Changes to the blog.

Aye hi. So this blog has been really “inactive” in way that doesn’t really post Cow Chop/ Creature Hub stuff anymore? And I apologize deeply. I just don’t really watch their videos anymore. I’m breaking off from them and started to only watch a handful of Youtubers now. This blog will change DRASTICALLY within the next few days so bare with me. But I do want to say somethings that this blog will post and if you don’t like it, I can always redirect you to anther blogs I have that you might like!

✨What this blog will start posting:
• More Video Games
• Derp Crew
• Funny Things
• Banana Bus Squad/ Vanossgaming + friends.
• And so much more geeky Nerdy stuff!

✨Don’t like that kind of stuff? I got you covered!
• My Personal @jxggly-pxff strictly posts aesthetics, pretty stuff, fashion, chill music, etc. it’s pretty chill.
• My other Blog @lmaobuckybarnes I post strictly Sebastian Stan stuff but also some Avenger/ Civil War stuff cause why tf not?

• I also have a Vine where I make edits which is OkayBarnes • My Twitter is TrickestRain • Twitch is KiinqRaiin • Wattpad is WtfBarnes

Feel free to go drop by and give those a follow/ some love! And bye 💖

Creature Preferences

Current Date: July 10, 2016.

In case you didn’t know, I own a Wattpad. I’m currently doing Creature Preferences on there. (New and old. You can see in the description which ones I’m including.)

I would really like it if you guys were to stop by and check it out! I enjoy making them a whole lot. But I’m slowly running out of ideas.

So, you can either comment or send me an ask of the preference idea you have and I will totally do it if I think I can finish it! Thanks guys!

My Wattpad is: ImmortalNotHD