Have a smart phone? DOWNLOAD THIS APP! 

The United Nations Foundations and Charity Miles have grouped together to create an app that will donate money to a charity of your choice for every mile you run, walk, or bike! 

Everyone! This is your chance to donate to a charity of your choice and get fit at the same time! Please, please, please! This is such a great opportunity! 

And, if you’re the competitive type, they are going to feature the person who raises the most money on their website and facebook page. Get running! Get walking! Get biking! Make a difference in a charity of your choice! 

If you do end up doing this, even just a bit, please post a text post saying whether you biked, walked, or ran and how much money was donated and to which charity. Tag it “SSOJ Charity Miles” and we’ll reblog it here. I sincerely hope this gets spread around. I am not able to participate but I hope that many other tumblrites can!


Mod Pluto waves Goodbye!

I realize this is terrible timing, but I unfortunately have to say goodbye. I have already discussed this with the other scouts so now I’m saying goodbye to any followers that are interested on the matter.

I am starting a new family (son and future husband) and we are struggling to get our lives together the way we’d like them to be, and I find that I cannot commit the time that I’d like to this blog. It requires a lot of attention and hard work that I cannot give right now, so I don’t see it as fair for me to stay. 

On the blog I have included a “Parent Blog” link which will direct you to Sailor Everything, which is my original Sailor Moon blog. Should anyone have questions for me they can contact me there. I hope I am able to do work with the Sailor Soldiers of Justice in the future as a fellow Moonie, but I am no longer Sailor Pluto. I am Sailor Everything.

~Pluto (for the last time)

I will always be amused by people who are like “omg did you even watch Sailor Moon omg u don’t even know what Sailor Moon was about shame on u for using her as your theme”

I just find it hilarious for obvious reasons. And it’s a seriously lame tactic to try and make us mad or feel bad. It’s not going to work, we’ve gotten it all.


It has been brought to my attention...

In regards to my answering the message about this blog, it has been brought to my attention (numerous times in fact) that I can be blunt when it comes to my feelings. 

Had I said:

“It’s lovely that I’ve found other people that are willing to create a community together and work together for social justice change, but this blog is not yet where I’d like it to be. I actually have many plans for this blog and hope for much change and improvement for the future.”

I imagine something like that would have been better accepted, but it wouldn’t have been me being myself despite the fact that it is equally true. I am blunt. I can’t imagine that anyone thinks this blog has reached the pinnacle of all it can do, or that every single member and follower is pulling their all in one unified force towards every possible social justice end. That is, of course, impossible, but will always remain the goal, a goal I don’t think we are even yet capable of climbing towards because of the resources and time currently available to us.

I’m sorry if my being blunt has come across as bitter. That’s the way I talk when I’m rather serious about something. It has been pointed out to me many times that I don’t “sugar coat” things, and I’m not sure if that is the issue here or not, but if this really is just a case of me hating to unnecessarily sugar coat things, than I hope people can come to understand that that is just now how I handle things.


On the offending post

I just want to write a little thing here after the asks we got today/last night

We are blog with 9 mods and we are all very different people who all think differently. While we post to the same blog and try hard to keep to a blog standard sometimes we slip up, things are taken out of context or we just plain get it wrong.

While we do try our best to be as balanced as we can we are all human and are not perfect. Sometimes bad posts fall through the gaps and I apologise for noticing it earlier as head-admin it is my job to notice this stuff and to keep an eye on these things. 

With that said if you see something you take offense too that is fine let us know the post, the mod that posted it, and why. Just don’t come on anon and call us fuckwits or literal pieces of shit. That is not helping any and you ruining your own argument by just insulting us.If you want to think that that is fine go ahead just don’t spout it out in our ask. 

If a post causes offense or falls out of line with the blog standards I will address it with the mod/s and we will aim to do better in the future

Remember each mod has their own thoughts and posts and should not be taken as this is what the whole blog thinks.