My Top 100 Favorite Sasusaku Stories - SMUT EDITION

Because we all need a little smut in our lives. If it wasn’t obvious by the title, all the fics in this list are rated M for MMM DELICIOUS;D

All of these fics are wonderful so seriously READ THEM ALL. At the bottom I’ll give a subtle plug to my own M rated fics ~

You can find my normal top 100 favorite sasusaku fanfic rec list HERE.

Some of my favorite smut authors include:




Lady Momo

JinnySkeans (although most of her stuff isn’t explicit)


Alright, so in no particular order:

1. Wasted - Queen of Pascalities (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

2. Once More, With Feeling - JinnySkeans (AU. Multi-chap. Softcore. Complete)

3. We Did It - DeepPoeticGirl (Drabbles; ongoing)

4. skinny love - theeflowerchild (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

5. In Nine Days - cutecrazyice (Multi-chap. Complete)

6. A Full Circle - Lady Momo (Multi-chap. Complete)

7. Hot Water - WellHowAboutThat (Oneshot. Complete)

8. Folklore - BlushingLotus (Fourshot. Complete)

9. Togetherish - DeepPoeticGirl (Multi-chap. Complete)

10. almost infidelity - hangmeuptodry (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

11. Aftermath - SprayPaintzz (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

12. Rocket Queen - sasukes (AU. Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

13. parting the clouds - in cages (Au. Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

14. The Age of Innocence - coconutmandarin (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

15. 200 Days of Summer - cutecrazyice (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

16. Quietus - AngeLhearteD - (AU. Multichap. Incomplete)

17. A Breathless Sort of Attraction - WellHowAboutThat (Oneshot. Complete)

18. Hot Water - BlushingLotus (Two-shot. Complete)

19. love month - Sasusaku Forever and Ever (Oneshot. Complete)

20. We’re Gasoline on Fire - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

21. Sick Cycle Carosel - KineticFairy (AUish. Multi-chap. Complete)

22. We Do the Dance Electric - Lady Momo (AUish. Oneshot. Complete)

23. Aphrodisiac: At His Limits - Prodigy Uchiha (No Plot. Just Smut. Oneshot. Complete)

24. Hot Nights - LoveYumi (Oneshot. Complete)

25. In Finis - Sexcaliber (Oneshot. Complete)

26. Laundry Day - rainbow p3nis (Oneshot. Complete)

27. Orgasms - Zephyr Hearts (Au. Multi-chap. Complete)

28. the fire’s out but it still burns - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

29. Consume - AngeLhearteD - (Oneshot. Complete)

30. Seducing My Killer - Asha3 - (AU. Three-shot. Complete)

31. Finding Mr. Perfect - Rapture-Taylore (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

32. Stay - SouthSideStory (Oneshot. Complete)

33. Schneewittchen - angel puppeteer (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

34. Rise and Fall - Details (Oneshot. Complete)

35. Indulge - little sasuke kun (Multi-chap. Complete)

36. Bound - Jav-chan (Multi-chap. Complete)

37. Sakura Crisis - angel puppeteer (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

38. Intimacy - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

39. Just Persuasion - Silvershine (Oneshot. Complete)

40. love at first sight - theeflowerchild - (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

41. Kaleidoscopes - twilightdazzle (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

42. In Times of Peace - SouthSideStory (Post-canon. Multi-chap. Complete)

43. Resentment - Luffoverhate (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

44. Let Go For Tonight - Tsugi no mai hakuren (Oneshot. Complete)

45. Catch the Light - Szki (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

46. One Touch - Clearheart (Oneshot. Complete)

47. Enervis - Kanryu (Two-shot. Complete)

48. Fatuous Resistance - bacatlover (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

49. relax sasuke - Krickitat (Oneshot. Complete)

50. La Petite Mort - Sexcaliber (Two-shot. Complete)

51. Cupiditate - hangmeuptodry (Oneshot. Complete)

52. A Lot Like Love - 3shells (Oneshot. Complete)

53. Study Session - exposedx (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

54. i’ll leave you breathless - DeepPoeticGirl (Oneshot. Complete)

55. Fire Blanket - ohhhthatgirl (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

56. Drabbles. - WellHowAboutThat (Oneshot. Complete)

57. Venom - BlushingLotus (Oneshot. Complete)

58. Risque - river of the sand (Oneshot. Complete)

59. Manscape - neko-hime21 (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

60. One Night of Passion - Hazel Roses (Oneshot. Complete)

61. And He Decided to Stay - Awsaya (Oneshot. Complete)

62. Bullseye - 716799 (Oneshot. Complete)

63. For the Love of the Amaryllis Flower - theClosetPoet7 (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

64. Ferris Wheel Lovin’ - Obscurities (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

65. Magnolia Perfume - Porcelin.Memories (Threeshot. Complete)

66. Salvation - jenl821 (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

67. Close Encounters - Jinnyskeans (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete & discontinued)

68. Shelters from Ourselves - Szki (Oneshot. Complete)

69. Self Control - the.terrorist (Oneshot. Complete)

70. The Awful Daring - the general girl (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

71. dreamscape - dreamscaprenymph (Oneshot. Complete)

72. Stand My Ground - you.broke.a.promise (Multi-chap. Complete)

73. Change in Direction - Tasha Ashes (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete.)

74. Haunted - nicthepunk (Oneshot. Complete)

75. Unrevealed Mistakes of a One Night Stand - DeepPoeticGirl (Multi-chap. Complete)

76. make me scream - keiris (Oneshot. Complete)

77. That High School Desk - halfkyuubikat (AU. Oneshot. Complete)

78. you make my heart beat faster - ohwhatsherface (RTN AU. Oneshot. Complete)

79. Brave New World - EWHH its Kenna (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

80. Time Can’t Heal - ohwhatsherface (Oneshot. Complete)

81. a little death - windsilk (Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

82. Nothing But Time - Unicorn Paige (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

83. One Touch - Clearheart (Oneshot. Complete)

84. sniffing paints - theeflowerchild (AU. Three-shot. Complete)

85. With Every Beat - halfdemonfan (Multi-chap. Complete)

86. The Last Will and Testament of Uzumaki Naruto - Blushing Lotus (Multi-chap. Complete)

87. Rumor Has It - Nessa67 (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

88. the rainbow - the blanket (Oneshot. Softcore. Complete)

89. Inconcessus - Strings of a Puppet (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

90. Of Silent Prayers - A m r a k l o v e (Oneshot. Complete)

91. Never Let Me Go - Mrs Scorpius Malfoy (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

92. Gravitation - Kiwako (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

93. Dream - xxredemption-love-and-liesxx (Post-canon. Oneshot. Complete)

94. Yours and Mine - blossom13 (Oneshot. Complete)

95. Surprise Sex - merinxD (Oneshot. Complete)

96. Seven Veils - An Engineer (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

97. House of Cards - JaneDoe39 (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

98. Sisterly and Brotherly Love - K and Jazz (AU. Multi-chap. Complete)

99. Sexcapades - Zephyr Hearts (AU. Multi-chap. Incomplete)

100. Truth or Dare - K-chu (Multi-chap. Incomplete)

My own sasusaku smut fics:

euphoria (multi-chap. incomplete)

Beyond This Illusion (multi-chap. incomplete)

first time (post-canon. oneshot. complete)

defne: friends (oneshot. complete)

prompt: “It’s not just a day.”

A/N: This prompt is inspired by my conversation with a friend arguing that Sasuke’s birthday is just a day. Obv for me it’s not. Happy birthday, baby!

“What are your plans for your birthday?”

He looked up from reading a scroll to his wife leaning against the doorframe of their bedroom before returning his gaze to the scroll.


Sakura snorted, “Why did I even bother asking something so obvious?”

He didn’t respond.

She raised her eyebrows, arms crossing against her chest,  a not so hidden challenge in her voice, she said, “We’re going to throw you a really, really big birthday party with lots and lots of people from the village and even people you know from other places.”

Sasuke sighed, putting down the scroll, he raised his eyes to look at her. He knew that she was challenging him. “No, you won’t.”

“Try me.”

He knew better than to doubt his wife’s words, especially with that smug tone he didn’t know if he loved or hated—probably both. She would throw that damn party if she really wanted to, regardless of her work, his choice, or anything at all.

“Fine. I want to stay here and train with Sarada or something.” Or do something with you too.  He wanted to add knowing deep inside him that that was what he really wanted but he didn’t voice that out loud knowing she’s too busy in the hospital and he wouldn’t want to bother her.

“No. Don’t be so lame, Sasuke. You only turn this age once.”

“It’s just a day, Sakura. I don’t really think it’s such a big deal.”

Pushing herself off the doorframe, she walked towards him, “It’s not just a day, Sasuke. It’s YOUR birthday.”

He scoffed. “Why is this a big deal to you? Like you said, it’s my birthday.”

When she reached the bottom of their bed, she bent to her knees until they were the same eye level. “You started existing on that day and soon after that, years after that, you would be a part of our lives. A really big part of my life. So it’s not just a day.”

His chest tightened at her words. Her green eyes were so soft, with so much love that he felt his throat closing up. And not for the first time, he wondered what he ever did to deserve her.

“I’m gonna ask you again—“she grinned, her eyes glinting mischievously “—because trust me, I’m really gonna throw that party—what do you want for your birthday?”

In a voice so soft and so tender and with so much emotion and so unlike him, he gave her an answer, an answer that he didn’t want to admit, an answer so honest because it came from his heart.


SSPrompt: Someday

summary: when death becomes a real, tangible thing.

a/n: I’d been thinking about this quite a bit. (sendmeprompts.)


Early in her eighth year of life, Uchiha Sarada watched her grandfather pass on into the next life, as her mother had put it. His hazy eyes, which had grown hazier and hazier over the past year as his body failed him, had landed on Sakura’s face, just as they always did, before it seemed the light behind them not so suddenly switched off. A tear fell from her mother’s eyes before promptly shutting.

Death had always been something Sarada counted herself aware of. One aspect of the shinobi way of life, the life she called her own, was the sustained understanding that with life came a myriad of dangers, all of which ended the same way: in death. Still, this death that not so suddenly stole her grandfather in such a silent fashion, was completely unfamiliar, and all too unsettling. It was the thing that made it harder to stop hugging Sakura right before bed; the thing that made her hold Sasuke’s hand just a little bit harder as they approached the academy; the thing that kept her up at night; the constant wonder in the back of her mind.

Because as much as she had been aware of it before, only now was it- was death- real.




The weeks following Kizashi’s death were increasingly quiet. Sakura, just as was to be expected, moved a little more slowly than usual, and was less prone to her fits of excitement. Still, in those few moments before bed, where it was just the two of them separated by a few inches of space, Sasuke felt she would be okay. It was the look in her eyes: the one that reminded him of just the sort of woman he had married.

If anything, Sasuke found himself most concerned toward the especially silent girl walking beside him on their path home from the academy.

He eyed her with a deep-seated concern in his dark eyes. Her gaze fell absently on the ground, while her feet dragged in the slightest. She hadn’t said a word since morning, and even that had been a sad, muffled, little something concerning his departure the next day accompanied by a distant, despondent look in the dark eyes identical to his own. While it just as easily could have been dismissed as a general longing to be with her father, Sasuke understood Sarada a little better than that. But even more so, he understood her fears, as many a time, they matched his own.

With stray thoughts of a stern faced father, a gentle smiling mother, and a warm gazed brother aside, Sasuke let out an even breath.

“Someday you’ll turn around,” he said with a soft smile settled onto his features, face turned toward the sun, “and I won’t be there.”

Sarada turned, disoriented, toward her father, his figure sewing in and out of the trees’ shadows as they walked. “What do you mean?”

Pausing midway down the pathway home, Sasuke turned to her and peered into her gaze with a knowing glint in his own. 

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he gave her a brief turn. Twice, she span, brief arabesques, the world around her blurring in its motion until finally she felt the security of his hands pulling her back into clarity with a steadying hold.

Eyes focusing slowly but surely, Sarada blinked her wide, onyx eyes at the figure that not so slowly became her father once more. As the light of the sun shone brightly over his silhouette, his face seemed soft in the overcast shadows of day. Someday you’ll turn around, his words rang in he mind, and I won’t be there.

His fingertip touched itself to her nose, thumping her back into reality.

Sasuke smiled, that secret sort of smile reserved for those he loved, modest and kind, “Not today.”

Heat overwhelmed Sarada’s eyes as she stared at her father with as much love and concern as a child could muster. She hiccuped, the tears breaking free of her waterline, “Not today.”

She crashed into the warmth of Sasuke’s embrace.

As scary as death was, life was more beautiful.

prompt: post-war based on chapter 631

AN: god I can’t help it so forgive me if I always suck at this

“So you and Naruto?”

Sakura whipped her head towards Sasuke, “Huh?”

The war is over and they are all bandaged and patched up because of tons of wounds and bruises they inevitably got during the battle.


She furrowed her brows, "What?”

Sasuke still haven’t spared her a glance, “Finally realized your feelings for him, huh?”

“What are you talking about?” Sakura is now confused as ever.

“You’re his girlfriend.” He said in a quiet voice she could barely catch it

“I..he..wh-what?” What is he talking about? She froze. He heard that? She burst into laughter. “HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" 

He raised a brow. "What’s so funny?”

“…together?..hahaha” She can’t help it, now clutching her stomach.

He didn’t answer.

It was after a few moments when Sakura was finally able to compose herself, she gave a sly grin and turned to Sasuke, “Why, are you jealous?”

He looked at her then. Her heart skipped a beat at the look in his eyes but stopped altogether at his answer.


Title: No Other Men
Summary: Sasuke ‘grounds’ Sakura from seeing other guys.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Grounded
Rating: K+
Warning(s): Mild course language. And OOC-ness, as usual.
Comments: Day 15. Grounded can mean to restrict someone from something, right?

“You are not allowed to see other men.”

Sakura was going through her stacks of paper works when he suddenly barged into her office at almost midnight, demanding something like that.

She was starting to have a headache even before he came. "What?“ She furrowed her eyebrows.

He looks indifferent. "I said that you are not allowed to see other men. Not anymore.”

She closed her eyes, raised her fingers to her temples, trying to will the headache away. She took a deep breath. “What the fuck do you mean?”

He looked at her as if her question was the dumbest question ever. “You can’t date them. You can’t flirt with them. You can’t even give them that annoying smile." The smile that’s meant only for me.

She finally opened her eyes. Green met black. "Why the hell not?! I’m free to do whatever I want to. I can flirt, date, and smile at them it’s none of your b–” he cut her off.

“I think it is, considering you said you love me.” He glared at her.

She lost all her words. She smiled, almost sadly.

“Yeah. But you’re not in love with me. I’m not yours nor you’re mine. We can do anything we want because we’re not together or something." 

It took a couple of seconds after what she said when Sasuke finally spoke.

"Again, you can’t do those things. You’re mine.” She was about to open her mouth to retort. “And I’m yours.” Her eyes widened in shock. But he’s not finished yet.

He turned his face away from her, a light tint of red creeping up his neck and cheeks. Sakura’s still gawking.

“And who the hell said that I’m not in love with you?”

Title: losing you
Summary: In which Sasuke wonders what she’s afraid of.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Phobia
Rating: K
Comments: Day 3. Happy birthday, Hyuuga Neji! I still can’t fathom the fact that he’s gone and all. :( This is SO rushed I almost didn’t make it! 11:58pm whew

“What’s wrong with her?”

Naruto looked up from slurping his instant noodles, “…hm?”

They were currently on a mission, deciding to call it a night and managing to rent a room with two beds.


“What’s with Sakura-chan?” The blonde-haired asked, raising his eyebrows.

He looked away from Naruto, “She always looks scared whenever we’re going on a mission.” He explained.

Sasuke turned his gaze on his friend when he didn’t answer, finding the hokage-to-be looking as if he was lost in his thoughts.

“Well, you should know, you’re dating her for three months now,” he started, finally looking at him.

It was his turn to be confused, “About what?” He kind of felt irritated, knowing that he didn’t know something about Sakura.

Naruto smiled pensively, “She’s scared.”

“…of what?” His temper running thin. He couldn’t fathom how someone like Haruno Sakura—top medic of Konoha, the Godaime’s prized apprentice, a girl who could break your bones with her little pinkie—would be scared of something.

Naruto, exasperated, looked at him as if he was stupid. He glared at the idiot. “She’s scared of losing people. Especially you.”

To say he was shocked would be an understatement.

“…what?” She didn’t have any reason to be afraid of that, the war was long since over. “We’re not going anywhere.”

“I know. But we go on missions. Dangerous missions. We could die. That’s what she’s afraid of: that one day, one of us wouldn’t return alive.”

“That’s stupid.” He deadpanned. “She has everyone that’s dear to her. She never experienced what we had to go through.”

Naruto heaved a sigh, “Exactly the point, teme. She has everyone and losing that would break her. She almost did when you left.”

“What do you mean?”

“You mean the world to Sakura-chan. For her, losing you would be like losing everything.”

His eyes clashed with Naruto’s; the intensity of those blue eyes was too much that he had to look away.

“I’m not going anywhere. She—“ he didn’t realize what he was about to say until he did.

“—she’s everything to me too.”

prompt: “Change”

AN: I am not satisfied. This is so wrong and so messy I’m sorry but I still had to.

He’s not the same as he was before. And yet, at the same time, he hasn’t changed one bit.

He’s not as angry as before. He’s not driven anymore by the lust to avenge his family. He’s not the narrow-minded bastard who left his friends just for his stupid goal. He’s not the same broken boy who ironically broke the heart of a girl who only loved him in spite of his everything. He’s not the Uchiha Sasuke from before.

He’s still sad. He still longs for the family he used to have. He still forgets to think first before lashing out. He regrets trying to severe his bonds with the friends who just couldn’t and didn’t let him go. He’s the same broken boy who cared and protected the girl who loved him maybe a bit too much. He’s still the same Uchiha Sasuke from before.

Sasuke never expected her to confess again. Not with everything that happened. And most certainly not like that.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun?” She suddenly called his attention while his back was facing her one lazy afternoon in the training grounds. They surprisingly had the same day off for the month.


“I still love you.”

To say he was surprised, or even shocked would be a total understatement. 

But he is Uchiha Sasuke and he has both changed and stayed the same.

“You’re still annoying.” He said before flashing behind her.

She froze, anticipating the blow.

But all that came were his arms hugging her to his chest.

prompt: “I know you don’t feel the same.” (Post-war)

AN: Sakura is a litte bit too bold here, not that it matters. I love this kind of prompts. Send me more! 

“Hey, Sasuke!”

He stopped on his tracks. It’s been a while since Sakura dropped the suffix from his name, yet it still bothered him–not that he would ever admit it.

She finally caught up to him. She looked like as if she ran a marathon. “Can I talk to you?” She panted.

He raised his brows. "Aren’t we right now?“ He quipped.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Don’t be sarcastic. I’m serious.”

“Tch. What do you want?” He demanded.

It’s as if her hands are the most interesting thing in the world, wringing them together nervously. “Well, you see, it’s a spur of the moment kind of thing–” She raised her eyes to meet his before looking away again. “–and now I think it’s kinda stupid because I know that it really was stupid and silly and–” he cut her off. She stopped her babble.

“Sakura, what is it?” He asked, annoyed.

It only made her even more nervous and. She stammered “’s that–” he was about to snap at her for beating around the bush when she finally blurted it out. “–I still love you but yeah, see it’s really stupid.”



It seemed like it just dawned on her that she confessed to him. Again. She turned around and was about to run away but he grabbed her wrist and held her in place. She didn’t dare meet his piercing gaze.

What were you thinking, Sakura? Now you really ruined the barely there friendship that you finally have with him. Tears were now forming in her eyes. Her chest felt heavy. 

She gulped. Although not trusting her voice, she broke in. “I know you don’t feel the same,” She was glad that she did not choke on her words. She continued, “but I felt like I needed to tell you. I couldn’t hold it in anymore.”

He didn’t answer.

Her tears started falling. “Please, don’t let this ruin our thread-like friendship. I won’t mention this again.” She pleaded. 

He let go of her wrist. More tears fell.

When she thought he wouldn’t answer, she was surprised when he reached for her shoulders and turned her around. He spoke. “I know you’re smart.”

Her vision was blurry and all she could feel were his hands on her shoulders. She was confused by his words. “What?”

“You’re annoying. I said I know you’re smart,” she was about to say ‘what?’ again, still confused. He went on, “but you’re not always right.”

Her eyebrows furrowed even more. “About what?”

He smirked. Her heart beat faster, her palms got sweaty.


“About not feeling the same way.”

prompt: star-crossed lovers

A/N: Happy Tanabata Day!

He heaved a sigh of relief, because finally, after hours of mingling with people, he really had enough. His teammates forced him to go to the annual celebration of the Tanabata Festival, forced him to interact with others, forced him to stay all throughout the event.

He vehemently refused to wear a yukata though.

He was now sitting on top of a hill, watching the final phase of the event—the fireworks show, with no else aside from Sakura beside him. She finally complied to his silent request to escape the festival upon seeing his annoyed face. They ditched Naruto who was too busy talking to Hinata.

With her knees propped up and arms around them, she glanced at him while giggling, “You really suck at socializing.”

He just grunted, rolling his eyes.

Turning her gaze at the fireworks, she asked him, “Did you know what Tanabata is all about? About this Star Festival we’re celebrating?” He raised his brows, briefly glancing at her, before she went on. “It’s about two lovers.”

He snorted.

She chuckled at his response.

“Two people, madly in love with each other but can only meet once a year.” She sighed. “Sad, isn’t it? Being apart from someone you love even though all you want is just to be with that person. Star-crossed, that’s what they’re called.”

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prompt: needles

AN: Warning for some words.


Sakura sighed. They have been arguing for almost an hour now. She already knew that he’s as stubborn as a bull but not to this degree.

“It’s just a needle, Sasuke-kun.” She coaxed, as if talking to a child.

He glared at her. “Don’t be annoying. I said no.”

“Look, it’s just a needle and you won’t even feel it, and even if you do, it’s just like a pinch or a bite from an ant” She tried again, lifting the syringe while walking closer to him. “You’ve had worse.”

He scooted further away, while still sitting on the hospital bed. “I don’t care. Go away, Sakura.”

She sighed again. “Stop being a child, Sasuke.” She’s losing her patience. She has a lot of other things to do–i.e. a heart surgery in two hours, papers to sign, patients to check up on, etc.–and she needed to get this over with. “Don’t be scared. They’re. Just. Needles." She said through gritted teeth.

He almost cringed at the sound of how she stressed on his name without the suffix. He crossed his arms and looked away– with a pink tint on his cheeks all the while still glaring.

"I don’t have time for this.  If you don’t let me do this, no hugs and kisses for you for one whole week.” She threatened, her last resort.

His head snapped to look at her  "What.“

"I’m serious.” She deadpanned.

His eyes narrowed. She was getting frustrated and was about to yell at him when he looked down, uncrossed his arms, took a deep breath, and raised his eyes to meet hers.

“Ah, fuck. Fine.” She was shocked by his sudden change of mind. She saw him lift his arm towards her. She grabbed it, and was about to inject the shot when he looked away, closed his eyes tightly, and clenched his fists.

“But I'm not scared.”

prompt:“I can’t give you anything special.”

A/N:Sorry for not updating. There are a lot of things to do and did this and the past week. I’ll make it up to you guys somehow. But yeah, it’s Sasuke’s birthday so I really have to write this one. I ALWAYS celebrate this every year. So here you go. Happy birthday, Sasu-cakes!

July 23.

He’s panting, having just finished almost half a day’s worth of training. It’s really stupid– exerting too much effort, pushing yourself to the limits– when he knows he’s already one of the best. But he is Uchiha Sasuke and he would never be satisfied.

The day was almost over and all he wanted was a light dinner and a hot shower. He heard a sound coming from the kitchen and as per usual, his ninja instincts kicked in almost instantly. He took a kunai from his pocket and stepped towards the kitchen.

He was about to throw his weapon when he realized it was only Sakura, shuffling around the room, still ignorant of his presence.

He grunted. She yelped. He almost smirked but caught himself because she turned to him.

“Sasuke-kun! I didn’t notice you were already here.”

“Hn. You just got back.” It was a statement. He looked at her form and saw that she was still wearing her ANBU uniform, with blood, mud and all. He narrowed his eyes at her extremely low chakra levels.

“Yeah. The whole team has been assigned to different missions and I’m pretty sure Naruto’s complaining up until now but there’d be no point–” she ranted on, “so I had to come back fast because you need someone to wish you a happy birthday.” She finished. She held up a basket of tomatoes. Big, red, plump tomatoes. The one on top has a lighted candle on it.

He glanced at the calendar perched on the wall on his right. He was surprised to realize that with his high intelligence and really good memory, he forgot his own birthday.

Sakura broke his daze. “It’s been only a few months since the war ended, we’re still coping, I know. But it’s your special day and…uh…I can’t give you anything special beside this.” She told him with an apologetic smile. 

That’s it.

He quickly made his way to her and before she even realize it, he was already hugging her tightly.

She gasped, obviously taken by surprise. She then relaxed and hugged him back. And with a smile, she said, barely audible but he heard it nonetheless. “Happy birthday, Sasuke-kun.”

He tightened his hold–if that’s still even possible–on her and he briefly wondered if she could still breathe or if he was hurting her.

He finally found some words.

“Sakura, thank you. I already have you.”


a/n: Um, so yeah. This probably has a ton of errors (in terms of plot and holes and such) but just bear with me. I’m rusty as all hell. I wanted to write something angsty. Don’t hate me.


It’s not an abrupt change.

It’s a painstakingly slow endeavor that makes you want to rip the hair out of your head because you’ve been waiting so long and you’ve already got this clear idea of what your happily ever after will look like and then it happens.

“I’m sorry Sakura, but my tests don’t lie.”

No. No no no.

It was going to be perfect.

“But there are treatments, you know. Tests…trials…we can figure this out.”

It was supposed to be perfect.

“I…don’t understand.”

Tsunade gives you a glimpse of pity, then leans back in her chair, deciding how to deal with you.

“It’s not something we could have predicted, Sakura. You must understand this. That last mission -”

Shouldn’t have happened.” you finish bitterly, and too distracted to care about the fact that you’ve just snapped at the former Hokage, your shishou, a legendary sannin, you’re out of the room.

Your feet pump you out of the Hokage’s Tower, through the marketplace, down a pathway -

“Woah, Sakura-chan, what’s going on?”

You bump into Naruto in your haste, but don’t stop your path. He reaches out to you, always reaching out¸ and you swat his hand away with a scowl.

You tell yourself you aren’t this witch you’ve created in your mind. This cruel person who rejects the help of her friends, no it’s not you.

You don’t know where you are, but you’re certain you’re not the one who just ran away from Naruto, screaming for him to leave you the hell alone.

No, you wouldn’t do that.

You wouldn’t.

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SSPrompt: Home

summary: when Sasuke breaks, he seeks shelter in her, just as he always wished to.
a/n: enjoy.

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

The streets of Ame are as rampant with desperate, displaced shells of humans as always, dragging their feet absently from here to there, as if half-expecting that they might just fall, lifeless, at any moment. Completely devoid of life, Sasuke almost feels as if he belongs.

He’s been in the barren village two days, delivering herbs to local medicinal posts. Each time he is greeted with a mix of apprehension and careful gratitude. Their dark, weary eyes thank him, with as much appreciation as a life filled with grief may offer another person inhabiting life, though barely. Sasuke knows this look well.

The rain never does stop, he learns, not even amidst the rogue invasions and residual turmoil of war. Explosions sound throughout the village at sundown. Each morning, the village plays host to the collective removal of the dead, civilian and shinobi alike. Though even when the fighting ceases, the stacks seem to grow higher. Between hunger and war, Sasuke doubts this village will survive. He does what he can to help sustain the living.

The worst attack rains in on a Monday right as the calm of the day settled in like clockwork over the village. Sound shatters through the placid sheets of rain and footsteps trace scattered, desperate lines through the displaced pathways of mud that cloud the city. Explosions sound in the distance, one after the other, before finally making their way right outside Sasuke’s window. He clads himself with a distant obligation in his movements. Making his way for the door, he stops just short of the doorknob, a tugging feeling pulls at his heels. He turns back to the disheveled windowsill where he had last left it.

With careful movements, Sasuke takes the leaf-emblemed hitai-ate, securing it with consideration around his neck before tucking it safely under his cloak. Onyx eyes slide shut for an instant and their faces seem as close and as tangible as the rain outside his window; the grasses of Konoha feels as crisp and as real as the dirt beneath his feet; suddenly her voice is as clear as the explosions ringing off in the distance.

Come back to us, she says.

He opens his eyes.

Opening the door, he wills a silent promise, and is off into the night.




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prompt: “I already got my wish.”

AN: Lol sorry for not writing anything but, uhm, college. I think that’s enough said. Buuuut– today is an exception. Happy birthday, Sakura! 

Here are my other prompts.

March 28.

You would have expected her to be on an extravagant birthday party—that was surely planned and thrown by her blonde best friend. You would have thought she took the day off to prepare for her special day.


You wouldn’t have thought that Haruno Sakura would spend her birthday in her apartment, in her couch, with a book and a mug of steaming hot choco in her hand.

Ino pleaded with her, and she was almost successful, for her to have a party. She told her they could celebrate during the weekend. The blonde-haired woman was about to retort but she added that she just wanted to rest on her birthday.

Knock knock knock

Her eyebrows rose. She wasn’t expecting anyone, having told Ino to tell all their friends that the party wasn’t until the weekend.

She placed her book on the table and made her way towards the door.

She wasn’t expecting Uchiha Sasuke, of all people, to be on her doorstep, during her birthday.

“Hey.” She greeted.


She led him inside her apartment before turning to face her sudden visitor.

“What brings you here?”

“It’s your birthday.”

She chuckled, “I know, silly. The party’s on Saturday, Sasuke-kun. That is, uhm, if you’re planning to come.”

He lifted a perfect eyebrow and raised his arm; Sakura didn’t notice that he was holding something.

“What’s that?” She asked, eyeing the paper bag.

Looking away, he answered, “I brought food.”

“You did?” She asked, surprised, taking the bag from him. She peered inside and her eyes widened.

“They’re your favourite.” He was still looking away, a tint of red dusting his cheeks.

Sakura took everything from the bag—, which was filled with syrup-coated anko dumplings, umeboshi, and anmitsu. He brought all her favourite food.

She saw that the anmitsu has a candle on it. She laughed.

“You’re supposed to buy a cake.”

He huffed, “Whatever.”

She laughed even more at his answer, looking for a match. When she found one, she lit the candle and blew it right away, still holding the dessert.

She looked up at him, smiling.

“Did you make a wish already?”



Her smiled widened, eyes shining. She’s looking at him, and he knew that there’s something about that look. She’s looking at him.

“I already got my wish.”

Ss Prompt #5

Title: A Thousand Years.
Rating: K
Prompt: She finally tells him.

Sorry for my no inspiration xS Final exams are coming TvT


She had been planning to tell him. She swore. She had. But not like this. Not now. She wasn’t prepared for such huge step. But it kind of just…happened.

Sakura had found out about the baby three weeks ago, and she had been preparing herself for the time when she’d tell him. She had woken up this morning, and thought about it profusely. She was going to tell him. At night when he returned from the mission.

So now, laying on a bed at the hospital –while Tsunade inspected her stomach with her healing technique– was not a good moment.

But Sasuke entered through the door anyway. Sasuke looked at them, thinking, anyway. And she didn’t know what to say.

“Uchiha,” Tsunade took off her gloves and eyed him, “has no one ever told you to knock on doors?”

He looked somewhat embarrassed, but didn’t show it. “I just came from my mission.” He cleared his throat, “My teammate is really injured, they said I had to look for you immediately.”

Sakura had her mouth hanged open, as if thinking of what was happening. Sasuke didn’t even pay attention to her.

Tsunade looked at her apologising mentally, and left the room in a hurry.

Sasuke was left looking at her with a strange expression. Then it hit her. She was exposing her stomach.

She reached for the shirt and pulled it down, hiding her belly. “Hey.” He helped her get up.

“What were you doing?”

“She was checking my stomach.”

He frowned. “Why? Are you sick?” He was crossing his arms.

She looked at the floor. “No…I just…”

He raised an eyebrow, waiting, serious. But wasn’t he always? The tension was so dense and so noticeable she was sure she could touch it, if it wasn’t invisible.

Now, she said to herself. But it was too hard. Too of a sudden. She didn’t know how to tell him. How would he take it? And, right here? In the middle of a hospital room?

She couldn’t talk, so she didn’t. She took his hand hesitantly and led it to her lower stomach, placing it there gently.

He stared at it for a few seconds, before looking confused. But that shock-kind-of-expression didn’t take long to appear.

She slightly smiled at him, nervous, just when she saw the realisation plastered on his face. “I’m pregnant.”

She had been waiting for this moment. Since she was little. Since she was a genin. Since she started dating him one year ago. She had been waiting.

She remembers how many times she dreamt about little Uchiha children running around her future dream-house when she was merely twelve, on his team.

She remembers how many times he had said he wanted to have babies. Well, not ‘said’, but ‘implied’. He never said it. But the way he looked at children at the park made it obvious. He hadn’t asked for one, he never did.

She remembers. And she had been waiting to make him happy. To give him what he had wished for since the beginning.

She knew she was a little too young. But she was sure of this.

A long silence followed.

“…Sasuke?”, maybe now, she was doubting about him. His face had darkened a little bit, his brows furrowed.

Was he hesitating? Was it too much? Did he not want the baby?

She gulped. He spoke.

“You don’t need to have it, if you don’t want it.”

He was serious, she could see it in his eyes, but that was it? He thought she didn’t want it?

She hadn’t seen her baby yet, and she already loved it. She placed a hand on his cheek, caressing it.

“I want the baby, you are the father, and we are going to raise it.”

‘It’. Because she didn’t know the gender yet. “Together.”

He stayed like that for seconds. Hours. Minutes. What day was it, again?

But then he smiled, and it lasted a lifetime for her, and two seconds for the world. She would never forget it.

She warped her arms around his neck, bringing him closer, hands placed on her waist not too long after that. “Thank you.”

She had never been any happier.


SSMonth 2013, Day 18: I Feel Like A Whale

A/N: Always accepting other Sasusaku prompts! ^_^

Prompt: Mirror

Pregnant Sakura feels self-conscious about her appearance, but Sasuke still finds her as beautiful as ever.

Glaring harshly into the mirror, her back turned to the sunlight pouring in through the window, Sakura frowned. Of course, she was elated at where she was in life- Konoha was prosperous and peaceful, she had a beautiful home, and an even more stunning husband- but she could do without the stretch marks. Sakura lifted the skirt of her maternity dress, chuckling bitterly at the state of her body. Gliding a finger over a the length of her blooming belly, she tried the best she could to comfort herself. Closing her eyes, she smiled at the thought of the beautiful creature that grew stronger and stronger with each passing moment. Her child, her joy. Even so, the moment was ruined as she caught sight of a newfound stretch mark. She huffed in exasperation.

“Ooo,” Sasuke sounded from behind her, “you’re having one of those days.”

Sakura turned to their bedroom window to see a perfect specimen perched on the window sill. His smirk was lovely, but she couldn’t resist a glare, “You haven’t the slightest idea what it’s like, Sasuke.” She turned her attention back to her reflection.

“Sakura,” he sighed, “we’ve been through this.” But he knew well enough that his woman was much too upset to pay him any mind.

She continued, “My tits are like beanbags, my butt is even bigger, and my feet! Don’t even get me started on my feet…”

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prompt: Sakura notices scars around Sasuke’s eyes from the transplant and asks him about them

A/N: I’ve been wondering about this for so long. I mean, whenever he looks at Sakura, or anyone in that matter, is it still Sasuke alone or Sasuke through Itachi’s eyes.

To say she was shocked would be a total understatement. After hearing about the truth about the Uchiha– though it took some time and an amount of goading and being annoying– Sakura stood there, ten steps away from where Sasuke’s currently sitting on his couch, not knowing what to say, or if she should even be saying anything.

She just stared at him. He just stared back.

Sakura only broke the awkward silence when she noticed some barely-there, faint scars across his eyes. Had she been anyone else, she probably wouldn’t have noticed. But she is Haruno Sakura and she’s not the best medic in town, or perhaps the world for nothing. Her eyes widened when she realized something.

“Y-your eyes. Are they…still yours or–?”, she cut herself off. 

Sasuke just kept on staring, looking indifferent as if she just asked something about the weather or if he had lunch yet. She thought he wouldn’t answer.


She stiffened.

"They’re Itachi’s.” She didn’t know if this is a surprise at all. But she felt sad. Her eyes looking downward.

“Does it matter?” he asked, although she’s looking at the ground, she could feel his dark, dark eyes boring holes.

Without looking up, Sakura answered in a whisper, “Yes.”

She didn’t hear any reply so she was surprised to see a pair of shoes in front of her and she looked up to see Sasuke, still looking at her, but not without something, some emotion in his eyes she couldn’t quite decipher. Damn, he was fast.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, stooping down so that they’re on eye-level, and said something that really knocked the breath out of her.

“I’m Uchiha Sasuke and I’m looking at you.”

Title: hot pink
Summary: In which Sasuke doesn’t want his heir’s room painted hot pink.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: The Smell of Fresh Paint
Rating: K
Comments: Day 1. I had no idea what to write for this prompt, tbh.

“It should be hot pink.”

Sasuke rolled his eyes. He knew that pregnant women tend to be irritable and easily pissed. He found out the hard way that he wouldn’t want to be on their bad side.

Especially if that pregnant woman was Haruno Sakura.

He knew all of that but he also knew that he didn’t want his—their child’s room to be painted hot pink. No way in hell.

“What if it’s a boy?” He tried to reason out.

She only glared at him. “No! It would be a girl and the room would be painted hot pink.”

He sighed. “Uchihas tend to have more men in our lineage.”

“You—! No, Sasuke, if I have to paint it myself then I will. And you’re not the medic here. Our baby will be a girl.” She retorted.

His temper was getting the best of him so he mentally tried to calm himself. He didn’t want to start a fight.

“The smell of paint wouldn’t be good for your health. For the baby’s health.”

“I know.”


“It can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract. It can cause birth defects. It can give me headaches, allergy, and so much more.” She stated, raising an eyebrow to emphasize her point.

His eyes widened.  “Sakura…”

She looked at him innocently. “…and you will blame yourself forever because you didn’t want to paint it—” He cut her off.

…hot pink?”





Her eyes sparkled. “Really?”

“You’re annoying.”

She beamed.

“I love you too.”