Have a smart phone? DOWNLOAD THIS APP! 

The United Nations Foundations and Charity Miles have grouped together to create an app that will donate money to a charity of your choice for every mile you run, walk, or bike! 

Everyone! This is your chance to donate to a charity of your choice and get fit at the same time! Please, please, please! This is such a great opportunity! 

And, if you’re the competitive type, they are going to feature the person who raises the most money on their website and facebook page. Get running! Get walking! Get biking! Make a difference in a charity of your choice! 

If you do end up doing this, even just a bit, please post a text post saying whether you biked, walked, or ran and how much money was donated and to which charity. Tag it “SSOJ Charity Miles” and we’ll reblog it here. I sincerely hope this gets spread around. I am not able to participate but I hope that many other tumblrites can!