The Second Son of Gaster

A fancomic by Sansybones

Part One: You’re Blue Now 

Part Two: Cool Dude

Part Three: The Skeleton Brothers

Translations:  Korean (thanks @riverj17!) Complete!!

Spanish (thanks @foxqik !)

Polish (part 3) (thanks @sansaytoyou)

A Quick Note on the SSOG Book

Ok, I’m slowly getting to the bottom of this, it’s difficult while I’m still in Korea ^^; 

1) As I was revising the book and ordering a few new copies, a setting was changed in lulu that affected the book’s paper quality. I didn’t realize this had happened until I received the updated books. 

2) As soon as I discovered this, I pulled the book from the shop because I didn’t want more people to order while I was figuring this out. 

3) This change only affected orders placed between 01-03-2017 and 01-14-2017. If this is you, please send me a note with your mailing address (I promise I will not publish). 

4) I have fixed the problem, and I have ordered a new proof copy to verify. I want to make sure it is correct before I put it back up for order, but I promise I will. Probably in 2 weeks (shipping is very slow). 

5) The book will be available for a “last chance” order after that. I don’t want to sell it forever, exactly because of issues like this which cause me a lot of stress. 


proxymodel  asked:

I just ordered your book and conveniently was offered a 25% discount on my order as well! I'm so excited to read it! Also my fb profile pic is your drawing of Sans with the eggnog and i didn't even know you drew that until i saw it here xD merry xmas

Oh! You’re right there’s an offer on right now at lulu:  YEAREND20 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^^

Here’s the link one more time, I’ve had a few people asking why it doesn’t come up in search– it won’t. It’s direct-link only /:)

I’ll be retiring this print edition right after UT_Only (mid-January). Out with the old and in with the new! Been pushing like CRAZY to hit the UT_Only deadlines… coordinating a print edition of Kalei’s Seems Very Interesting , the Korean version of SSOG, and mmmayyyybbbeeee a collab thing between me and wormy (shhh). I’ve never had my work translated before UT and it’s really exciting…!!! 

Between that and the other deadlines I’ve been crunching on I have not had a lot of spare cycles ;__; but after January life busts wiiiide open and I’m looking forward to it :)))

remember-within-me  asked:

Can I ask a question? When will the forth chapter of The Second Son Of Gaster be out, or other comic? I can't wait! Your comics is the best undertale comic i ever seen! The way you draw Sans and Papyrus are so great! And I just love the story line you create! I was almost blow up when I finish your comics! IT IS SO GOOD! I can't wait! Hope there're a forth chapter! It will be the end of the world if you stop drawing them.

I know how frustrating it can be when a thing you like isn’t updating /:) But I don’t think it will really be the end of the world… will it? SSoG only has 3 chapters, it’s complete. When I write more it will be a different story. Thanks so much for sending this note of support! Undertale time is ‘play time’ for me… It’s my reward for getting something serious done. I’m really missing these boys, though, and I’m using it as a BIG big carrot for my current focus (read on)…

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youareallstrange  asked:

i really love the way you draw papyrus as knowing how to deal with anything sans. it's nice to not see him depicted as a naive 5 year old all the time lol

Thank you! Papyrus is incredibly empathetic, caring and responsible. I have grown *quite* fond of him as I’ve been working on the SSoG series and I have a LOT to say about him, so I hope!!! You want to hear more!!!!!