• Hoseok: Hey, how are you?
  • Yoongi: Oh, you know ...
  • Yoongi: Feel like pulling my hair out.
  • Yoongi: Banging my head against the wall.
  • Yoongi: ... Murdering someone.
  • Hoseok: ...
  • Yoongi: The usual.
popular bts ships and what i first thought of them
  • namjin: married idiots with 5 children
  • yoonseok: lets act as if its not a cliché that the quiet ones ends up with the loudest ones
  • vhope: this is the bad boy gone wrong type of romance
  • taekook: i cant believe that namjin allowed incest
  • jikook: again, namjin are a bad example for incest
  • yoonmin: wait i thought jimin is with jungkook?? what
  • vmin: why are people calling them soulmates im confuse d
  • jihope: okay, my conclusion: jimin is an actual slut.
Hate That I Love You (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst and smut.
Word count: 2.3k 

Summary: “I hate you.” You mumbled again as you bit your lip, trying anything to get him to have a fit and storm off, but of course, that wasn’t it — that just got him angrier. 
“I’m gonna get you to take that back.” He said in a low tone, pulling his t-shirt over his head before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans quickly. 

Part one: Kitchen CounterPart two: Laundry Room. Part three: The Club.

➸ Song: Hate That I Love You.

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The boys tease you and Yoongi for being loud last night

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