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@imaginefransykes has some really good (we’re gonna get classy here I’m gonna start saying B!oliver) it has some good b!oliver imagines

Goals •fransykes• on wattpad is a good fic I’m currently reading/waiting for an update where Oliver is a soccer/football player in school and Josh is the coach :)))) :)))) :))))))

How to be a gentleman on wattpad is SSOOOO GOOD I’m waiting for an update though it’s so sad but so good

Fransykes~ locked in for life on wattpad IS SOSOSOSOSOSOSO GOOD I THINK I CRIED AT THE ENDING??

Ugly birds in a beautiful cage on wattpad is also good rlly smutty and sad too

Fransykes~ melody of a lost boy on wattpad is also rlly good yes

Bite my tongue •fransykes• on wattpad is also good (there’s mpreg, nothing against it but just a warning in case y'all hate it but the smut is good ok it’s good)

OH AND technicolour (I’m not on my laptop rn but I linked it cos it’s hard to find some stuff on ao3)

There’s most for sure but these are the mains that pop into my head ❣

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ssoooo, Skin, Relo, Fiidora, Lvellie, Apocryphos, Sheryl? ;O

I… I don’t even know what to say… I have no words for what I’m feeling right now

H oW DA r e yo U? /? ???? I’m going to have nightmares after this one >.<

Ok, let’s do this…

  • Do the sexy love with: Sheryl???? (I mean… compared to the others… well… it’s Sheryl >.<)
  • Sacrifice myself for: Relo (a decision I’m pretty sure I’d regret for the rest of my soul’s days…)
  • Kick: Fiidora… right on the mouth XD
  • Take to prom: Skin? (He’s weird but… better than the others ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Abandon in Jurassic Park: Apocryphos u.u (I feel sorry for the poor animals, but yeah… I’d abandon that lil shit there without hesitation)
  • Push off a bridge: Lvellie. (I don’t even need to explain, do I???)

Thank you for playing <3

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