SSS: Panem's Most Eligible

This is mostly a reminder to myself that this story still exists.  But here’s way more than six sentences.

“Are you hungry?” he asks, just as his stomach rumbles from realizing it hasn’t eaten since that half a sandwich he wolfed down before heading over to Sae’s for the taping.

Katniss frowns, but he watches her hand move to her stomach instinctively.  “I don’t have much in my pantry.”

“That’s okay,” he shrugs with a smile.  “I aced this episode of Number 1 Chef.”

But Katniss’s cupboards prove even more treacherous than that stupid cooking show’s barren pantry, and he’s seriously considering throwing in the towel and suggesting ordering a pizza when he sees it.  Hidden behind a big bag of open rice and a still-sealed bottle of ketchup.  

“Instant mac and cheese?” she asks skeptically as he reaches for the blue cardboard box.

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SSS- These Words are a Lie

My vision is blurry and distorted, tears completely overriding my sight. The blood is pounding within my ears, wreaking havoc on my already fragile mind. My chest aches from every heave. My throat grows rawer with every gasp.

I am in a state like no other.

And I probably would linger here, locked away both physically and mentally, had it not been for a few knocks on the door.

I crane my head up slowly, sniffling and choking out whimpers. But it’s the sound of a voice that tugs me completely back into reality.

“Jennifer? Are you still in there?”

It’s not Liam this time; it’s someone who immediately brings flutters to my trembling heart.


I open my mouth to reply, but all that rasps out is a feeble croak of a cry, my voice completely lost.

And with no answer, Josh only grows more and more desperate.

“Jen? Jennifer? Let me in.”

I shudder, trying in vain to bring my composure back down to something resembling normalcy. But how can I? Not with the positive pregnancy tests strung across the tile. Not with tears and moisture completely soaking various parts of my face and clothing. Not with my body reduced to a fearful, hollow soul.

Josh’s voice sounds from outside once again, and I focus on it, trying to let it soothe me even with its fraught tone.

“Liam…Holy shit….I thought you said she was okay.”

(Chapter Four: Coming this Thursday)

Six Sentence Sunday, Best Man

“Let’s go Everdeen, time to dance with me.”

Peeta appears out of nowhere at my side, like he could sense the band would be playing the opening notes of The Way You Look Tonight at this exact moment. He grins at the startled expression on my face, and I realize that’s exactly what he’s done—probably even requesting they play it himself.

This time, he at least waits for me to hand off my drink to Prim. And this time, I follow him willingly onto the dance floor.

“So, is this our song or something?” I ask, falling into a comfortable rhythm as he moves me in small circles.  His steps are just as surefooted as I remember them being, and they’re easy to follow.

“I don’t know, the last time we danced to this song, you almost murdered me.”

I snort. “Sounds like it should definitely be our song then.”

“Come here,” Peeta laughs, shaking his head and pulling me closer so that our rib cages are touching, hovering his mouth over my ear.  “I need to tell you something.”