Tu-211 - demand for a vehicle capable of carrying large numbers of passengers to Low Earth Orbit space stations, encouraged Tupolev Design Bureau to upgrade their tested supersonic jet design, Tu-144, and take it to the next level - single stage to orbit spaceplane. Tu-211 is larger than its older brother, to accommodate more fuel and passengers. The main new features is ceramic heatshielding and the advanced propulsion system, that allows the vehicle to reach Low Earth Orbit, or take a sub-orbital flight path, which can make a flight from Moscow to New York as short as 2 hours.


The X-33 Program was started by NASA in 1990’s to study next generation orbital space craft and SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit) capability. NASA eventually cancelled the program in 2001 but not before the three aerospace companies involved with the project (Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin) developed designs.
Key tests for Skylon spaceplane project

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Here is a technology to watch, and a potential game-changer across several sectors of the economy. UK company Reaction Engines Limited (REL) has designed an engine, the Sabre, that can operate as a jet in the atmosphere and switch over to operate as a chemical rocket outside the atmosphere. This is exactly the kind of technology that needs to be developed in order to create single stage to orbit (SSTO) vehicles, which could then open low earth orbit to cheaper and routine commercial exploitation.

Like fusion power, routine and something-less-than-astronomically-expensive access to earth orbit has always been just out of reach of our technology. Of course, we can get into orbit, but my using chemical rockets. This will do in a pinch, but it is a long way from democratizing space travel. And, like fusion power, it is primarily an engineering problem. We know the physics, and we know the basic laws, as we know the basic parameters of an SSTO vehicle. But, so far, we haven’t been able to build one.

Maybe that will change in the next few decades. It is does change, competition will likely give rise to a number of different SSTO engine designs, which will then steadily improve in performance and efficiency. That could mean cost-effective access to earth orbit, routine hypersonic travel, lower costs, and a Space Age worthy of the name.

The world’s transportation industry will be watching, since this suggests the possibility to traveling anywhere in the world in a few hours, and the world’s militaries will be watching, as it suggesting the possibility of going to war anywhere in the world in a few hours.

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Sooooooo here is a new song inspired by maybe some thing very un-entertaining….Usually you would be inspired by something great you hear or something amazing you see but in this case it was very opposite. Currently we are in the post- production phase of TXLoc and myself joint album so im not recording as much at the moment in an effort to supervise the completion of this album.

I am not going to get to detailed  but i listened to something that really made me say do i sound as bad as this.. Can i just turn on the mix and go it make something better than what I am hearing ? I dont know thats up to you guys to determine how good or bad this is. So i found a beat, pressed play, and wrote the first things that came to mind. This is a song thats pretty much about nothing other than seeing if out the blue can i make something that can jam. I present to you Glass…. yup i named the song “Glass” there is no meaning other than when i was thinking of a title there was a glass on my desk.

Glass by Natureboy Rowe or

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Still Hood Remix with The Game the late VL Mike and myself @NatureboyRowe

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……….making of a superstar