Tu-211 - demand for a vehicle capable of carrying large numbers of passengers to Low Earth Orbit space stations, encouraged Tupolev Design Bureau to upgrade their tested supersonic jet design, Tu-144, and take it to the next level - single stage to orbit spaceplane. Tu-211 is larger than its older brother, to accommodate more fuel and passengers. The main new features is ceramic heatshielding the advanced propulsion system, that allows the vehicle to reach Low Earth Orbit, or take a sub-orbital flight path, which can make a flight from Moscow to New York as short as 2 hours.


The X-33 Program was started by NASA in 1990’s to study next generation orbital space craft and SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit) capability. NASA eventually cancelled the program in 2001 but not before the three aerospace companies involved with the project (Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin) developed designs.


Presenting the Type 26 Ares Mk1 ~

Believe it or not, this was the very first flight… Got into orbit, de-orbit and landed… it is almost perfectly balanced.

Basically this aircraft is a culmination of a lot of things I’ve learned from previous SSTO designs.

Type 26 Ares will fly to nearly 40 thousand using only Jet Engines with throttle set at quarter, and it will get into orbit with more than half of it’s fuel.

Honestly I reckon this could get back up into orbit again with the amount of fuel it has left after landing.

Keep in mind this is Mk1, and this was it’s very first flight so there might be some things I’ve missed.. But.. as it is I feel it’s good enough to share..

Craft File for those interested >>

Action Groups.
1. Air Intakes + Jet Engines
2. Nuclear Rockets
3. Forward Lights + Communotron

: >

I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program for well over a year and just now successfully got an SSTO spaceplane into orbit (barely). It has crew space for 6, and almost no space in the cargo bay since that is where the battery power and autopilot parts are installed. On this first (successful) flight it has virtually no fuel left and not enough RCS fuel to rendezvous with anything in orbit, so another redesign is probably in the works

New Song!!! uhh Kinda ....

Sooooooo here is a new song inspired by maybe some thing very un-entertaining….Usually you would be inspired by something great you hear or something amazing you see but in this case it was very opposite. Currently we are in the post- production phase of TXLoc and myself joint album so im not recording as much at the moment in an effort to supervise the completion of this album.

I am not going to get to detailed  but i listened to something that really made me say do i sound as bad as this.. Can i just turn on the mix and go it make something better than what I am hearing ? I dont know thats up to you guys to determine how good or bad this is. So i found a beat, pressed play, and wrote the first things that came to mind. This is a song thats pretty much about nothing other than seeing if out the blue can i make something that can jam. I present to you Glass…. yup i named the song “Glass” there is no meaning other than when i was thinking of a title there was a glass on my desk.

Glass by Natureboy Rowe or

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KSP adventures! Landed a tiny plane on Gilly - it would not stop bouncing. Then I spent a looong time working through various iterations of a light spaceplane. I’m very pleased with the final (working) result - the Falcon can make orbit with ~800 dV to spare. It has a rear docking port, aligned with the center of mass, so it can easily hitch a ride with rocket if need be. It also has two ion engines that allow for fine maneuvers and act as a backup. I plan on sticking a small rover in the cargo bay.

In other news, the next KSP update will be version 1.0! It’s still likely months away, but I’m already excited.


Returning Type 26 Ares from my Space Station~

Previously it had flown from Kerbin to Minmus under it’s own power and without refueling, and then back to Kerbin orbit, dock with the spacestation, refueled, and now here it is returning to KSP Runway~! I even parked it outside the hangers.. hohoho~

If any of you would like to play with this particular aircraft you can download the craft file here >>


Still Hood Remix with The Game the late VL Mike and myself @NatureboyRowe

had no idea this was online enjoy it

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