I feel like the argument that you’re a “sensitive p*ssy” is just an excuse to not take responsibility for your actions, behaviors and impact on the world from lazy, unintelligent and bitter people.

@phospenumbra and I were up late last night screaming about our trans boys and I thought we’d go ahead and share this gold


  • It’s been a long day and all of the boys are exhausted and sweaty and hanging out shirtless in the den and there are tiddies out but literally no one cares
  • lance angrily telling anyone who makes him mad to eat his p*ssy
  • keith doing the same thing with 10000x more rage
  • The first time they all see each other naked Lance is like ha! I’m pretty sure bc my tits are bigger than urs that probably means my dick would be too
  • (at which Hunk is like well I have the biggest tits here tho soooo)
  • Keith is the first one to get top surgery out of the group
  • Lance is so dang jealous 
  • (Hunk isn’t because he doesn’t really want top surgery)
  • But he also spends hours running his hands up and down Keith’s chest, telling him how nice it looks, how well it suits him, and if Lance’s eyes get a little too wet no one says anything
  • (Keith is also there when Lance gets top surgery, and it goes much the same way)
  • Hunk and Lance don’t really want bottom surgery, Hunk because he really doesn’t care enough to, and Lance because it freaks him out a little, but Keith does. 
  • When he’s recovered from it the entire team just spends that entire night (and every night after) making sure he knows how lovely he looks
  • Oh is this suddenly polydins
  • Because everyone thinks everyone’s body is so wonderful
  • They just mutually support each other and want the best for everyone and everyone’s body is so beautiful it’s destroying this team
  • it’s destroying them

“So what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me

Here lies the body of the love of my life whose heart I broke without a gun to my head

Here lies the body of the MOTHER of my children, both living and dead

Rest in peace my true love, who I took for granted

most bomb p*ssy, who because of me, sleep evaded

her shroud is loneliness, her God was listening, 

her heaven will be a love without betrayal.”

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a lot of zayn stans come off homophobic and it's disappointing. yeah none of us really know zayn's sexuality but he would obviously lose so many fans since he no longer fits their wet dream of p*ssy loving bad boy zayn. half of the reason i think people are so far up gigi and zigi's ass is because it's between a man and a woman. every girl that zayns "smitten" with ends up being obsessed over. it's disappointing. if they stopped. zigi would be so obvious to them being fake

Quite frankly, Zayn doesn’t need fans like that. And these people will one day realize homophobia is not appropriate.

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*sighs* luke is my sky :") i love him so much, he's my world, my favorite..... daDDY IN THE WORD BITCH FUCKING WRECK THIS P*SSY

if this isn’t me