Each is a storybook paper craft how-to book that your grandmother on LSD would really enjoy.

Preorder from Sept 13 to 25!
Written, illustrated and general ridiculousness by Crankbunny.

The release day for both books on Sept 26th - so enjoy this small bucket of time to get a hold of each or one book of your choosing at a discount.

• Each book focuses laser tight on two different paper craft techniques.

• Learn to how to make all sorts or pop up cards OR create different types of paper dolls (including mechanical ones!).

• Each book includes 4 how-to projects with templates.

• Additional related templates and resources are available online with a secret membership login to the Secret Society of Paper Cuts (SSoPC) official website.

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Sneak peek and info for new Crankbunny How-to book series!

I haven’t been updating facebook and the official twitter Crankbunny shop feed. Busy busy me has been hunkered down writing and doing all the art for my latest book project. (Official name will be released at the end of May)

Unlike the last book - Paper Puppet Palooza - which was printed with a publisher, I will be jumping happily into the “self-publishing” pool and releasing the book through Crankbunny. This is something that makes me scream and growl with joy.

The new how-to book will actually be a series of small storybook tales that focus on making and learning how to make pop up cards, paper doll puppets and paper toys. Each book will have a few projects in them and focus on a particular paper craft technique (that way if you have NO interest in paper dolls, you can skip that tomfoolery).

Because it is self-publishing and printed in low runs, Crankbunny will have full control of the artwork, themes and content. I can put out a new book in the series within a couple of months (instead of… years). These books will also be printed and hand assembled in the United States (not in Singapore, shipped by barge across the world…).

I love how-to books — but they are dry and never do a good job of fostering imagination and wonder. I believe only “hybrid storybook telling” and “instruction” can do this. Each book will make the individual reader / future creator feel special, unique and inspired.

The book series will also be chocked with fun personal extras that a large publisher would never be able to wrap it’s many cogged-wheeled head around. Like what? Well, one example is… Each book in the series will have additional project materials, templates and video content accessible only through the internet with special secret passcodes. And ofcourse, there will be a digital version of the book also available.


Curious to see all the nonsense about paper craft adventures I can cram in with no restraints into 27 pages of lovelyness?!

Flip through the new Crankbunny How-To book!
The Secret Society of Paper Cuts
Now available in paper and digital ebook.

** I’m super excited and impressed how well the E-book version has been received. My non-US customers love the option of being able to purchase the book, not pay tons in shipping and not wait 2/¾ weeks for it to arrive. The E-book option is a wonderful way to get immediate gratification.. like eating chocolate or driving a car off a cliff.

The Secret Society of Paper Cuts - New Book!

Here is a small preview of the new Crankbunny How-To book called
The Secret Society of Paper Cuts.

The book is filled with a bunch of ridiculous little stories and crafty paper project chapters of fun. Learn and understand how to make pop up cards, paper puppet dolls and mechanical paper toys. Yes, its that JAM PACK full of fun and nerdy paper knowledge (with tons of templates… and you know we all love templates).

The book is now up for preorder and preview at !

June 15th is the main release date for the book. On June 15th, I’ll be making a more formal yell throughout the internet then. The digital PDF version will be available on June 15th too - along with a video flip book of the book.

This is the first public release of a SSoPC book. The journal happens to be chronicle by Sir Noah Darners. He lost a finger due to a paper cut injury. The Secret Society of Paper Cuts ( SSoPC ) is an imaginary group of people who explore the world while documenting paper craft techniques.

No monkeys were harmed in the making of the book (though a few were required to wear a pretty dress or two). Handmade, printed and published in the good ‘ol USA.