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❝ one more cup. ❞

ssshhhh. quiet, @acajonghyun!!

there’s always that one starbucks.

jeonghan considers himself lucky that there’s one just around the corner from the share house. his coffee dependency has taken a turn for the worst (according to everyone around him, anyway), but if this is what it takes for him to make it through the day without passing out, then so be it. it’s a study day - supposedly or so he claims - but while he does have his books and notes tucked into the messy confines of his back, it’s going to take hours before he even considers touching them.

but jeonghan likes pretend he has his life together, so he takes it upon himself to drag his lazy ass out of the house, and to his favorite starbucks. there’s really no other reason for it to be his favorite - it doesn’t matter which branch because everything tastes the same, really - aside from the fact that he always happens upon the cute efficient barista, enough that jeonghan knows in between which hours of the day he can start chugging down coffee.

“iced caramel macchiato, extra shot of espresso.”

there aren’t many people that day, thankfully. students usually just come and go, and there are cafes nearer to the school that are packed during these hours. he leans over the counter as he waits for his order, elbow atop, and cheek resting against his palm. “we’re from the same building, right?” he starts, genuinely curious. it’s a habit, starting conversations when bored or when someone simply catches his eye. “at university. i think i’ve seen you around.”

❝ high hopes. ❞

ssshhhh. quiet, @acayoohyeon !!

laziness gets the best of him.

jeonghan hasn’t played an actual game of basketball since freshman year of university. as a junior, he’s lost all his energy to do much else but sleep. the stress of university life combined with his health - physical and mental - just doesn’t make for a functioning college student, much less a human being. however, doctors suggest he try running again. if he’s to be completely honest, he does miss track and field. there’s an indoor running track at the gym, they say. exercise helps boost endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine - yada yada. positive neurotransmitters.

alright, damn. i’ll do it.

if he cared enough, he would have applied for psychology. regardless, he’s dragging his ass out of the share house and to the gym - but he refuses to go alone. “aren’t you excited?” he asks, tone the complete opposite of his intention aka enthusiasm. “exercise is good for you.” well, duh - a hypocrite. but both of them - he and yoohyeon - have better things to do. sleep and read on his part; play video games on hers. jeonghan doesn’t understand the appeal, but that’s fine. yoohyeon’s fun to be around when he can manage to drag her away from the computer screen.

“your mom would absolutely love to see her dearest darling daughter come home a whole new person,” he teases, hands tucked into the pockets of his sweat pants as they walk. so close, and yet so far. “a daughter whose muscles aren’t solely limited to her hands. you’re going to get carpal tunnel from all that gaming.”

❝ shook hard. ❞ wonwoo★jeonghan

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mindless boredom.

shocker, considering the deep recesses of the humanities section of the library is his home away from home. more a second bedroom, really, when he needs to pass the time in-between or during classes. sometimes he helps the librarian out for, like, ten minutes. sometimes he sits and wonders how he’s going to survive the next two academic school years at the rate he’s going. and, thus, he studies. or, more like, stare right through his notes: statistics.

a fucking t-test? why the fuck would a student come up to the reference desk for a fucking t-test? fucking standard deviations. it’s all the scientists’ doing, all to keep everyone distracted from the possibility of aliens being real. they are, though. real.

maybe he really should have just taken creative writing and literature.

jesus christ.

speaking of.

well, not literally.

jeonghan bumps their shoulders together before his chin settles on the other’s shoulder. “i’m fucking bored. what the fuck.” a hand lands on the other’s thigh, fingers casually drumming against it. “but i gotta get references at the back.” he barely made it past the first page of his handouts. “help me.”

❝ bring me the night. ❞ baekhyun★jeonghan

ssshhhh. quiet, @acaxbaek!!

irregular sleeping habits frustrate him, but he has no choice but live with them if he’s the one experiencing them. the sunrise is a friend he wishes he never knew; sunsets are preferred, but like morning classes, he misses them more than he should. weekends are especially difficult, but it’s mid-week, and jeonghan can feel the heavy exhaustion seven in the morning will bring about his shoulders. as he walks around the shared house, glass of water in hand and bare feet padding quietly against the floorboards,  he weighs his options (to go to class or not, how many more absences can he afford?). then he hears it, the all-too familiar sound from one of the rooms.

the sound - he hates it.

his fingers unconsciously grip the glass tighter, prefers water cold enough to numb the tips of his fingers, as he follows the sound. his free hand turns the knob to see the lone figure on the bed. they all have roommates, but baekhyun sleeps alone. must be lonely, jeonghan thinks. but he’s never heard baekhyun complain. maybe he’s just dense, unable to tell.

the whining grows louder, and so does his heartbeat to match his concern. he strides toward the bed, placing the glass on the nightstand as he positions himself on the edge. lithe fingers gently run themselves through the other’s hair - pastel pink that reminds jeonghan of cotton candy, as sweet and soft. “baek…” he whispers under his breath, careful as not to startle. “hyung,” he presses on. if baekhyun’s having another nightmare again… jeonghan leans down this time, breath brushing against the other’s ear, voice still hushed.

hyung, it’s a dream.