freckledd-face asked:

Hi! (my sso blog is jorvikdreamer) Are you the YouTuber, StacyPlace? Also, do you work with SSO/get a first look?

That’s me! I decided I wanted to have a place to blog about the game!

I do work with SSO. Right now I mainly make the Star Stable with Stacy YouTube videos but I’m also working with the team in a community aspect as well! They would like to have more eyes and ears on the players - their wants, needs, concerns, etc. especially in North Amercia. =) They’re hoping to involve me in more projects as we continue forward!

I don’t always get a first look or am necessarily involved in what’s coming up. I have skype calls with some of the team members once in while and I did get to meet up with them in New York, which is when they really filled me in on quite a few things going on. It’s tough being in a different country and timezone!

Sometimes I like to watch the Moorland Champ and think about just how dangerous it really is. I mean, that’s at least a ten foot drop off the cliff, if not more. You’re pretty much jumping off of a stone surface, which is not easy to get traction on, and landing on more stone. Jorvikians are hardcore.

veronikawolfvalley asked:

Welcome to the (at least somewhat) Star Stable community! What is your favorite breed of horse, be it SSO or not, favorite area in SSO, and favorite questline (for example, the questline of finding Lisa or helping out the Bobcats)?

Thank you!!

I’ve always loved the larger horses so in SSO I tend to love the Tinkers! =D In SSO specifically I really like the new Morgans.

When it comes to areas I really like Jarlaheim, for the same reason I like bigger cities - everything is close by in one area! I also think Valedale is absolutely beautiful!

Questline….hmmm…I would have to think about this! Although, I do like some of the quests I’ve done in Valedale, I think I’m going to like any magic related quests!