i’m at work and it suddenly just started snowing again, and they’ve stopped all the bus routes here so for right now i’m stuck.

either way, here’s something i was working on, at work, that was kind of fun… so i guess it’s not so bad.  

also, wow, i’m almost at 900 followers!!!! that brightens my mood about being stuck here! you all are awesome. 


skullalienz masterpost:

i’ve had this story idea running for almost 3 years with little or no development and also i keep changing how things look so i just grouped them all together in one post to look at. this year i have promised myself that i will return to oortz stuff, and will start actually drawing the comic, though right now i dont even know like when that will be. this “alien species” has shown up in works that i have done for other people/bands, though. 

EDIT: also forgot to say that i tried to set these up in chronological order, that first pic was one of the first designs/drawings of the oortz character i ever did in 2012 


finished samus aran! messing with the colors and seeing about how i think this would look as a die-cut sticker. the idea of make a sticker sheet with samus & some metroid baddies/bosses is becoming more and more appealing. what do y'all think, would you want some cool stickers?? 

think the next ones i’ll do are: a metroid, kraid, maybe one of those work robots from super metroid… gimme your ideas for what you’d want on a sticker sheet!  

hey friends, i got up early to work on commissions today and i’m feeling pumped with good vibes, so i gotta harness the energy! 


hey, did you know? did you???
if you buy 6 stickers on my redbubble shop, they’ll take 50% off each sticker!
well now you know!


ok, fixed the image! i apologize for the sloppy ad, but i just wanted to let yall know im open for some more pen + ink commissions!

i’ve organized this kind of work into 3 categories: busts, full body/single characters, and multi-character/complex commissions.

im pretty much up for whatever, but keep in mind that i’m definitely more partial to anthro/cartoon animal people (especially lizards, dinosaurs, you know, that stuff that i’m posting all the time), aliens, monsters, robots, etc.

if you are interested in gettin me to draw something, send me a message/ask on here and let me know!

hey everyone, i’m looking to do some pen + ink commissions! i’ve found a good workflow using rapidograph, hi-tec-c, and ink pens… and i’d love to do some drawings for you!

listed in the image above is the basic info, but as it says, i’m totally capable of talking about pricing from commission to commission. ultimately, it comes down to the level of detail & amount of characters in one image. if you are interested (or know someone that is), send me a message on here and we can talk about your ideas! 


the dinosaucers illustrations lineup as it is right now… dinosaucers and tyrannos! thinking ichy will be next! you can get them as stickers/etc along with all my other stuff at my redbubble store! if you buy 6 stickers, the total price is 50% off!