Hey everyone I just wanted to ask, how do you stop club drama from happening cos I’ve had a really rough night and I removed basically everyone and there’s only 13 of us left in BT and I really don’t know what to do! Help?

New Themed Horse Months

I wasn’t sure what to put up there, but that works.

Hey everyone! So today I started a group on deviantART called Grandeur Stables. Here’s what I put on the page:  A club designed to emphasize and bring awareness to horse breeds of the world. Each month will have themed submissions and new learning for its members. Traditional & Digital Art, Photography and creative writing are accepted.

I know, you guys are wondering what this has to do with you. I was thinking that some of you guys might want to do this, it can be outside of sso, or you can incorporate sso. If you guys have a dA account, great. If not, doesn’t matter.

My themes for August: 

Week 1: Friendship
Week 2: What style of riding do you prefer and why?
Week 3: Horse OC - chestnut
Week 4: “I feel the wind when___”
Week 5: Arabian

You can do pictures, art or writing. I already have lined up what I want to do, and I have a couple of people on dA who are excited to work with this.

But I thought of you guys as I created this group. So if you guys would be interested in doing these themes, let me know, and I’ll post more details. I’m about half awake and can’t comprehend any of this so if this is fucked up forgive me haha



This brought me joy. To see Odette dance is equal to Global being nice. No, actually more rare. She’s too busy to chill. She doesn’t know how to!

(Odette’s become her own character, I refer to her when I use third person. My play style has become her personality. Which means that this is now her official look. Which can include the clothes. It works for her.)


Them skills doe. x3 You have no idea how many attempts this took.

I took this as an opportunity to try out different angles. x)

And sorry about wearing the same clothes as the last picture I posted! (I love this outfit xD)

And here’s my inner-self getting scared of heights. o_o

madisonnorthlee asked:

Soooo I figured you have a pretty big following, so if ask on your blog, I hope that's ok c: So I've been having a problem with SSO since May, and support isn't really helping me fix it :( So is figure of ask you all in case any of you have had the same problem! I've already tried a TON of things, but I have no room to list them right now, but I'll be sure to tell you if what you suggested I've tried already, but I'm thankful if you try to help in any way (1) (ran out of room :( )

(2) so what my problem is is that whenever I launch SSO (whether it be in desktop launcher or any four different browsers) I can log in fine, but when I press, “play”, my screen goes white and an error comes up saying, “Star Stable, an Online game, has stopped working”, it then gives me two options, one for Windows to scan and try to fix the problem, and the second to just close the program. If any of you have any ideas, I’d really appreciate it!!!

I’m not really a computer expert, so I’m not sure how to fix the problem. Similar things have happened to me before, but I normally just wait it out.

Does anyone here have any ideas?

Sometimes I like to watch the Moorland Champ and think about just how dangerous it really is. I mean, that’s at least a ten foot drop off the cliff, if not more. You’re pretty much jumping off of a stone surface, which is not easy to get traction on, and landing on more stone. Jorvikians are hardcore.