[[ I may not be drawing much, but I’ve still been playing. So here’s my full stable, and the newest, Morningstar aka Venus the Fjord horse.

I’ve also been pondering about due to the horses whether the Kallters are actually based on the Saami people rather than Inuit people as their names would lead you to believe. If people would be interested in this pondering let me know! ]]

Since I’ll be going to the city tomorrow for my sister’s B-day Party, I’d thought I’d take the chance to get the oh so beautiful black Morgan I have been fawning over since it was released into the game. XD LOL

So here we have Scarletshadow, the newest addition to the Miststar SSO family, whose main name’s inspired by Marceline from the show Adventure Time, with a clear matching personality in my eyes~! ;u; 

Tack was based upon a convo between meh and frejaseastorm one evening when I was deciding on the tack colours and I had loved the idea of dark blue & black for Mar, tho I might also switch to red and black to suit better, but, I do love this tack too much to change it. X3

Sometimes I like to watch the Moorland Champ and think about just how dangerous it really is. I mean, that’s at least a ten foot drop off the cliff, if not more. You’re pretty much jumping off of a stone surface, which is not easy to get traction on, and landing on more stone. Jorvikians are hardcore.