So who would in for an sso party Saturday night? Reed’s birthday is actually the day after mine so all the more reason to have one. Saturday is good, at least for me, because it won’t really matter how late we are up, especially since I’d have to start it kinda late (7 or 8 eastern, most likely 8 since I’m going out for dinner). We can all eat cupcakes or doughnuts at a cafe (I’ll look when I’m on today for a good size one that sells them) and then hang out. Maybe I’ll think of a little game we can play or something too.

None of this is definite so if Saturday doesn’t work for you, feel free to suggest when does, as if Saturday doesn’t work for a lot of people I will pick a better day. Also feel free to give ideas on what we can do for a party (maybe the disco at some point for dancing?)

i don’t know which is more entertaining to me, the idea that it would take raptor 10 years to release an album with ten songs on it or the idea that every year raptor drops an album and it only has one song on it & he goes on tour for it and his concerts are only 4 minutes long and his fans scream throughout them

How to get to the mall in SSO

1. Go to Fort Pinta

2. Go to the bus stop and wait for the bus

3. Realise you forgot your damn bus ticket just as the bus arrives

4. Scream “FUCK” at the top of your lungs.

5. Call for pickup, retrieve ticket from home stable.

6. Return to Fort Pinta, get there just as the bus leaves, consider your poor life choices while you wait for the damn bus to return