Take a moment to imagine Sera drawing penises in people’s faces in their sleep. Now imagine Vivienne  chasing  her around the keep in her pajamas, screaming and shooting fireballs at the elf, and Sera running for dear life, finally understanding what true fear is.

I so hope Solas is a romance.

I want my inquisitor to cuddle with him, and squeeze him so hard in her sleep that he swears he heard a rib snap and can’t for the life of him get out of her loving death grip.  

Cassandra walks in to greet the inquisitor that morning and is surprised when she hears a breathy, distraught “heLP ME” from under the covers.

bioware i have an even better idea than hetero Cass:

ahem[clears throat]

asexual Cass romance where the inquisitor gets Cass a mabari puppy and Cass teaches them how to dance and Cass and the Inquisitor spar with each other in their spare time and sling vitriolic comments at each other and have  post-sparing cuddles with sweet kisses and take the inquisition on a picnic at some point like overbearing but loving parents