Thank you to Josh Morgan for making this siiiiiiiiick new music video for our song “Sleeper”.

$5 All ages
Doors at 6PM
Bands kick off ~7PM in the following order:

SSWAMPZZ (aggressive melodic noise - recording now!)

Blunt Guts (Syracuse grind/powerviolence/hc)

Cat Names (folk gypsies)

Hunted Down (Syracuse sloppy hardcore - members of White Guilt, Rat Mast, Hunger Pains)

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth (Ithaca melodic math-punks)  
- Members involved in Speak Daggers, BRIAN!, Fight A Scary Dog, Makeshift, Phorke and Ithaca Underground



Here are my baby boiz rocking out in Ithaca a couple of weeks ago. It was fantastic. Be on the look out for more important SSWAMPZZ dates!

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