New kpop fans who don’t know about dbsk, big bang, super junior, 2pm, shinee, beast, mblaq, u-kiss, infinite, kara, t-ara, 2ne1, girls generation and after school (forgive me if I forgot more groups) are missing out on soooooooooo much. Even though most of these groups has lost members or some disbanded, they literally are legends who need to be respected and acknowledged for making kpop as big and international as it is today.

I’ve been wanting to say this for a very long time so I don’t care if I get hate for saying this or if I sound salty. I don’t even care if I lose followers.
  Army (not all of you) have been starting to piss me off a lot lately. I know you guys love bts very much and think they’re better than everyone else but you guys need to start being humble. You act like they’re the only group from a small company that reached success and are starting to look down and ignore the hard work of every other idol group that paved a pathway for newer generation idols to reach success. There are many other amazing groups from smaller company that reached success including infinite, beast, b.a.p, vixx, seventeen and more! They may not have blown up like bts did, but each of them are just as or even more talented than your fave. Bts could not have have got to where they are without the impact and influence of legendary groups like dbsk, big bang, super junior, shinee girls generation, kara, 2ne1 etc so get off your high horses.

Lemme tell you one thing. Every single idol group, whether they became successful or not had to work their asses off just to get a chance to debut. It doesn’t matter if they’re from a big company or not. Every group has to go through many different obstacles and hurdles to get where they are. This took me a long time to realize, but just because a group is from a big company (be it exo, ikon, got7) doesn’t mean they didn’t have to go through a shitload of hardships to get where they are. Yes they might’ve had a few advantages, but that doesn’t mean they could just sit by and have everything handed down to them. Each and every one of them had to work hard, lose sleep, endure pain and stress, go through unfair treatment, be away from their family, etc to get where they are. Stop downplaying the hard work of other idols for your own benefit. It just makes the whole fandom as a whole look really bad, which is extremely unfortunate.


【CanCam 2014.10】 BTS Interview

A typical day for BTS
“We are really happy that ARMYs in Japan are supporting us! We are always grateful♥”

In the Morning
@Class Room

JUNG KOOK born in 1997, 176cm

Q1. Blood type: the unusual blood type A
Q2. Shoe size: 27cm
Q3. Charming point: thighs and lips
Q4. Favorite color: white, black, red
Q5. Keywords to describe your personality: passionate, free, one more… (JIN: Lively?) And lively.
Q6. Favorite BTS song:『Miss Right』
Q7. Favorite animation:『Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day』
Q8. Side dish to put in your lunch box: beef, kimchi, rice

JIN born in 1992, 179cm

Q1. Blood type: the lethargic blood type O
Q2. Shoe size: 26.5cm
Q3. Charming point: face
Q4. Favorite color: dark blue and pink
Q5. Keywords to describe your personality: calm, free, confident
Q6. Favorite BTS song:『BOY IN LUV』
Q7. Favorite movie:『Pretty Woman』
Q8. Side dish to put in your lunch box: meat, kimchi, lobster

Jungkook, who is into P.E and Jin, the top student. Your school lives were completely the opposite!?

JIN: Every morning, I used to leave the house with my dad and get to school at 7:45. I sit on my seat by 8 and earnestly listened to the lessons.

JUNG KOOK: I… was late everyday (laughs)! I was also frequently absent … (laughs)! So I’m the type that don’t do my summer holiday homework (laughs)!

JIN: (bursts out laughing)!! Me and my friends studied persistently. I crammed for my tests but… I was really bad at science~ I was good at literacy and home economics (cooking, sewing classes). I got full marks on the home economics test ♥ so I wonder maybe that’s why I still like cooking.    

JUNG KOOK: Why does it feel like I’m the bad kid today!? Ah! But I worked hard in P.E, art and music classes♪

You two are roommates in the dormitory! What’s your habit during the day? (lit.: what’s your habit from the moment you wake up till you go to sleep?) 

JUNG KOOK: When I wake up in the morning, I see Jin hyung’s face (laughs). Because we’re in the same room. When we’re on the car, I lean my head on Jin hyung’s shoulder.

JIN: We watch horror movies and check our fancafe. We also write messages in the fancafe ♥

JUNG KOOK: There are many Jin hyung’s Mario figures in our room!

JIN: I like Mario, so even when we’re abroad, I have to take my DS with me. And my Polaroid camera! When I have kids, I’ll show them♪ I have 2 photo albums so far!

JUNG KOOK: He often takes photos of members.

Before the release of Cook Jin流, the diet was really difficult…!?

JIN: We debuted last year and we received 5 rookie awards in Korea but the most memorable was our first award on『MelOn』. I was startled!

JUNG KOOK: I was happy, for real! When we have a comeback(※release new songs), we have to practice the songs and dances, but the toughest is the diet. We have uncooked foods for breakfast and dinner, and we only eat salads for lunch. We need to make our body (fit) a week before our comeback. Must work hard!

JIN: Salad, frozen chicken breasts and cereal. Apple and pear are my desserts. I eat all of that including the desserts. Eh, did I eat too much?

JUNG KOOK: (bursts out laughing)! After our comeback, the beef will be waiting for you♥

Lunch Time
@Music Room

RAP MONSTER [leader] born in 1994, 181cm

Q1. Blood type: blood type A that sometimes is daring
Q2. Shoe size: 27cm
Q3. Charming point: voice and style
Q4. Favorite color: black
Q5. Keywords about your personality: softhearted, but brave and dark
Q6: Favorite BTS song:『GIL』
Q7. Favorite movie:『Leon』
Q8. Side dish to put in your lunch box: Meat! Meat! Expensive meat! But I can’t eat chicken breast.

J-HOPE born in 1994, 177cm

Q1. Blood type: the active blood type A
Q2. Shoe size: 26.5cm
Q3. Charming point: bright smile.
Q4. Favorite color: green
Q5. Keywords about your personal: bright, I get sad straight away at sad times, complexed pride
Q6. Favorite BTS song:『NO MORE DREAM』
Q7. Favorite movie:『IF ONLY』
Q8. Side dish to put in your lunch box: kimchi, egg, sausage

You two really love Harajuku. But the thing you want the most right now is a shoe cabinet!?  

RAP MONSTER: In Japan, Harajuku is the best! I love 『Supreme』and 『La foret』! Shopping is fun.

J-HOPE: I bought Bearbricks in『KIDDY LAND』! But we need to buy a shoe cabinet! This time, when I was leaving the dormitory with my suitcase, it hit and broke the shoe cabinet…

RAP MONSTER: We have to return to Korea and buy it… We just left it there and got out, so it’s scary to go back (laughs). (Q: Who has the most shoes?) Everyone is about the same. We also share clothes but only Jungkook says: 「my clothes! My shoes!」 and doesn’t share his stuff (laughs)!

J-HOPE: That’s because he’s the golden maknae. Isn’t it because our leader is dirty?

Those classic songs that makes many think of the school days─. What was the first CD that you guys bought?

RAP MONSTER: Instrument? I played piano back in the days but now… I compose and record the melody with my phone and then put it in my computer~

J-HOPE: I can only play a recorder! And ocarina!

 RAP MONSTER: (bursts out laughing)! Anyways, what was the first CD that I bought? It was DBSK sunbae’s『The way U are』.

 J-HOPE: Huh? For real!? I bought it too! The first CD that I bought was g.o.d sunbae’s album which had the song『One Candle』 in there. And the song that I often listened to was Supreme Team sunbae’s song.

 RAP MONSTER: I miss (the old days) when I listen to SG Wannabe sunbae’s  『Crime and Punishment』. It’s a famous song! (※passionately sings the song──♪)

After the live, you want to eat the familiar cooking that is like your mother’s

J-HOPE: When we go work abroad, I take face lotions, fragrances… so my luggage gets heavy (before I knew it)!

RAP MONSTER: Ah~ I need all of them! I need money and clothes!

J-HOPE: I need underwear! What if you take a bath after the live?

RAP MONSTER: Yes, you need it. After the live, the food we want to eat is from 『유정식당』, the restaurant behind our practice room♥ it tastes like the cooking of my mother’s.

J-HOPE: A bowl of rice with seasoned pork! Bibimbap! Before our comeback, we usually practice until 10 pm, so we eat fried chicken regularly, right?

After School
@Rocker Room

V born in 1995, 176cm

Q1. Blood type: Blood type AB that likes to be mischievous
Q2. Shoe size: A.27cm
Q3. Charming point: all
Q4. Favorite color: black
Q5. Keywords to describe your personality: cautious, the more you get to know me - the more charming I am, I sleep well
Q6. Favorite BTS song:『We Are Bulletproof,Part2』
Q7. Favorite movie:『You Are the Apple of My Eye』
Q8. Side dish to put in your lunch box: sausage, sweet potato noodles - stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables, boiled dumplings

SUGA born in 1993, 176cm

Q1. Blood type: the calm blood type O
Q2. Shoe size: 26.5cm
Q3. Charming point: my eyes when I smile
Q4. Favorite color: black
Q5. Keywords to describe your personality: calm, cool-headed, sleeps a lot
Q6. Favorite BTS song:『TOMORROW』
Q7. Favorite manga:『Slam Dunk』
Q8. Side dish to put in your lunch box: Korean beef, sushi, kimchi 

JIMIN born in 1995, 175cm

Q1. Blood type: the blood type A that often smiles
Q2. Shoe size: 26.5cm
Q3. Charming point : all ♥
Q4. Favorite color: black and gold
Q5. Keywords to describe your personality: bright, I have guts, I like cool things
Q6. Favorite BTS song:『WE ON』
Q7. Favorite animation:『Slam Dunk』
Q8. Side dish to put in your lunch box: meat, kimchi, fried dumplings

The dormitory is like the student dormitory!? A member that bothers you?

V: Jiminie and I are roommates!

SUGA: J-Hope and I share a room. When it was the world cup, I watched the game with our manager and J-Hope in the office, it was fun. (Q: wearing uniforms?) It was at night so I wore pajamas (laughs)!

JIMIN: Really!? I didn’t know!

V: I like football too! My position was midfielder. I also like baseball♪

Tell us about some daily habits that only the members know!

V: Today, we all ate curry udon! I was amazed because it was so delicious♪

JIMIN: Jungkookie ate it within 5 minutes (laughs). Rap Monster-ssi was faster though (laughs)!!

SUGA: But he’s the slowest when we get ready in the morning! He’s the leader~! The member that got ready gets on the car, so every day it’s J-Hope, me and Jin, the 3 of us sit at the back and keep waiting (laughs).

JIMIN: Actually, we’re all from the provinces! I’m from Busan, V and Suga-ssi is from Daegu, right?

V: For Daegu, I recommend pan-fried flat dumplings! Ah~ I miss my family~♥

V sleeps well, Suga composes till late at night, how about Jimin?

SUGA: When we’re working abroad, I’m happy when I can take a bath slowly. Whereas in Korea, I get absorbed in writing songs in the studio, so when I realized (the time), the sleepiness has already gone (laughs).

V: I sleep straight away. It doesn’t matter where.

JIMIN: The day before yesterday, I was practicing dancing until 12 am. I was lying in bed and counting sheep, trying to fall asleep, but then I realized it was 4 am… I couldn’t sleep.


It’s downright terrifying that soooo many so called fans spend so much of their precious time to follow around and stalk their bias or “oppa”. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand the motive for that kind of obsessive behavior and it honestly needs to stop because it’s downright disgusting.