’…Like I’m programed to save you.

I’ll always give my best, even if we’re separated.

If I can, I will try… ’

“What about my hyakugou chakra?”

‘Sasuke… just wait for me a little longer.

I’m coming to get you.’


うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Sasusaku month prompt 4: There was no warning.

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©


うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Day 21: Rewind the time…

Out of gratitude I would like to dedicate this to judy-san rawrrsakura andimthegnome for their kind words and well wishes while I was recovering. The concern was very appreciated. Also, especially so, to cloudninwhom I heard was having a difficult time right now. You are a very special person and part of this fandom as a whole and I wish to extend my support. Please take care.

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©

Title: Motivation
Summary: “I was sober earlier, and I wanted you. I’ll be sober tomorrow, and I’ll want you, still.”
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Night out (Day 7)
Rating: M
Warning(s): Smut.
Comments: omg i’m getting better at writing lemon, u guys.

“You are nineteen years old. You’ve never had a boyfriend. You’ve never been on a date. You’ve never even kissed a boy – and no, CPR doesn’t count.”

“I never said CPR counted!”

“But I know you were thinking it. My point is, you’re a total virgin, Sakura. It’s pretty sad.”

“I’m just saving myself for the right guy. It’s smart!”

“No. It’s sad. It’s pathetic. And you know why?”

Eye-roll. “Enlighten me, pig.”

“First, don’t call me pig when I’m just trying to be a good friend. Second, okay, I'l enlighten you: it’s sad and pathetic because your so-called right guy is Sasuke Uchiha-“

Blush. “Who said anything about him?”

Smile. ”-in other words, an emotionless, probably-asexual bastard. You are waiting for something that will never come-”

“Wow. Thank you. Good friend, indeed.”

“Let me finish! It will never come, unless you do something about it. In other words, unless you give him a little push.”

Frown. “Um, what?”

“See, I’m very good at reading people. And you know what I see in Sasuke?”

Another eye-roll. “I don’t.”

“I see a boy that lacks initiative. He never does things unless he is thoroughly motivated. He needs to be reassured of what he wants. See my point?”

“Uh… No.”

Sigh. “Okay. Listen. I have a plan.”

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ssm16d2 | asylum

I interpreted Sasuke’s desire for power as part of what became as an asylum. In Shippu, Sasuke grows more and more lost and becomes part of the darkness ; w ; But Sakura serves as someone that saves him.

Title: you asked for it
Summary: She tells him to make a better use of his mouth, and he does just that.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Glory
Rating: M
Comments: I’ve been waiting ages to write this AU and something about lilithkiss‘s smut fanart of this AU and yeah HERE IT IS. Also, TOTAL BIRTHDAY GIFT TO THE WONDERFUL LORE!


She couldn’t breathe.

Moments ago, she might have been pissed at him, might have been livid enough to want to rip his damn stupid elvish head off his shoulders, but with the way he had cornered her, his hands on her each side of her head as he looked at her, dark eyes intense and sensual, filled with the most sinful of feelings, she couldn’t find it in herself to even muster any ounce of anger.

At the way his mouth lifted in the corner, and at how one single brow raised just so, he knew exactly what he was doing to her.

There was something strangely arousing in seeing a usually apathetic and collected elf showing the most subtle, but powerful signs of desire and interest.

Sasuke, like all his other kind, had never been prone to expressing his emotions, no matter how positive or negative. He’d only ever shown that side of himself in their most dire times, like that night they fought the wretched guardian beast of the old dwarf caves, where they’d almost lost their guide, Kakashi, in the midst of it all.

But this was something entirely different. They were in his family’s own Elven lands, safe from any harm and hidden from the rest of the world. She wasn’t sick or hurt or dying—there was no reason for him to display such bursts of… non-apathy. What could have possibly brought on this sort of freedom in expression? What could have possibly swayed him out of his usual comfort zone of practised disinterest, and into this complete lack of suppression for the simplest—

A gasp left her lips as he suddenly leaned forward some more, hands sliding to her face, one skimming fingers teasingly over her right shoulder, while the other cupped her jaw so gently that she felt he might as well have not been holding it at all. The tip of his nose nudged alongside hers, lips fluttering teasingly over hers—but never touching—while he watched her carefully, the heat in his stare still blazing. Sakura let out a shaky breath at that, unable to stop her gaze from dropping to his mouth hovering over hers, still.

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I don’t have a tablet so I used my finger to draw on the touchpad of my laptop probably I will end with arthritis but I feel really, really happy of this drawing, oh also I spent 6 hrs in this one ahhh but my sasusaku heart gave me the strength to finish this one  *:゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜:。*。

Please don’t repost :c

SSMonth Day 19

Title: Two Special Women

Summary: Sasuke’s a little rusty with both his use of emotions and handling of children, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try to learn.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto, but everything happened exactly as I’d hoped <3. Minus NejiTen.

Prompt: Rusty from day nineteen of the SasuSakuMonth Prompts.

Rating: T

Words: 2, 318

Warning(s): None

Author’s Note: Daddy!Sasuke is my favorite right next to Protective!Sasuke. Enjoy my first foray into the world of SasuSaku family life! Am open to alternative titles. Also, I apologize if the ending was rushed—tis’ getting late! Will edit later

There was something surreal about it—the quiet that descended afterwards.

Lab-coat wearing doctors were conspicuously absent as were the tense commands and medical jargon they brought with them. Naruto’s booming voice was gone. So was Hinata’s quiet laughter and Ino’s squeals of delight and Tsunade’s heartfelt congratulations and Sakura’s parents’ proud exclamations and Lee’s declarations of youth…Sasuke’s heart-rate picked up slightly at the mere memory all the people that been crowded in the small room. The combination of the full room and flying emotions, both around him and within him, had blindsided him with their gentle potency.

But it was all quiet now. No more soft cries of agony or clacking of medical instruments or urgent footsteps. No more well-wishers or swishing fabric or encouraging instructions. Not even a sympathetic medic in scrubs dared break the silence. Only the heart monitor continued to beep rhythmically in the background—reminding Sasuke that despite the chaos of the room not even an hour ago, everything had gone according to plan.

From his seat in the uncomfortable hospital chair, Sasuke took the still moment to let everything sink in.

He was a father now.

The thought was not an unwelcome one; in fact, simply repeating the statement in his mind was enough to curve his lips into a grin.

But that didn’t erase the prick of unease settled somewhere deep in his chest. He couldn’t seem to find the cause for it, yet it shadowed every one of his overwhelming bursts of joy—haunted his every hope for the future.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t accepted that they were having a baby—he had, enthusiastically. Sasuke had spent mornings holding back Sakura’s hair, had spent afternoons picking out baby names, had spent nights reading his two most precious people to sleep, and had spent every moment in between showering his wife and unborn child in affection. Finding him stretched outside in the shade of his porch with a book on pregnancy or parenting was not uncommon, and thankfully Kami had granted him an exceptionally patient wife who bore his over-protective tendencies with an amused smile and mild eye-rolling.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t ready for a family either—he was. When Madara and Obito had died, Sasuke felt the fresh pain of being the last all over again. It stealthily gnawed away at his heart, and Sasuke hadn’t even known how much he wanted to fill the aching hole until Sakura had looked at him with those eyes and the pregnancy test in her hands. The growing swell of Sakura’s stomach had captivated him with its promise of tomorrows, and, ever so slowly the final, bitter dregs of loneliness he’d carried with him for so long ebbed away.

It wasn’t even that he wasn’t ready to be a father—he was. Sasuke’s childhood memories were dominated by his adoration for his father. While he could admit now that his father was a flawed individual, he planned to learn from his father’s past mistakes. Since he was seven, Sasuke had struggled to erase and disregard his emotions, and he was slowly learning to feel freely again. He had no intentions of stopping this process now and every intention of letting his precious daughter know just how proud he was of her.

His daughter. His daughter.

Seized by the sudden desire to see the first addition to his family, Sasuke’s feet carried him to the crib in the corner where she laid. Some of the medics had wanted to take her somewhere else, but his wife’s eyes had flashed and she’d disagreed in the politest voice that vowed thrown furniture—at the very least—if she was ignored. Watching his daughter sleep now, he was glad she had.

Sarada clenched her tiny fists in her sleep, and Sasuke had to smile at the image of her one day destroying boulders just like her mother with those very fists. Jet-black hair topped his little princess’s pinkish skin, but he could already see her mother in her eyes and forehead. Ten toes, ten fingers, two eyes, one nose, and, in short, the most perfect 2.96 kilograms to ever grace this planet. He reached out to stoke her delicate feature, a small collection of moisture in the corner in his eyes, but dropped his hand just short.

What was it about this tiny human that made him freeze in fear and awe at the same time?

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