, rewatching episodes on my way to school and streaming the movies on my phone during lunch, it was always a part of who I was. Eventually I would meet my best friend, and you’ll never guess what our first conversation was about (you got it, Star Trek) And next year, I will take my first astronomy class, so I can finally learn about the final frontier.

I guess the point of this is, Leonard, I hope you knew the effect that you’ve had on people. Whether it’s the people who watched since the first episode, or the generation that watches you on Netflix.

Thank you for showing me that being different isn’t a bad thing.

Thank you for showing me that if you be yourself, you will find friendship.

And thank you, thank you so much for showing me the stars.