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It’s probably best to take SSWAMPZZ at face value. I mean, with a name like that you probably realize what you are about to get yourself into. You see these three Syracuse noisemakers unleash scuzzy noise-punk with reckless abandon and revel in the trashier side of life.

Out now on Miscreant Records, the band’s debut tape SLEEPER features five songs of unhinged lo-fi sleaze that share the vibes of well, a swamp. If you’re into music that gets down and dirty, then feel free to wade around with SSWAMPPZZ, just don’t blame me if you wind up with a few leeches on your legs.

Oh, and check out the band’s video for the single “Sleeper.” It features live footage of the band spliced with footage taken from (go figure) Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers. Get filthy.



Thank you to Josh Morgan for making this siiiiiiiiick new music video for our song “Sleeper”.

$5 All ages
Doors at 6PM
Bands kick off ~7PM in the following order:

SSWAMPZZ (aggressive melodic noise - recording now!)

Blunt Guts (Syracuse grind/powerviolence/hc)

Cat Names (folk gypsies)

Hunted Down (Syracuse sloppy hardcore - members of White Guilt, Rat Mast, Hunger Pains)

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth (Ithaca melodic math-punks)  
- Members involved in Speak Daggers, BRIAN!, Fight A Scary Dog, Makeshift, Phorke and Ithaca Underground


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Sweet Nothings: Summer Lovin'

Have you watched this music video? Because if you haven’t you should. This is garage-rock band SSWAMPZZ‘s first single and title track off their debut, SLEEPER.

Never in my life have I seen a stranger music video. Though it is creepy and frequently bizarre, it is completely fitting to SSWAMPZZ gritty sound. Throughout the video is mostly footage of these [southern] people dressed in masks that make them appear as though they are elderly. They all run around destroying things, engaging with strippers, and causing all kinds of mischief. This track already made me want to go nuts and break stuff, and now this music video has further enforced that. Although I am really curious to know where they got the footage for this video.

Digging this? Then you should pick up their cassette on Miscreant Records.