prompt: “I was alone in this world, but you gave me warmth.”

note: a super old prompt requested by chidorivariants. hope youre still around in sstag haha! hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and sorry ive been so lazy with the prompts!

It was the beginning and it was tentative. Sasuke felt the bed dip as Sakura slipped into bed with him. The bed creaked as the springs under them groaned. It sounded all very loud in the very quiet room. The light clicked off and suddenly the only source of light illuminating the room was the moon.

He hadn’t slept in the same bed as another person in almost ten years. This was someone he cared about; someone who mattered to him. Sasuke had his back to Sakura, but he could feel the tension radiating off of her. Perhaps he should’ve put on a shirt.

His ears perked up when he heard the rustle of sheets and the shifting on the mattress. Sasuke swallowed when he felt the heat from her body getting closer. Her hair tickled the back of his neck.

In one hesitant movement, she had wrapped an arm around his midsection. It was awkward and he was still balled up in his own side of the bed. Sakura was waiting for a reaction. He was shaking; he couldn’t bring himself to raise his hand, to lightly touch hers.

He heard a quiet sigh slip past her lips as her arms detached from his torso. There was some shuffling behind him and then there was nothing. It was as quiet as it was when Sakura first lied down.

Sasuke’s heart suddenly felt empty, like the weight had been transferred to his shoulders. He felt like his head was being crushed and his bones weighed a ton. He wanted—needed—her back. Sakura’s touch made him feel lighter.

Sucking in a breath, he twisted around so that he could see her. She was curled in a ball on the edge of the bed, away from him. He felt his throat tighten. Sasuke wanted her to be close to him.

His hand reached out and pulled her against him. Sakura let herself be tugged away from the edge and into warm arms. Sasuke could now breathe a sigh of relief. She was now here, safe in his arms.