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I got 4.0 in todays exam!!!! 

Hello everyone! 

I finally updated an original post. And these pics arent in best quality

It took me quite long, because I have not any idea what can I write about. Anyway, today is really good day, because I was in the city where i live during univ’s year and I had an exam which was connected with my student internships that I had in September ((and I got 4.0 ayee)), second thing is: I was in Tiger and I bought some cute pencils from these pics, two metalic washi tapes and triangled paper clips. They all are so cute and I am in love. And finally I can show you my first ever bullet journal (I decided to choose a normal notebook, because I am not very good in doodling, caligraphy etc and dotted notebooks are quite expensive for me) and the last one important thing is that today is rounded month to my 21 birthday!!!!

today’ssong: Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do 

[IG] 170312 winnercity: [Transcending time and space] Our Teacher Kim who is always beautiful anywhere and anytime☺ His good-looks overflows in his t-shirt and hat at the restaurant! Great job to Ssong-photograoher’s hard-working camera😘 We hope you keep up the good work~ We hope you send the photos to TEAM WINNER as soon as you take them✨ #Ssong, you’re so good at everything #Biggest hyung, just stay still #Your face already did all the work #A masterpiece #So fun, honey-like fun, seriously fun #You’re a doll #World, he is the biggest hyung of our group, look at him

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When Mir is not here I do the rap, and I’ve sang on behalf of Joon. I’ve also danced Cheondung’s part and sang the main vocal on behalf of G.O. At that time I acutely felt that each of us is necessary in MBLAQ. I usually don’t realize that, but when anyone is missing I feel that’s a very lonely place. If we are not 5 people I can’t live.
—  Yang Seungho (MBLAQ)