Back in 2009, I was very briefly involved with an in-development iteration of EA’s great snowboarding game SSX. I spent a week or two messing around with some (extremely) rough character designs for the game’s cast before the project went on hiatus for a while, prior to relaunching as the full-fledged “reboot” game SSX in 2012. (Side note: I had some promotional artwork included as unlockable content in the earlier game SSX3, which can be seen here:

So, here are some early designs for two of the game’s male characters, Moby and Psymon. While I liked the way that Moby’s designs were progressing—in an Adewale-Akinnuoye-Agbaje-circa-Lost direction—I was hopelessly at sea with poor, wacky Psymon’s designs, which floundered about wildly without ever landing on anything that worked particularly well. (The unfortunate page marked “Psymon #3” displays this tragedy quite clearly, I think.) Alas, my involvement on the project ended before I managed to work out a viable look for Psymon; oh, well.