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Mses Shaya, Lady, Bookworm, and Kitten, Purveyors of Fics to Magical Marauder Lovers—are proud to present: 

The 2017 Marauder Medals!

The Marauder Medals are hosted by the Shrieking Shack Society, a group that shares in the love of all things Marauders and Marauders Era.

Nominations for this years awards will be open for members of SSS only (you can request membership at the link above, but keep in mind we are an 18+ group). 

While nominations are open to members only (this is to help prevent spam, which has happened to us in previous awards) voting will remain for ANYONE.

Nominations will be open from September 14th thru the 28th. Voting will begin on October 1st and will be open until October 25th.

Winners will be announced on Halloween!

If you are a member of the Shrieking Shack Society, click through to nominate your favourite Marauder fics of 2017!

A book recommendation from the SSS team: Wings Of Fire

As you may or may not know, recently a few of the SSS members met up for a holiday. During this time we had many trips to Barnes & Nobles and one lot of books we all bought was the first and second books for the series Wings Of Fire. We all read both books and we love it so we highly recommend it. Here’s a review so you know whether it’s for you or not.

Firstly, if you love Warriors then we’re almost 100% sure you’ll enjoy Wings Of Fire. It’s pretty much Warrior Cats but with dragons instead. The writing we also found was a lot better in WoF too, personally. The writer for the series, Tui T. Sutherland has worked with the Erins before on the Seekers series and on the Code Of The Clans series so it’s another good reason we think you’ll like it.

The book focuses on five dragonets (young dragons) who are part of a prophecy that is meant to bring an end to the war that is taking place all over the kingdom. Each of these dragonets have nicely fleshed out characters and all are different from one-another so you are bound to find one you can relate to in someway and also makes for a diverse cast. The first five books are written in a point of view of each dragonet so you get see each one grow and develop more character from a more personal viewpoint rather than a singular character throughout the series. There are currently seven books available with an eighth on it’s way due for early 2016. Each book is about $6.99 but you can buy a boxset of the first five in hardback for around $20 from August 25th. The targeted audience is the same as Warriors but can be enjoyed by any ages.

Despite the ‘Scholastic’ logo being plastered on the cover, the book contains violence and gore more intense than what we read in the Warriors series. We’re talking eyeballs disintegrating, throwing eggs off cliffs, torture, ripping apart dragons right to their organs…then pulling them out; you name it, it’s all there and described in detail too. Does this ruin the books? Nope. Not at all. There are many little twists and surprises that keep you hooked til the end and gore is only suitable, we’re talking dragons after all. The only thing that makes us roll our eyes is sometimes the dialogue and character actions can be cheesy but it’s nothing overwhelming, just every so often, 

So we at the SSS team recommend you these books as a last read before you return to school. 

And before you ask, our favourite dragon is Glory. What a sassy biatch. <3

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