Just wanted to say a thank you to these men for giving me the best 6 years of entertainment. I couldnt have asked for funnier guys to laugh at when my depression episodes kicked in , or people i felt trusthworthy to to send messages or @ when i felt completley anxious during an anxiety attack and get positivity or advice from while dying from laughter the next second. Thank you guys , so much.

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The Creatures

They, at a time were the perfect channel for everyone on YouTube what with Seamus with his sarcasm, Sly with his laugh, James with his rage, Aleks with, well just his memeness, Dan with his kindness, Jordan with his general craziness, Kevin with his mockery,Sp00n with his insane comedy and sketches, and Ze who although wasn’t always there was always remembered, and just how they worked together with each other just made it perfect but unfortunately perfect things have their time and the creatures had spent it.
But for all of us who spent our youth growing with the creatures I’m sure I’m not the only one who says they honestly helped me so much through life that at times it saved me, it was a safe place where day in and day out it was something to look forward to and it was wonderful so I would just like to say from myself and from the rest of the fans.

Thank you for all the memories