pycxzpkqw888-deactivated2013110 asked:

hi hi i just thought i'd message you to tell you you've been picked to be in my botw poll! ^.^ you have until 7pm on Friday the 17th of August (uk time) to get as many votes as you can, good luck! ^_^

awww, yay~! <3

um, hey guys~! pretty pretty please vote for me here and then message me your vote number here for any of these:

  • screenshot promo
  • 5 line solo (or 10 line if you tell your followers ^___^)
  • blog rate
  • vote back
  • (i’m up to pretty much anything, just ask~!)

if you tell your followers, you’ll get two (that includes the 10 line promo, okay?) 

good, yay~! >:3