Terra Incognita.

The forest parts and I blink, eyelids compressing tightly. I repeat this movement several times. A part of me stands in disbelief, my legs go limp / this is surely a figment of my imagination. Despite having walked for hours in order to find this tunnel, I’m downright impressed by the visual input I’m receiving. My expectations are immediately exceeded. My senses heighten and I swear I can feel the molecules of light and air bouncing off my iris. A majestic tunnel abides ahead, noble and strangely enticing. A solemn invitation to a desolate pathway of darkness. Three hundred meters of pungent fetid odor, damp air and unidentifiable obscurity: Terra incognita.
I am drawn into the grim entrance, sucked in, limbs quivering as if they were trying to find solace by synchronizing with the bats’ flapping movement overhead. I cannot make out the floor, but it feels strangely soft, much like sand. Perhaps it’s all the bat feces. I attempt to shake that thought from my mind and continue, step by step, focusing on the promising white light I see at the end.

This brilliant source, tiny in size, yet increasingly intense, has me mesmerized.  It seems to be the only reasonable argument I can conjure to justify my seemingly improvident sensory motions. With each inch I advance, a certain transformation becomes more and more noticeable. A wave of awareness sweeps over me, washing away my whimsical conduct. I gradually dim out the disturbance in the air and manage to project a half smile on my face as I come to this realization. I proceed towards the other end, gaining confidence with each stride.
As I step out of the the tunnel to reencounter the external, I am greeted by a radiant shower of light. It feels warm and familiar, like my most treasured childhood blanket. I savor this moment while I dissolve into the infinite translucence. 


Ich weiss nicht ob es an mir liegt, aber seitdem wir dorthin gegangen sind hat sich etwas verändert. Es war wirklich wunderschön. Es hat sich total gelohnt kaum zu schlafen und um fünf Uhr Morgens aufzustehen um den Sonnenaufgang mit einem offenen Mund zu beobachten. Ja, wir haben gestaunt, wie nie zuvor. Vielleicht liegt es ja daran, dass es verdammt schwer sein wird so was schönes im Leben wieder zu erleben. Na komm, wir toppen das schon noch!


There’s something about these rainy afternoons and the uncertainty of the destination. Our impulsive personalities are enhanced in ways that appear unhealthy (I’m positive it’s what keeps me alive though). Two souls linked by a shared passion, yet so far apart. To be admired from a distance, yet my curiosity pushes me closer, inch by inch.