Webcomic Kin Network

Hello! This is a new blog for fictionkin from webcomics! 

Members | Application | Blacklist


  • Skype group chat!
  • Make new friends!
  • Make new mutuals!
  • Discover new webcomics!
  • Potentially find people from your canon!


  • You must be kin with someone from a webcomic!  
  • You must be 14-20 years old! 
  • You must NOT be homophobic, transphobic, aphobic, antifeminist, racist, etc etc don’t be a bigot because you won’t be let in. 
  • You must agree to be respectful of the group blacklist 
  • You must have Skype! The group chat on Skype will be the primary source of communication

How to apply: 

Thanks for reading!