Derek went from this cool photographer that doubled as a government agent (I’m pretty sure that’s what he was) in SSL to being a post office guy who loses all the mail in SSO.

What happened to you dude, did the government like fire you or are you now a mailman spy instead of a photographer spy.


(via Thank you to Reed @hobbithorsewhat Crys @crystalrainsmith and River @daniellerivergarden for being in the video and making this fun

Impromptu Birthday Party

Okay so my friend (Tiffany Pinewood, those who are in the sso group chat on Skype know her, it’s Grace Coleman) has her birthday today and she’s not on Tumblr (yet, idk keep bugging her and maybe she’ll finally get one XD) but she stills wants to be part of the community so why don’t we just have a meet up and wish her happy birthday? It’ll be held later today after 7pm EST on Frost Valley and we’ll all gather at South Hoof by the tree

I feel like sso keeps catering to new players, all the recent stuff added could be done at a low level, all recent horses can be bought at low levels, and now they purposely made the wild bobcat track easier for new players.

What about us? We have nothing new, no main story, no high level areas since Epona. They ruined a good race that people liked. Give the people something to work towards rather then giving them everything a few levels after getting star rider. The point of the game is to play it. So give them something to play for. They really want to go to that area? They can play until they do and it’ll seem even better when they get there.