1. falling asleep with his dad on the sofa

2. pulling on the cat’s tail and cackling madly

3. falling asleep in his mum’s arms

4. waking up with two parents cooing over him

5. being lulled by his dad’s voice–singing terribly, but he didn’t care

6. watching his mum and dad dance around the living room

7. and then his dad scooping him up off the floor and the three of them dancing around the living room

8. being sick and spending four solid days in his parents’ arms–them cooing and sushing and rubbing his back until he felt better

9.  having as much cake as he wanted on his birthday

10. both his parents sneaking his biscuits when the other wasn’t looking

11. his dad talking to him as if he was already his best mate in the world

12. those amazing lights from his dad’s wand

13. his mum levitating him in the air for fun

14. memorizing his mum’s twenty kinds of laughs

15. falling asleep nestled in-between his parents on the sofa/in bed

16. sleeping snuggled with his toy broomstick in his cot b/c he couldn’t bear to let it go and his parents didn’t want to tell him no

17. the funny lady who came over and brought him biscuits

18. carving a pumpkin with his parents and smashing goo all over the floor

19. crying when the goo got in his eyes

20. laughing when his mum vanished it and chasing after the cat

21. trying to ride the cat

22. knowing if he cried his mum or dad would come make it right

23. playing peek-a-boo beneath his dad’s invisbility cloak

24. learning “sssshhhhh” when he and his mum were hiding underneath the cloak from dada 

25. conspiratorial whispers/secrets

26. his mum blowing raspberries on his tummy/cheeks/feet/legs

27. grabbing his dad’s glasses and holding them victoriously in his chubby little hands as he promptly puts them in his mouth

28. and then his dad puts them on, slobbery and all, deliberately upside down to make him giggle

29. his dad telling he and his mum wizarding stories from the animated pop up book

30. his mum telling he and his dad muggle stories from the book with shiny edges

31. warm nights spent on the sofa by the fire eating popcorn (which wasn't always realized as a chocking hazard so he was probably given some)

32. little baby belches after tiny sips of butterbeer from uncle pafoo

33. being mesmerized by the golden snitch his mum charmed to float above his bed

34. chasing after the quaffle–that was bigger than him–around the living room floor while dada chased him on all fours

35. falling asleep snuggled next to the kiddy

36. sneaking out with his dad under the invisibility cloak–with silencing charms, of course–and taking walks around the neighborhood

37. lying out in the back garden–which had a tall fence around the perimeter–and digging in the dirt while his mum and dad worked in the garden

38. picnics on the grass in said garden

39. hearing he was loved and how special he was and how wonderful he was every day for the first year and three months of his life

40. learning his mum’s twenty kinds of kisses and hugs

41. playing quaffle with dada and uncles padfoot and remus and peter–in which he was the quaffle

42. playing with his dad’s mirror until uncle padfoot’s face showed up

43. almost choking on his mum’s wizarding chess set

44. a first christmas he didn’t even understand because he was so young, but the house was sparkly and he liked the lights and the music and he learned to crawl by trying to get over to the tree and pull the baubles off

45. knowing that his dad smelled like peppermint and his mum smelled like raspberries

46. hours spent in the kitchen while his mum brewed potions which smelled terrible but were full of interesting things to try and grab at

47. watching his dad work on the crossword in the mornings and playing peek-a-boo with the paper

48. eating toast in the mornings and getting jam hopelessly smeared in his face and cheeks and fingers and hair

49. hearing from his mum every day that he looked and acted just like his dada

50. hearing from his dad every day that he looked and acted just like his mummy


Here’s a teeny 3D printed Amaranthine/Fog Staff for ya.

I’ve had this thing for about 2 months and finally got around to taking pictures of it. It was originally supposed to be a part of something else, but I flubbed the dimensions, so now it’s its own thing. Yup. Totally intentional.

O and ty to @wizzymenuchat (if i remember correctly) for hooking me up with them reference pictures. U da bes.


Stan: Wait… we live in my car- where the hell are you gonna hang a poster? Rick: **tapes it to the inside of the roof of the car with a satisfied grin** … we can never put the con-convertible top down again. 

That feeling when your bf steals a poster for you cause he knows it’ll make you happy even though you have no room to put it up anywhere.

anonymous asked:

alyanette + the pretty girl jogs through the park every day and she's my favorite part of the morning au

“Oh my God everyone shut up!”

Adrien paused mid-bite and raised a brow as he watched Marinette scramble over her desk, knock four of her sketches to the ground, and climb onto the windowsill by her desk. “I’m the only person here?” he asked in confusion. “And I wasn’t saying anything?”

Marinette waved her hand behind her. “Sssshhhhh! I said shush!”

He looked at the clock, saw that it was exactly 12:30pm, and rolled his eyes. “Oh no, not this again.”

“She’s going to be passing by any minute, don’t distract me.”

“Marinette. My father very kindly gives you an hour lunch everyday so that you can eat and relax. I come up here during your lunch hour so that I can eat and relax with you. I don’t want to ogle some random jogger that you’re crushing on.”

“She’s not some random jogger Adrien,” Marinette said, sticking her tongue out. “Her name is Alya. We met at the sandwich shop two days ago. She complimented me on my dress and said that I had a cute smile.”

“You know, you fall in love way too easily,” Adrien chuckled. “All a pretty girl has to do is smile at you and you’re smitten for weeks.”

Marinette’s forehead was pressed against the window while she stared at the corner of the sidewalk. “Girls are so wonderful, Adrien. They’re all soft and cute and smell nice and laugh when you compliment them.”

Adrien rolled his eyes fondly at her and patted her on the head while he brought his lunch over the the windowsill next to her. “I know, Mari. You’ve told me before.”

Suddenly, Marinette jumped and smacked Adrien on the thigh hard enough for him to yelp out and drop his sandwich. “There she is!!!!!!”

On cue, Alya rounded the corner and started jogging up the block past Gabriel Headquarters just like she did every day during her lunch break. Her hair was pulled up into a bun, her music player was clipped to her arm, and she somehow managed to look so stunningly gorgeous even with sweat dripping across her brow and down her chin. Marinette could see her singing along to the music that she was listening to while she ran, and it made Marinette smile from ear to ear at how precious it all was. 

“You have it so bad,” Adrien said, shaking his head. “You need to tell me where this girl works so I can get you a date.”

Marinette whirled around to stare at him with eyes blown wide. “No! Don’t do that! What if she says no!”

“Alya you said, right?” Adrien smirked, pulling out his phone and scrolling through Facebook. “I’m pretty sure I can find her. I’m a really good Facebook stalker.”

“Nonono Adrien please don’t I’m not ready!”

“Oh look! Her last name is Cesaire! Let’s send her a little friend request, shall we?”


“No, I’m- I’m glad to have shared in your perils, Thorin. Each and every one of them. It is far more than any Baggins deserves.”

So if you become a Reaver, Bull thinks you smell good and if you’re not romancing him and tell him that maybe you wanted to smell good for him, he’s all “ahaha that’s cool boss”


“Don’t do that, kadan. You want to wear perfume or something, go ahead. But don’t ever change yourself for me.”


ask-sir-crocodile replied to your post: THE FLOOR IS LAVA

For a normal human, I imagine the convection alone would be lethal.

“Ah, you caught me! It would be pretty dangerous for most people, but luckily I’ve learned how to use my devil fruit abilities to create a barrier around me when it comes to really hot climates!”

“Of course, I-I’d still be in a lot of trouble if I touched that stuff…”

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klance and future AU? or sourin in a police force/academy AU?

I panicked, because I was like “future au??!!! They’re in space??!! How can I get more FUTURE than that??!!” But then I calmed down and realised that you probably meant like… Older established klance. So here’s that:

“I require tiny boyfriend hugs.” Lance groggily enters the kitchen in the early morning and wraps his arms around Keith’s waist. He presses his face into black hair and breathes deep the smell of shampoo.
“I’m not tiny. We used to be the same size. You just got huge.” Keith pouts and wriggles in Lance’s grip. Lance tightens his hold.
“Sssshhhhh, tiny boyfriend. I’m still recharging.”

Jumping to the Wrong Deductions

Sherlock trailed behind them for two blocks, wearing an old hoodie and slipping into the shadows, lest one of them turn around and catch a glimpse of their tail. The mark, male in his late thirties, slung his arm over Molly’s shoulders and pulled her close. Her laughter carried behind her in the evening air.

Sherlock scowled and quickened his pace. He stopped half a block behind them when they turned into the cinema booth to buy tickets.

Molly jumped on her toes in excitement as her date paid the teller, taking her ticket and eagerly rushing into the building. Her date chuckled at her exuberance and followed her at a slower pace.

As soon as the door shut behind them, Sherlock approached the teller and, paying with John’s card (he’d have to give that back sometime), snatched his ticket from the boy’s hand and straight-armed his way into the building.

The mark was leading Molly towards the theater room, one arm around her shoulder, the other holding an excessively large bucket of buttery popcorn and a box of sweets. She giggled at something he said and took a sip of her soda.

His brows nearly touching, he stalked after them, shoving his ticket at the attendant and slipping into the back row. Molly and the man were sitting about halfway down the aisle, the seats not quite a quarter-filled. Slumping in his seat, Sherlock steadfastly glared at the backs of their heads as the lights dimmed and the trailers began.

For sixty-five minutes, he ignored the ridiculous monstrosity playing on the large screen. Hard to do, when the plot was so fantastical and the acting… my god, John was a better actor than that man.

The movie was more than half over when the mark stood and shuffled out of the row, an empty popcorn bucket in his hand. Sherlock gave him a quick once-over as he passed in the dark theater. A smile, partly from the film and partly from his company, lit the man’s face. Sherlock estimated he had a full four minutes while the man hit the loo and got a refill.

Quickly, the detective slid out of his seat and took the man’s seat next to Molly.

She glanced up, a half-smile on her face. ‘I thought you were getting some pop-’ Her whisper cut off when she realized who was sitting next to her. ‘Sherlock!’ She hissed, glancing around in confusion. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘He’s married,’ Sherlock said dryly, plucking the box of candy from her lap and tossing back a few chocolate covered treats.

‘Wh-what?’ Molly stammered, snatching the box back from him.

‘Your date, he’s married. Really, Molly, I thought you were intelligent.’

Behind them, someone shushed them loudly.

Molly shot an apologetic glance backward before turning a deadly glare on the detective. ‘I know he’s married,’ she hissed. ‘What I don’t know is why it’s any concern of yours.’

Sherlock narrowed his eyes at her. ‘I never would have thought you would be the ‘other woman’ type.’

‘I’m not,’ she snapped.


‘You may want to inform him of that fact before you feel obliged to ‘put out’. You really are too much of a people-pleaser.’

Unfortunately for the ever-observant genius, he didn’t pick up on the rising fury of the woman beside him. One second he was staring at her gaping expression, the next he was sputtering in surprise as she stood and dumped the remaining half of her soda over his head.

‘Molly!’ He sputtered, bits of ice sliding down his back.

He wiped the soda from his eyes, only to see her ponytail swishing as she stalked from the theater. He scrambled after her, much to the relief of those around him. He burst into the hallway and looked around, running after the pathologist.

‘Molly?’ Her date met her, full popcorn bucket in his hand, and a concerned look on his face as he took in the wet, hoodie-clad man chasing the furious woman.

‘Let’s go, Charlie.’ She grabbed his arm and whirled him around as she walked past, dragging the bemused man behind her.

‘Molly, what’s going on?’ The man stumbled as he tried to understand what was going on.

‘Molly!’ Sherlock barked, catching up as they exited to the street and sliding around to face them. Molly stopped before she ran into him, her brown eyes brimming with furious tears. ‘Let me… that was uncalled for, I apologize.’

The man looked between the two of them. ‘Molly, who is this?’

‘A complete and utter pompous prat, that’s who!’ Molly stomped her foot childishly. Sherlock stepped back slightly. Given her previous soda attack, he wouldn’t put it past her to go for his toes in her anger.

To Sherlock’s surprise, Charlie’s brow smoothed over. He beamed and extended his hand in greeting. ‘Ah, Sherlock Holmes, then, a pleasure to finally meet you! Molly talks about you all the time.’

Confusion was not a good feeling for the all-knowing detective. He quirked a disdainful eye down at the hand and purposefully twitched his nose in derision. ‘I don’t believe I’ve had the… pleasure,’ he sneered, ‘of hearing about you. Perhaps Molly is not quite as fond of you as you’d like to believe.’

Charlie retracted his hand with a shrug, Sherlock’s words seemingly not penetrating his thick skull. ‘Oh, I’d say my Molls is fond of me. Wouldn’t you say, Squeakers?’ He hooked his arm around her neck and pulled her close.

Molly’s scowl gave way to a grin as she pushed her elbow into his ribs. ‘Leggo,’ she huffed in mock indignation. ‘And don’t call me Squeakers, Gus!’

‘If you didn’t squeak so much, I wouldn’t have to say it so much!’ Charlie teased, finally letting her go, but not without ruffling her hair messily.

Pouting, Molly fixed her ponytail and tried to kick Charlie’s shin, but the man easily danced out of reach.

‘You’re her brother,’ Sherlock breathed in realization.

‘Angus Charles Hooper,’ Charlie stated with a slight bow and a smile that mirrored Molly’s. Sherlock berated himself for missing the obvious. There were too many similarities. Charlie’s hair was slightly wavy and cut short, but it was the same, rich auburn as Molly’s. Their eyes were the same brown, like molten chocolate. But the biggest similarity between them was their ready smiles, wide, bright, and sincere.

The biggest difference, though, was that while Charlie was smiling at him knowingly, Molly was wearing her ‘slapping’ expression.

He took an uneasy step back. The deductions flowed unfiltered from his mind to his mouth. ‘Older brother, American, accountant with three children, here on business and took an extended weekend holiday to visit Molly.’ He tilted his head. ‘Which explains why she blew me off in the lab earlier.’

‘Blew you off?!’ Molly huffed in offense. ‘You demanded I bring you coffee, at the end of my shift, then threw a tantrum when I said I had plans!’

‘You could have told me your brother was in town,’ Sherlock snapped in response, his own ire growing in response to hers.

‘I did! Last week, but, as usual, you ignored me!’

‘I didn’t ignore you, I remembered, but I didn’t realize he was here tonight!’

‘So why didn’t you ask who I had plans with?!’

By now, Charlie was watching the back and forth like it was a tennis match, a huge grin on his face.

‘I didn’t want to seem nosy!’

‘Since when aren’t you nosy?!’

‘Since I was afraid to hear you were going on a date!’ He bellowed.

Molly hesitated for just a moment in surprise, before jabbing his chest rather hard with her finger, a smile hovering on the corner of her mouth, but her eyes still danced with an angry fire. ‘So next time just ask me on a date yourself instead of following me and jumping to all sorts of wrong deductions!’

‘Next time?’ He brushed her hand aside and rubbed the offended spot on his chest. ‘What makes you think you’ll go out with anyone other than me?’

‘Until you ask me properly, I’ll go out with everyone but you!’

Sherlock scoffed. ‘That’s hardly a logical argument, you can’t possibly date every male human.’

‘No? Just watch me!’ Molly placed her hands on her hips and glared at him in challenge.

Not three seconds passed before Sherlock broke and he lunged at her, pressing his lips awkwardly against hers. Molly flinched, her hands pressed against his chest. Her eyes were wide and staring into his. She blinked quickly and he was about to step back when her hands fisted his damp hoodie and she turned an awkward lip-meet into a toe-curling snog. Though unpracticed in the ways of kissing, Sherlock was an apt student and every nibble she gave he returned in kind. Breathing was an unfortunate necessity and Sherlock pulled away with an audible smack, trailing sensuous kisses down the curve of her jaw and neck as she panted in his ear before finding her lips once more.

Beside them, Charlie raised his eyebrows and bit back a wide smile as he respectfully averted his gaze. When they appeared to have forgotten him, he coughed loudly. ‘Well, I’ll just be heading back to my hotel, then.’

Sherlock waved a hand at him in dismissal, his lips still firmly attached to Molly’s.

Charlie shook his head fondly and turned to walk away. One evening not spent with his sister was worth it to see her happy. If that berk didn’t mess it up, no longer would Charlie’s heart ache when he heard the tinge of loneliness in her voice or saw the longing in her eyes as she watched her nieces. It finally looked like her patience with that man was going to pay off.

He glanced over his shoulder to see that they were still snogging, rather passionately. He smirked. At this rate, he’d be an uncle by Christmas.


Hey, I hope your having a good day, do you think you could do an imagine where y/n is part of the Mafia or something and she is sent to spy on the BAU, Spencer falling in love with her in the process, the team find out and you decide from there xxx

(Warning: there are some triggers in here for those who are squeamish about miscarriages and beatings.)

Originally posted by thedeathofapolaroid

Spencer didn’t want to believe it.

As he reads the text message on his phone, your body curled deeply into his as he mindlessly strokes your hair, he reads the text message over and over as document after document whooshes through to his phone, his eyes quickly scanning the miniature proof of your double-life.

Proof of your sympathizing efforts for the Mafia.


You who had come into his life seven months ago.

You, who had taken a bullet for his boss.

You…who had beaten serial killers off of Lewis and babysat for J.J. and Will.

You who was beloved by the entire team…

…was a spy for the Mafia.

As tears brim his eyelids, his heart clenching in his chest as he beings to take shallow breaths, he finally flickers his gaze down towards you…

…and is met with your deadpan stare.

“Y-…Y/N,” he breathes as he slowly watches you sit up.

“Spencer…?” you lull lightly as you sit upright, the sheet falling from your naked body as your bosom lightly bounces with your movements, “What’s that, sweetheart?”

But you knew.

He saw the recognition flicker behind your eyes as he shuts his phone off quickly.

“Is it true…?” Spencer croaks lightly, trying to keep his tears at bay and remain strong in front of the woman who had just shattered his soul.

Another woman he loved…taken from him because of circumstances beyond his control.

“Is what true, honey?” you coo, reaching out for his cheek.

“Stop,” Spencer spits as he scoots back from you.

“You’re better than this,” he whispers desperately.

But all you did was continue to stare at him.


“What is your mission?”

“Wh-…what?” you breathe.

“What.  Is your mission?” Spencer enunciates.

But you knew that if you disclosed that information, you would be killed.

Right now?  You could still struggle to get out of his apartment, and nothing but a stern beating from your boss would befall you.

Spencer saw you losing yourself in your thoughts.

“I can give you a 5-minute head-start…” he lulls as he dips his watery gaze into his naked lap.


“4 minutes and 58 seconds,” Spencer breathes, his hands twisting themselves together in his lap as your eyes slowly rake up and down his naked form, committing his body to memory before you slowly begin to slip out of the bed.

You wanted to tell him that you loved him.

You wanted to reassure him that you never planned on this relationship.

You wanted to kiss him and tell him that, despite your ruse, he was never part of the plan…

…that there would never be another one like him.

“4 minutes and 49 seconds,” Spencer whispers as a tear falls from his cheek into his lap.

And it wasn’t too long after that that he heard his front door slam shut.

Three months.

After three months of looking desperately for you, trying to figure out what the Mafia was doing infiltrating the BAU, a mysterious email appears in Garcia’s inbox before deleting itself from the ethers.

“Guys!” she runs in, breathless as she holds up a printed version of the email.

“Guys!  It’s her!  I-i-it’s Y/N!”

Everyone perks up at the sound of your name.

“Let me see,” Spencer breathes, ripping the paper from her hand as he reads the sentence on the piece of paper.

“’Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.’”

“What does that mean?” Morgan asks as he crinkles his nose.

“It’s a line from a book called ‘Velveteen Rabbit’,” Spencer begins, “it originally denotes that the ‘Skin Horse’…or main character that harbors no soul, doesn’t understand the true meaning of love until they experience the love of a child.”

“So this is a children’s book?” Hotch asks.

“But why send us a line from a children’s book?” J.J. asks as she folds her arms around her chest.

She was still frightened over the idea of someone from the Mafia previously watching over her children.

“I don’t know…” Spencer says as he clenches his jaw in frustration.

But soon, Spencer did know.

It was Spencer that figured out that the Mafia wasn’t targeting the BAU, but their children.

It was Spencer who put together that it was also an admission of your sorrow…how you felt lost, like the Skin Horse, until you had come across the love and support of the BAU.

But it was also an admission of your love for Spencer, once he pieced together the fact that you were pregnant.

“Pregnant, Reid?” Rossi breathes as he furrows his brow at his colleague, “Are you sure?”

“It’s the only thing that makes sense with this last email,” Spencer says, tears rising to his eyes as he holds up the last email sent from you to the team yesterday.

But little did they know that you had been caught sending that last email.

Little did they know that the boss beat you within an inch of your life before tossing you into the river.

Little did they know that your body, broken and battered and bruised, had washed up onto the shores of an obscure lake in the middle of the woods, barely breathing and carrying a child that now had no pulse.

You just wished that you would die.

That is…until a mountain biker skidded to a stop and stumbled down to the lakeshore…

Coming to in the hospital with your wrist handcuffed to the railing, you watch as a blurry figure begins to unlock your wrist, freeing your arm as it drops to your side.

You were in prison.

“She lost the baby…?” you hear a familiar voice croak.



Feeling your jaw quiver as your hand slowly begins to move, you wince in pain as you slowly drift it over your belly button, your fingertips blue and trembling as tears begin to pour down your face.

That child was the last you had of Spencer.

And you had failed to protect it.

“Are you sure?” an unfamiliar voice says, “We’ve got reports of a woman that fits her exact description with deep ties to the Mafia inner workings up the East Coast.”

“We told you, we thought she was a sympathizer, she fled, then she became a double-agent and warned us through a series of emails that have already been submitted into evidence that saved the lives of our children.”


That voice was Hotch.

How was Hotch in the prison medical facility?

“She could get a massively-reduced sentence, spend a few years in jail instead of you guys having to work around the woman who wanted your children dead.”

It was then that you let out a light sob as tears begin to waft down your cheeks.

“Or she could spend those years working with the BAU to atone for the things she’s done, earning half-pay and sustaining it with volunteer hours on the weekends,” Rossi steps in.


Oh, sweet, resounding Rossi.

Feeling someone squeeze your hand, you jump in pain, letting out a squelched yelp as you feel a pair of lips descend onto your forehead.

“Sssshhhhh…it’s alright.  You’re alive.  You’re in a hospital.  And you’re coming home.”


Someone was taking you home?

Where was home…?

Wait…was that Spencer!?

“You know, Hotch,” you hear Morgan say as footfalls envelope your ears, “if we could get Y/N to talk about who her boss is, and who did this to her, they might be willing to pay her full-pay.”

“They won’t give her benefits, but full-pay might be something they’re willing to negotiate,” J.J. pipes up.


Coughing as more tears rise to you eyes, your jaw aching as Spencer scrambles for some water, he slips the straw in between the wirings of your teeth keeping your jaw closed as you sip the cool liquid down your aching throat.

“Y/N?” Hotch coos as he sits down on the edge of your bedside, “Can you hear me?”

You grunt as Spencer slowly moves the hair back from your stitched forehead.

“You’ve been beaten pretty badly,” he begins, his eyes scanning your body carefully, trying to figure out a way to continue.

How could he tell you that you lost Spencer’s child.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N…” J.J. whispers as her hand descends onto the cast on your leg.

You sniffled hard before letting out a muffled sob.

“I’m sorry,” you say through your wirings, your body beginning to tremble as the true extent of your pain begins to dawn on your conscious mind.

“I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  Please…I’m sorry.  Spencer…I’m sorry.  You guys…please…I’m so sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”

Chanting the phrase over and over again as you begin to shake from pain, you hear Morgan bellow into the hallway for someone to get in here and give you some relief as Spencer gently lays his forehead into your throbbing temple.

“I’m right here…” he breathes as you finally feel relief course through your system.

“I’m right here,” he whispers, pressing a light kiss to your ear as you instinctively lean into his warm, gentle lips.

“I’m sorry…I’m…sorry…I-…”

“Let her sleep for now,” Rossi says as he hand comes down lightly onto Spencer’s shoulder, tears now pouring down his face as he stares upon the swollen, battered, crushed skin of the woman he never could stop loving.

“We can give her the details when she’s better.  She’s gonna be here a while, and there’s still a lot to figure out.”

“Okay…” Spencer lulls, his eyes dancing along your face one last time before leaning forward and pressing a light kiss to your scabbed, swollen lips.

“We’re gonna find who did this,” Rossi reassures Spencer.

“And we’re gonna build her a life she probably never thought was an option,” Spencer breathes before getting up from your side.

And as the two men exit the room, with Spencer looking back one last time, he watches Garcia slip into your room with her book and her laptop as she perches in the chair beside your head, her legs propping up on the edge of your hospital bed as Spencer furrows his brow and turns his attention towards David.

“What?  Didja think I was gonna leave her alone?”

And Spencer wrapped his arms tightly around the old man in gratitude.


Title: Forever

Rating: E (for everyone hehe)

Word Count: 2,940 (asjkdghsjf)

Summary: Saeyoung and MC finally have their wedding!

Notes: Hello! This is my first ever published piece on Tumblr and also my first ever Mystic Messenger piece. I’d like to HUGELY thank @serensama for giving me so much encouragement and inspiration to write this. I definitely wouldn’t have done this without her! I hope you and everyone else likes this! Enjoy~

    Clammy hands, bouncing on heels, nervously biting lips, and a sweaty forehead. Anxious, nervous, excited out of his mind, fidgety, and eager. All of these could be used to describe a certain someone standing at the end of the hall aisle. Clad in his clean white suit and a slightly wrinkled red tie, saying that Saeyoung was all these things was an understatement really.
  ‘What if she gets cold feet?’

  ‘What if she doesn’t actually want to do this?’

  ‘Did she just say yes out of the pressure of a public proposal?’

  ‘Agh, she doesn’t want to do this, I need to-’

  “Hey idiot! You’re going to sweat through your whole suit if you keep moving around so much. Now isn’t the time to finally start exercising instead of sitting on your butt all day eating stupid chips,” Saeran said while putting his hand on the groom’s shoulder. His words may have been harsh, but he knew now was not a time to criticize his brother… at least not too much.
  “R-Right, you’re right. Absolutely correct. Obviousl-ly. I-I’m totally fine. Everything’s okay, perfectly fine. Great.” Saeran sighed and rolled his eyes at his brother’s obvious cover-ups. Why is he so nervous anyway? Getting married can’t be that nerve wracking right? I mean, they’ve already been together for a while, why is this so different, huh?
  “Look, she’s not even late, she’ll come down at any second now and MMGH-” Quickly Saeran’s face was pushed away and he stumbled back. He swiftly turned back to his redhead twin with a glare and was about to scold (smack) him when he noticed that Saeyoung wasn’t even looking at him anymore.

  “What the he-”


  Saeran turned to see what Saeyoung was boring holes into with his eyes when his breath hitched in his throat for a split second. There the lady of the hour stood, a breathtaking and warm smile on her face, dressed in bright white and gorgeous lace. Now everyone in the room stood wide eyed, staring at the- quite literally -blushing bride. Now all attention was on her, eyes following her form along the aisle.
  Although all eyes were on her, no one was staring as intently as her husband-to-be, his eyes full to the brim with loving adoration. After what seemed like a wonderful eternity, MC reached the end of the aisle, passing her flowers to Jaehee behind her. Finally, the loving couple could focus on each other, their hands interlocked, which is exactly what they did.
  “MC…” Saeyoung breathed a quiet sigh of relief, his nerves disappearing now that he could finally look into her eyes.
  They looked at only each other with tearful eyes. They were so fixated on each other, they almost missed their vows. With hearts full and warm hands held, they poured their hearts out to each other almost as if no one else was around.They had everyone in tears. Wait- Saeran, you’re just sweating through your eyes, right? Right?
  “With the power invested in me, I now declare you, Mr. and Mrs. Choi, husband and wife. You may now-”
  Before the sentence was even finished, MC was swiftly and gingerly swooped into Saeyoung’s arms and pulled into their most passionate and loving kiss.

  “U-uh, never mind.” Everyone clapped harmoniously and laughed at the impatient couple. The newlyweds stood back up straight, hesitantly breaking away from their kiss, arms still hugging and noses still touching. Their eye contact remained as a mischievous smirk worked its way onto Saeyoung’s face. Mc knew that smirk all too well. 

  ‘Oh n-’

  MC couldn’t even finish her thought before she was swept off her feet by her love (again, literally this time). He practically ran straight down the aisle with his bride in his grasp, cheering and laughing all the way.

                                                            * * *

  The sound was almost deafening, with all the cheers and claps as the brand new married couple walked into the reception hall, hands clasped together and wide grins permanently etched onto their faces. Sooner than later they were both in the middle of the dance floor, arms around each other, faces almost touching.
  “This is definitely the best, most amazing day that will ever come in my lifetime…” Saeyoung whispered quietly, almost as if it was a secret exclusively for the two of them.
  “Eh, could’ve been better.” MC said blatantly, straight face and all. Saeyoung’s eyes widened like saucers as he pulled back a little. His grip subconsciously tightened on his bride’s waist, anxiety spreading throughout each nerve in his body.  
  “W-w-what…? D-did something happen? Did someone hurt you while I was in the bathroom?! Who touched you?! Did I do something- oh no what did I do?! Are y-you having s-second thoughts now?! Oh, MC I’m so sor- wait why are you laughing?”
  MC was clutching her stomach now, with only a loose hand on Saeyoung’s shoulder for support. The man’s eyes were growing wider at his seemingly insane lover.
  ‘She probably realizes how big of an idiot I am now. Or she’s scared that I’ll push her away again- I promised I wouldn’t!’ Panicked thoughts and insecurities streamed through his mind. He zoned out and was staring aimlessly through MC. It was only when MC pulled him back flush to her that he came out of his panicked state, blinking furiously.
  “Saeyoung, you didn’t let me finish!” A giggle slipped past her lips. “I was going to say, it could’ve been better because we could’ve married at the space station, like we planned at first.” MC smiled sweetly. “It’s too bad that they didn’t open up for a wedding venue.” She feigned a disappointed sigh. Saeyoung simply stood there dumbfounded, his feet unable to move for a minute. Finally, he seemed to snap out of his mind again. A sigh of relief blew from his mouth as he squeezed his wife closer than before, able to move his legs again.
  “This is why I married you.” He laughed with her and spun her around at the same time. Then, as the cheesy dork he is, he dipped her low. Of course as things like this go with him sometimes, she almost hit the floor with how low she went. The song ended there when he lifted her back up, both of them giggling messes.

“You SO did that on purpose!”

“What? Me?? Almost drop you on purpose??? Never! I can’t believe you think I would stoop so low MC!” He smirked.
  “Cake! Guys cut the cake already!” Yoosung came sprinting over, a pleading look in his violet eyes. “I’m starving!”
  “There is actual food Yoosung,” MC replied. All that she was met with was a boyish pout. The couple looked at each other and shrugged. What harm could an early dessert do?
                                                            * * *
  “It’s so sticky!” MC laughed as she smeared more buttercream frosting onto her husband’s face. Flashes were everywhere with everyone snapping pictures and recording the rather… sweet moment.
  Saeyoung gasped when he felt the cream on his cheek and quickly grabbed MC, pulling her closer.

  “Oh you asked for it!”

  Sure, it was quite cheesy, but they really didn’t care what other people thought. Although, it seemed everybody was absolutely eating this up.

  A high pitched squeal rang out.

  “You got it on my tie! How dare you!” Saeyoung backed away and dramatically sank to his knees.

  “I’m wounded…” He clutched his chest and reached his free hand out toward the girl.

  MC laughed and kneeled down in front of the redhead. Carefully, she wiped the small dot of frosting off his tie, licking it off her finger.

  “Better now?” she asked.

  Saeyoung smirked and snuck a small kiss onto his wife’s nose.
“You’ve healed me.” They both snorted and started laughing again.
                                                           * * *
  The RFA sat at their own table, feasting on their food together. They all were laughing and talking, sharing stories and catching up with each other’s lives. The young newlywed couple sat with them, smiling and listening intently to Zen’s explanation of his new role. Well, one of them was listening. The other was currently trying to stuff food in his mouth, but he was struggling a bit. Ugh, why did they choose these options. With a sigh, Saeyoung plopped down his fork onto his plate. After glancing at his beloved MC, a pout found its way onto his face. He leant his head onto her shoulder and she almost instinctively put her soft hand onto his head, stroking his even softer red locks. His disappointed sigh was then replaced with a content one.

  “MC, I have a question,” he started.

  “What’s up?”

  “Why in the world did we only have fish and chicken as options on our wedding menu. It was a very bad decision,” he admitted. “Where even are the Honey Buddha Chips?!”

  “I know right! What were we even thinking. It’s not even good food… can’t imagine what everyone else is thinking about it right now.”

  Immediately Saeyoung shot his head up and turned to MC.

  “What do you say we get out of here? I can treat you to a real dinner, just the two of us,” he suggested to MC, a wide smile on his face.

  “Can we really just leave everyone?” MC questioned with a tilt of her head.

  Saeyoung simply rose a brow and leaned on his hand in response.

  “Well, slimy fish or dry chicken MC? Which do you prefer?”

  “Alright let’s get out of here,”

  Quickly, MC stood and discreetly winked at Saeyoung. The rest of the table looked at the bride.

  “Please excuse me for a moment, I need to use the restroom.” MC smiled and walked away from the table. Saeyoung sighed and leaned back in his chair.

  After a very short moment, he held out his wrist and glanced at his imaginary watch.

  “Well, I better go see what’s taking her so long. I have to go too anyway.” Quickly, he shot up from his chair and followed after MC. Everyone at the table looked at each other, curious and confused looks in their eyes.

  “Weird, they had to go at the same time,” Yoosung commented as he dug his fork into his cake.

  “Yes… very curious…” Jumin’s deep voice spoke up. Everyone but Yoosung’s eyes widened.

                                                             * * *

  “Mmmm…. This. Was. So. Worth it,” MC said to Saeyoung as she stuffed her mouth with another bite of pizza.

  “Oh yeah, definitely,” Saeyoung replied before swallowing his own food. “So, we had to leave our own wedding. BUT- you have to be willing to do anything for good food. And Paparazzi Pizza is good food,”

  MC laughed and covered her mouth, making sure she didn’t get crumbs anywhere. Saeyoung only stared across the table with his head tilted and a blush on his cheeks. Gosh…. How much more in love can a person get? He didn’t know about anyone else but for him, it was for sure endless.

  “….Sae…. Earth to Saeyoung? Can you hear me from up there? Wanna come down?”

  Saeyoung blinked rapidly, coming out of his trance. He gave her a half-smile while grabbing another slice of pizza.
 “Maybe I don’t want to come down. I mean, it’s pretty nice up here. At the space station, with my honey~” He said the last part in a very cheesy way, but it made the bride blush anyway, which in turn made him blush harder and smile wider. His heart soared though. He treasured every one of these little moments between the couple, counting them as little wins for himself. These were way better than the so-called “wins” he had while working for the agency. He mentally shivered.

  ‘No, don’t think about the past now. You’re better now. Everything is okay now…’
                                                            * * *
  MC cuddled closer to Saeyoung as they sat in the secluded corner of their booth. The male hugged his wife closer as he watched the chat speeding along on the screen. An amused smirk stretched it way onto his face when he read the RFA’s slightly panicked messages.

  MC rose a brow and looked at his phone.

  “You sure we should be getting ice cream when they’re worrying about us so much?” MC questioned. The redhead only shrugged and shoved his phone into his pant pocket.

  “They ate all of our cake. It’s only fair.” MC smiled at him and shrugged along. Soon, the waiter came and set down their giant bowl of ice cream onto the table.

  “And two spoons! This is on the house, for the lovely couple!” He smiled and quickly left to attend to the other late night customers.

  “…..He was totally hitting on you.” Saeyoung suddenly blurted.


  “He gave you a look!”

  “A look.”


  “He called us a ‘lovely couple’ Saeyoung!”

  “A look MC!! A look!”

   MC could only sigh and smile at her now pouty partner. Swiftly, she reached up and pressed a quick peck to the corner of her lover’s mouth.

  “Better?” she asked.

   “Eh, could’ve been better.” He smirked once again at MC’s offended look. “I mean, your aim was totally off but I’ll give it an A-,”

  MC huffed amusedly and reached up again for a quick peck, this time on his soft lips, only to have the kiss quickly deepened. When they broke apart, Saeyoung quickly dug his spoon into his ice cream, eating the huge mouthful.

  “Mmmm…. Saeran would be so jealous,”

  MC giggled and dug in along with him, leaning closer to Saeyoung as his arm around her waist tightened even more. How could a child- uh, grown man, have such mood swings?

  ….. Never mind ….
                                                          * * *

  Giggles and laughs echoed throughout the darkened streets.

  “Okay, okay, we should really get back to everybody now,” Mc said in between her laughs.

  “But MC, their theories are amazing. Look at what Yoosung said here!” Saeyoung held up his phone that had the chat opened again. He then proceeded to clear his throat as he stopped walking.

  “Oh no~!” His voice went slightly higher pitched as he started to imitate their blonde friend. “What if they went to get more cake for us and got kidnapped?!” Then insert the quite loud impersonation of Yoosung’s crying emoji. MC snorted and laughed while shaking her head.

  “Saeyoung, that’s so mean!”

  Her only response was another laugh and having her body pulled closer to another. Saeyoung gazed down at his laughing wife.  If you asked, he wouldn’t be able to explain how much pure happiness and love he felt in that moment alone, let alone his entire time with MC. His heart swelled with so much love and he felt just how much he cared for MC.  He told her himself that he would die for her, sacrifice himself for her. In fact, he would do absolutely anything she asked of him.

  Then, when he looked into the beautiful shining eyes of his newlywed wife, which were filled with just as much love, care, and kindness as he felt for her, he realized how fast his heart was beating at that moment. It was racing, like he had just run multiple marathons. She had him wrapped right around her finger in the best way possible. He just didn’t know that he did the same to her.
MC gently took hold of his tie, pulling him closer to her face. Their noses grazed each other while they continued to steal small glances at each other’s pink lips. Saeyoung noticed this and softly placed his hand on his beloved’s cheek.



  They both jumped when they heard the deafening noise of thunder. Not very long after, they felt droplets of cold liquid falling onto their skin. It was a light sprinkle at first but it quickly escalated into a downpour. They both gasped when they started getting soaked, but the gasps soon turned into even more bubbly laughter.

  “Okay, now we should really get back!” MC laughed before she started to run down the road. She didn’t get very far before Saeyoung quickly grabbed her wrist. Without a word, he simply pulled her flush against his body with both hands on either side of her beautiful face. Staring into her eyes, he smiled and giggled before finally closing the gap between them. He finally found a way to communicate all his heartfelt emotions to her.

  The kiss was deep and passionate as their mouths moved in synch with each other. MC’s hands moved up to his hair and she ran her hands through it softly. If it was even possible, she would’ve pulled him even closer.

  After a while, they finally broke apart, their need for air just too strong. They made eye contact again and breathlessly laughed. Saeyoung tenderly brushed his thumbs across MC’s cheek bones and gently tucked a lock of her now drenched hair behind her ear. They silently admired each other’s features, the rain and thunder still roaring in the background.

  “I don’t think you will ever know just how happy you make me MC,” he started, having to speak up over the noise around them. “You made me a brand new person and everyday I wake up thinking I’m still dreaming because I see you there next to me and it’s just the most beautiful sight I will ever see. I love you MC, so much. You have no idea.”

  The rain blended in with the woman’s joyful tears. She smiled widely and hugged her husband close.

  “I think I might have a clue.” She breathed and she squeezed him tighter.

                                       “I love you too, Saeyoung.”