Description: магазин Warhammer. я даже не знала, что такое существует. настольная игра по типу компьютерной. игровые фигурки 20-200 €, короткая игра считается 3-4 часа, и целые книги с правилами, которое мы так и не поняли) #warhammer
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Date: July 26, 2015 at 11:02AM

Heavenly carb-free breakfast (or in my case, late lunch)! Our famous Avocado “Toast”, sub Canadian bacon for the toast,top w a tomato slice, a poached egg, our mashed avocado and lemon juice mixture, sprinkle our red pepper flake blend on top and voilà! I better put this one on the menu, quick! #gonetoheaven #anddied #anne'sspecial #eatlocal #dukestudents #avocadotoast #butbetter #nocarbs #bullstreetdurham #foodintheair by bullstreetdurham

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Interesting that Maks is up pretty early in LA liking See he's pic. On a couple of minutes after Meryl's give back fund tweet.... coincidence? could be at airport but hope he stays in LA for once. Hope MnM can get togethyer but Meryl's schedule looks really busy now...but if she can make time for Jessica surely she can make time for her sspecial friend if he is around.

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Do u follow nothingg-sspecial

If I search in my following it comes up but when I go to the blog I’m