SSMonth15. Day 31: Reincarnation (Concluded)

A/N: The LAST DAY! Gosh! Wow, one month really just flew by like that! I feel so happy that I’ve completed the entire months’ worth of prompts! I’m so proud that I managed to discipline myself to post one a day! I guess that the next time I’ll write for SasuSaku is during next year’s SSMonth (if I have the time). It had been a great journey for me and I hope that you guys enjoyed most of my stories! Thanks for reading! Enjoy the last fic!

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Disclaimer: Naruto and its characters belong to Kishi-sensei.

Summary: A god falls in love with a human; true love can never be separated.

           Sasuke, the God of Lightning took a hit from the mighty Kaguya and fell from the heavens. He heard the screams of “Sasuke-teme!” coming from his best friend Naruto, the God of Thunder. He was paralysed as he fell; Kaguya seemed to have locked his powers, making him unable to access them. He felt the air shifted and turned heavy;

‘Shit, I’m heading into the realm of mortals! I need to move!’ He thought frantically, attempting to break free of the paralysis. It was in vain, Sasuke couldn’t even twitch his fingers. With each passing moment, he was sure that he was getting nearer to the ground,

‘This is going to hurt.’ Sasuke thought as he braced himself for the incoming impact, even if he was a god, it would still hurt, a lot. To his surprise, he fell into water,

‘The ocean.’ He thought to himself. This was worse, way worse. With the paralysation in effect, he was unable to swim to the surface. He glared at nothing and everything,

‘Who’s idea was it that gods needed air to breathe when in the human realm?!’ He mentally complained, as he felt the air in his lungs being used up. Sasuke struggled to move,

‘Tch, I can’t die like this. Kaguya still hasn’t been defeated yet!’ He thought feeling the mark of the crescent moon on the palm of his left hand. He felt the burn in his lungs, and saw his vision growing darker.

‘No.’ He protested weakly as his eyes slowly shut. The last thing he remembered was the feel of hands pulling him up.

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Ah so I had a lot of messages to catch up on, I am sorry for being so busy recently. I unexpectedly had to leave and go stay with my grandmother in her home after her hospital release so that us family could care for her last week. I was not able to continue working on art there, but I have begun to work again now that I am home. I am sad that I was unable to complete SSmonth before it ended, but it means at least for me, I will be extending it to finish every prompt that I can! So for me SS month will not be over until I am done. (I am breaking the rules again right?) Ah I am sorry for all the delays, but I had to be with family, thank you all for understanding! (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

From here, I will be continuing to work! I hope we can celebrate together still when I am able to post art again! Thank you!


“…Sakura, who needed him to the very last.” [Databook 2]

SasuSaku Month - Day 4: The Games We Play

I don’t have a tablet so I used my finger to draw on the touchpad of my laptop probably I will end with arthritis but I feel really, really happy of this drawing, oh also I spent 6 hrs in this one ahhh but my sasusaku heart gave me the strength to finish this one  *:゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜:。*。

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うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Day 21: Rewind the time…

Out of gratitude I would like to dedicate this to judy-san rawrrsakura andimthegnome for their kind words and well wishes while I was recovering. The concern was very appreciated. Also, especially so, to cloudninwhom I heard was having a difficult time right now. You are a very special person and part of this fandom as a whole and I wish to extend my support. Please take care.

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©