lysander-tc replied to your post: “the crytyping meme is ableist”  I mean whats…

whats crytyping ?

Today you gone learn a thing, my guy

Lets pretend for a minute you’re an average tumblr hooligan who likes to treat people like shit in your spare time, bullying over ships, sending death threats, claiming to have mental disorders that literally cannot coexist, whatever tickles your peach, and some Big Meanie comes along and says “hey, you’re a fucking asshole.” 

Now, you COULD take it on the chin like an adult, but who does that kind of thing nowadays? No, clearly the correct answer is [drumroll]…A harassment campaign! 

So you round up your buddies and you all send this guy a bunch of anons telling them to kill themselves. 

But oh, no, oh jeez, oh fuck my guy, you accidentally sent one…OFF ANON

Oh shit man, now YOU look like a real piece of shit! Their followers are talking shit about you! Callout posts are being compiled! They dug up that time you called a black person a coon for contradicting one of your social justice posts! Fuck Fuck FUckity Fuck its all gone to shit! What do you do now?!

This is the moment where you fire up the old Cry-Type, which transforms this boring blatantly manipulative apology

“I’m sorry I’m such a waste of space, I should just kill myself” 

into this heartwrenching plea for acceptance and forgiveness, typed through shaking hands and tears during a panic attack:

“I’m so  ssorrry II’m ss;ucd.h aa  wast;;e of spac,e, I s,h,,o  uld, jus  t kkill mmyse,lf”

and thats what crytyping is. Its blatant emotional manipulation but apparently FUCK anyone who makes fun of the people who do it. 

You know how I made that? Theres a generator for it. That’s how fake this shit is. 

Fuck crytyping, Long Live The Crytype Meme. 

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Name: Kurapika
Nickname: Kura / Aki / Nita
Age: 16
Faceclaim: Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter
Pronouns: Any
Height: 4′6
Birthday: Feb 19
Aesthetic: Soft purples and blues with greys, city lights at night, dawn.
Last song you listened to:  Hachi MV - Sand Planet ft. Hatsune Miku

Favorite muse(s) you’ve written:

These have been my favourite so far:
Dirk Strider, AU Meenah Peixes - Homestuck
Kurapika - Hunter x Hunter
Akira Kurusu - Persona 5

I’ve deleted the rest and the P5 is the only ones that remain, tho, I plan on remaking KP lol.

What inspired you to take on your current muse ( that you are posting this on):

I wanted to make a blog with all those sophisticated whatever, and I was feeling that Sae mood since her boss battle was fresh in my mind.

What are your favorite aspects of your current muse:

I like how real Sae is, and creative. Seeing such an official house of law as a casino out of all things? That’s pretty cool in all honesty. I also like her way of thinking, how people would cheat and use disgusting means just to win a case, she herself isn’t exempted from this rule and even admits it.

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:

It’s not everyday I can write a muse with such glamour and haughtiness. 

Favorite types of threads:

ANGST ANGST ANGST, and anything that involves Sae realizing how twisted her Casino is.

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:

I’m not a gambler nor have I played any card games in my life. And she has a casino. Guess I’ll die?

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