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150517 BTS 방탄소년단 팬사인회 지민&윤기

(0:23 – 2:30 rough translations)

SUGA: Everyone, please don’t skip meals. Every time I ask the fans, they always say they came without eating (their meals). I…I’ve already ate today.

Fans: What did you eat?

SUGA: Red bean shaved ice.

Fans: What about your actual meal?

JIMIN: We ate soft tofu stew.

SUGA: We also ate soft tofu stew.

SUGA: And cup ramen & Shooting Star ice-cream. Eating is very important. So please don’t skip your meals.

Fans: Ok.

SUGA: You guys are hungry right?

Fans: Yes.

RAP MONSTER: Suga hyung sounds like he’s getting depressed. *imitates Suga* everyone, you’re hungry right? Of course they are. Recently, we’ve been eating ______, it’s very delicious. And bubble tea too, it’s delicious.

JIN: Suddenly we’re talking about food. This morning I ate blueberries, an apple, a banana, cereal and etc…

Fans: WOW~

JIN: Why are you guys ‘wowing’?

RAP MONSTER: They’re telling you to stop eating, that’s why they wowed. 

JIN: As for love, the more you eat, the better it gets. Do you like guys that is able to eat a lot?


JIN: See?!! That’s why. See that’s why they like me.

RAP MONSTER: You guys are so nice, going along with everything.

SUGA: It seems that they don’t like me.

Fans: NO~

RAP MONSTER: What do you guys think of guys that doesn’t eat much like Suga hyung?

Fans: I like~

RAP MONSTER: What the?!

JIMIN: I sincerely hope that Jin hyung could put on some weight.

Fans: Why???

SUGA: Because Jin hyung doesn’t gain weight even when he eats a lot.

Fans: So envious~


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